ZZ19.d. Continuing with The Approach of Nibiru,etc.


Thursday, 19 April 2012










Nibiru’s approach,etc;continuing.








Section A:-








1. Nibiru was spawned by the explosion or implosion of Sirius B, – and THEN picked up by Sol,our sun.


2. It is NEARLY four times the LINEAR size of The Earth. About fifteen times the voluminar size(corrections). With 22 times the mass, it still is heavy on account of iron oxides.


3. Nibiru was taken over by aliens, The Annunaki aliens,long ago. And used as a warship and a rescue ship. It was hollowed out, probably utilizing the hollow interior already there. MANY alien species exist within. Reptileans, Insectoids, Octupuses,Dolphins,Hairy apes,etc.


4. It is The Flagship of The Federation(Solar, at least. Possibly galactic.) Fleet. Four dimensional, becoming five, possibly six. One of the reasons not seen. Apart from glare patches concealing it. Also because in infra red. Originally at least. AND coming in at an usual angle from below the ecliptic. Plus denied and covered up by NASA,etc. And RIDICULED by sceptics. So it is not too surprising that it is not accepted by the orthodox and the general media,etc. Furthermore it is hidden in a huge cloud of red or infra red particles of iron oxides shot off in two huge columns,that flap.(The Winged Horus.)




5. It is red, but with a yellow sheen. Often looks like a second sun. A miniature version of our sun, Sol.




6. The Annunaki aliens are coming to rescue us from its own ship!(They cannot change its trajectory.) It has been badly damaged in space wars. Resembles Deep Space NINE and STAR TREK ikons, perhaps entities!! It was crippled.




7. It is ITSELF surrounded by a cloud of gold particles(Put into space by them to provide heat and light when far from the sun, which it goes.).




8. I understand that it can control its passage time. Even delaying it UNTIL WE ARE READY. Because it will provide a(or the) means of ASCENSION(SPECIAL vibration raising of one’s soul.)! Thus its arrival date MAY be postponed!






9. The Earth is due for a Vibrational Uplift. A natural one. But Nibiru will join us when we have adjusted to the higher vibrations.(Also coming in with The Age of Aquarius.)




10. The earliest date for Nibiru’s arrival is July 21st,2,012, two months after the annular(a RING eclipse) eclipse of the sun. Two months and a day after. – Things will start to go seriously haywire after that date.




11. The FIRST effects due to Nibiru are already being felt, and have been for some time. Heat is one. Natural disasters, of course. (These effects(like an increasingly disturbed sun) are not due to Earth’s Wobble! They are due to Nibiru closing in.)(And temporary(as yet!)shifts in the axis of Earth,ETC.)






12. Wave heights AROUND THE WORLD are 5 to 25 feet higher than normal.(Not just far south down The Southern Ocean.(Corrections.))






13. Cold snaps are being experienced in many parts of the world. Though not in The U.S!(Which is or was having a heat wave. In April!)






14. Ice Ages(As distinct from the starting up new Maunder Minimum Ice ERA(a SMALL ice age)) are begat by DUST. Thrown from THE TAIL of Nibiru(Which is FULL of JUNK.), which we have already entered(some years back!). (The tail is big and long and the solar wind drives it IN FRONT, not behind!! This will increasingly blot out the sun. Causing an ice age. Apparently THIS is what causes ice ages! Every 3,600 years.(Though it is claimed that Nibiru’s orbital period is NOW only 2,800 years.)(Which means that we shall have even LESS TIME to recover from the cataclysm it causes each time!!)




15. Nibiru, being of such high density via its iron, is virtually indestructible. However its collisions and near passes of planets,etc. in the solar system apparently are speeding it up! Though I fail to see why.(Would have thought slowed it down!!)






Section B:-


15.b. We are entering colder times!!










16. Global Warming ended in 1997 or 1998(The latter, I think, which was the hottest year on record.). And we are now in Global COOLING!!(Warmings and coolings come and go, and are caused by Nature. And NOT man-made CO2,etc! Nor by volcanic eruptions and forest fires!!(0.004% of GW is due to Man. And 0.016% is due to volcanic eruptions and forest fires. VERY negligible. LUDICROUSLY small!!(They are,in their SCAM WILFULLY fooling and conning us via those pictures of belching industrial stacks!)(Look at things COMPARATIVELY and RELATIVELY!!)




Global Warming existed LONG before Man got industrial, and even before Man!!


