ZZ20.c. Sequel to ZZ19. The approach of Nibiru,etc.


Friday, 20th April, 2,012.










Sequel to ZZ19. Nibiru’s approach,etc.










Does Nibiru exist, or does it not??




1. Herschel began this towards the end of The Nineteenth Century, over a century ago. When perturbations in the orbits of the outer planets was noticed. One planet after another had been found: Uranus, Neptune. Then Pluto(and Charon), but adjudged too small to be major planets. A perturbation remained. Evidently there was STILL another planet out there. Out beyond Neptune(Pluto-Charon was too small to explain it.)


2. Then in 1983 NASA claimed to have found Planet X(as it was called). Named Nibiru by The Ancient Sumerians.(But DENIED it within a week! I think because they found that it was so large!!)(Would not be accepted by The General Public. So better deny it!! However The Truth CANNOT be hidden for ever!!)




3. We NEED another planet out past Neptune – TO EXPLAIN THE PERTURBATIONS in The Solar System, and of The Sun, AND of increasing heat and disasters on Earth.






4. When I see a spade, I believe in calling it A SPADE!!




5. There are TWO schools of thought. One school claims that there is no planet Nibiru.(A planet out beyond Neptune.) The other school claims that there is.




6. Nearly every living creature on Earth is almost certainly going to die a most terrible and horrible death THIS YEAR(2,012.A.D.), Because Nibiru is nearly 4 times the size of Earth, 22 times the mass, and has a very elongated trajectory orbit – which will bring it very closely past The Earth. Then via the gravity, magnetic and electric TIDES,etc.of Nibiru it will all but destroy this Aryan civilization.(As it does every time it passes us closely, which has been every 3,600 years., though some argue it is every 6,500 years!)




7. We have the theory, and we have the evidence. The theory is that because of the perturbations to the outer planets,etc. there has to be another planet(Pluto-Charon is not large enough!) to cause them.(Cataclysms occur every few thousand years. ONLY an astronomical object could cause them. Due probably to the orbit of some planet.)(The Ancient Sumerians declared that there was a planet(which they named Nibiru) out beyond Neptune. They have a diagram of the planets. Big Nibiru is cleared shown.(In addition to this, Crop Circles have shown this big planet Nibiru in diagrams out past Neptune!)




8. It was getting monotonous when planet after planet was named out past Jupiter and Saturn. Clearly the notion that there is yet another planet out beyond Neptune is almost to be expected!(Under the circumstances.)(What is unscientific – is denying the possibility!!)




9. I have given the theory. What,then,is the evidence?(For its existence.)




10. The evidence is in the numerous claims of sighting a second sun, a dark disk silhouette,and a V shaped object approaching us.(The Russians, and others, are tracking it!!!!)(Which fits the very description given to us by The Ancient Sumerians!)(Check for yourselves if you like. Punch in Second Sun and Nibiru and study the videos!)




11. Careful examination shows that it is not a mock sun, a reflection or refraction, nor a lens flare, nor anything like that!(Reports of this second sun,etc. have come in from all over the world FOR YEARS!!)A subject I note most STRENUOUSLY avoided by The Mainstream media,etc!!!!






12. Saying that believing in Nibiru is akin to believing in the little three pigs,etc. is clearly the angry emotional response of those who desperately try to make Nibiru look stupid, when it most palpably IS NOT!!




13. You cannot prove a negative! It is hard enough trying to prove some positives! WHY is it so lucicrous for yet another object to exist out beyond Neptune?? ??




14. I can understand people not wishing to believe in an object that is either going to hit us,turning The Earth into asteroids, or just about wipe out all life upon the planet! THAT is QUITE understandable!!






15. However! If the possibility exists(and it most certainly does) WHY frantically try to close your eyes to it??!! Doing that WILL NOT make it go away!!










16. Please examine the argument very closely. Tell me: WHO is being unscientific? Those denying a CLEAR scientific possibility – or those affirming it??!!




17. Please also tell me WHAT is illogical about my statements??






18. And WHAT is logical about CATEGORICALLY denying even the possibility of another planet out beyond Neptune?




19. Many people deny what THEY DO NOT WANT to believe in. But that does not alter the fact,nor the POSSIBILITY of such fact one iota!!








20. We tend to believe what we WANT to believe. Not necessarily The Truth!!








21. SUCH is human nature!








22, The existence of Nibiru is about as OBVIOUS as it is possible to be!!










23. What IS lucicrous are the accusations of a three little pigs,etc. MENTALITY!!(Some honesty and SENSE, please!!)








24. What IS idiotic – is buying that argument.










25. However, that IS how human nature is!!








26. Many sceptics appeal to “Science” and “Logic” – as if Orthodox Statements are necessarily logical, OR scientific!! They are NOT!! But in important matters almost always NOT!!!!




27. WHAT is so illogical and unscientific about thinking that there may be more planet/s OUT beyond Neptune?? Please tell me!!


Especially when the current perturbations of the outer planets will be explained WITH another large planet out beyond Neptune!!




28. There are many people who deny the obvious IF it clashes with their wishes. But such is hardly the way to go!!

























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