G.W. also exists on Mars!(No many pipe smokers,etc. on Mars!)








Anthropomorphic global warming is a wicked LIE, propagated to get rich via Thatcher’s Bonus!!(Also for Ratings,etc. And to increase foul PEER pressure!!)








17. Global warming PRECEDES carbon dioxide excess, not follows it!!


The Earth releasing much CO2 ex the excessive heat!


Hundreds of years later!!(The proper graphs show!!)










18. The SCAM only fools those who are not critical enough! And do not look DEEPLY enough!!








19. However, Global Warming is ONLY ONE of MANY con jobs perpetrated by deceivers on Earth!!










20. The Media is controlled by the vested interests of Governments,etc. to deceive MANY so as to get money and ratings,etc!!!!












Section C:-








The Shroud of Turin:-






The FACE,etc. in the shroud is commonly believed to be that of Jesus. The Vatican champions this idea.






However, the TRUTH is very different:-



The ORIGINAL shroud has LONG since been lost. At least lost track of.




Leonardo Da Vinci, that great versatile genius of The Middle Ages was commissioned by a VERY rich family who wished to perpetuate the shroud legend, even though the original shroud had got lost.(So to comfort the people.)


He was paid a large sum of money to FAKE a new shroud! One that would fool the world.


And Da Vinci did exactly that!!








Da Vinci had an hobby dissecting CORPSES. Which he obtained from graves,etc.


ONE of those corpses is the one NOW ACCEPTED to be Jesus Christ!!




What he did was lay the corpse OUTSIDE his home where the sun could fall upon it(the sunlight).


Using Camera Obscura(This would be the first photograph!), he arranged for the light coming from his “pin-hole” in his roof(Via an arranged mirror.) – to fall upon a VERY carefully made shroud made from the oldest cloth he could find, and doctored to become photograhic!






An IMAGE of the corpse of the unknown man outside was thus imprinted in the shroud! It was a negative, which is what the shroud’s image is.




He had to use a composite of images.






He THEN created a picture of HIS face super-imposed upon that of The Mona LISA!!


And inserted that into the cloth upon the face of the corpse!!










It was a success. And the whole world was fooled!!(As to what Jesus looked like.(The real Jesus seems to have been Appollonius of Tyana!!)(A man who it is claimed rivalled Jesus. And it seems turns out to have actually BEEN the man taken to BE Jesus!!)(The ORIGINAL Jesus apparently did not exist. But was a creation of The Catholic Church much later!)(As was its story.)




Now I do not know. It MAY be that there was A JESUS who rose after death, but who was not The Jesus we are led to believe(in)!






There were FOUR Jesus’, you see. There was The Jesus who resurrected(OR alternatively was an invention by The Catholic Church)






There was Jesus, The Rebel.

There was a POLITICAL Jesus.

And there was The Teacher of Righteousness!!(Maybe not a Jesus name.)



There were a number of Jesus’ who went around doing great good works.




Appollonius came through in a seance towards the end of The Nineteenth Century,in England. He claimed to have been a re-incarnation of Jesus!(He remembers doing great works in Judea.)




As in many great legends, various stories abound. All, convincing.


It is very hard to determine exactly what DID occur!!




It would very deeply emotionally hurt many people for this to come out.

So it MAY be better for it not to be widely known!! Only for those who can BEAR it!!




Nevertheless, for The Truth, as near as I can get it, go by this report.






Yes. MANY revere the face of Da Vinci cum The Mona Lisa SUPER-IMPOSED upon the face of the corpse of some unknown man from The Middle Ages whom Da Vinci procured to dissect in his anatomical research!!!!




AND Appollonius of Tyana, it SEEMS, was the original Jesus!(But PERHAPS not!! MAYBE not!!!!)


Whilst the accepted Jesus may not have existed. But been a creation of The Catholic Church!!



I do not know. I can only go by these reports I have picked up.




Section D:-


Obama has confessed IN COURT(New Jersey I THINK.) that his birth certificate is fake.

But argues that his popularity qualifies him to be and remain President of The U.S!!



Section E:-


Iran MAY be weakening and acceding. But Israel and U.S. remain poised.




Section F:-




North Korea is going ahead, even despite RED China’s disapproval!

They could well do a nuclear test,now!


And I fear, but hope not, explode an atomic missile of over The U.S. – In order to EMP North America!!(Now THAT would VERY naughty!!)


Is Jung Il UM going to exceed his ancestors??!!


























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