Tuesday, 17th April, 2,012.




Two cataclysm cycles co-inciding this time!!




What is not appreciated is, that there are TWO cataclysm- producing cycles CO-INCIDING this time.

One is due to The 6,500 year WOBBLE of each quarter precession period, which is heaving up the innards of The Earth from Centrifugal Force.

The other is due to 3,600 year orbital cycle of Nibiru, Planet X.(Two UNRELATED cycles!!)


BOTH cycles are co-inciding this time, in this year 2,012.


Thus we have TWO sets of cataclysms occurring together in THIS year, 2,012.

Normally, there would be no trouble. But Nibiru, Planet X, is an alien planet captured from Sirius B.(It is not a gas giant,etc.like the other outer planets.) Thus it does not gel with our solar system. And hence it collides with or passes close to other planets – causing much damage. Playing SKITTLES with our solar system!!




Four billion years ago(when Nibiru first arrived) Evil Wind, a moon of Nibiru collided with Tiamat The Proto Earth(which circled the sun between Mar and Jupiter)(Phaeton evidently was Tiamat!)(No wonder THEY and US both think in terms of nuclear wars!!), knocking it and its moon Kingu(which was on the verge of becoming a planet about to circle the sun in it own right!) onto a new orbit, inside Mars, where it became Earth and its moon.(Leaving asteroids marking where it once was.)(Source: Sasha Lessin, based on the works of Zecharia Sitchin,(Earth did not capture the moon. It was a legacy(Kingfu) of Tiamat which was about to become a planet – now our moon. According to Sasha Lessin.(So The Sumerians – informed by The Nibirans who ruled them, tell us. Apparently moons become planets and circle the sun, not the originating planet!)))(Tiamat and its moon Kingfu, could have been a twin planet system!(Because our moon was once much larger.(Until Nibiru got close..)



The Earth is stuck with a failed planet! Luna, our moon. Hence the strange anomaly of our moon!(Which does not fit Earth generation NOR a capture.)(It is just a LEGACY.)(It is far too big to be an(Earth generated) satellite!)(Moons circle the outer planets,usually,not the inner ones!!)

Many stories abound, of course. But this one fits science.

Earth, and some other parts of our solar system never get a chance to advance! Because set back to square zero every 3,600 years by Nibiru!! And each time Nibiru passes us, down goes the top civilization of the day!! Which is dreadful!!!! THAT is quite a thought – isn’t it!!!!


Disasters increase. The cause of these current disasters is The Precessional WOBBLE!! Not Nibiru! Which is still too far away!

The awful thing is that The Wobble produces a cataclysm(an event where civilizations perish on continents which vanish into the sea, and new continents arise from the depths), but we hear little or no mention of Wobble produced cataclysms. So we have THAT, – PLUS the one that Nibiru will cause on its umpteenth pass of us!! Both, this year, or within about a year,anyway!!


This Wobble(Precessional) is the cause.(Of the current disasters – now JUST STARTING to rise to a peak!)(Concentrating in The Ring of Fire.)(Which is the centrifugal force sprayed out ring ex a point on the opposite side of The Earth, the centre of the centrifugal force.)

Thus explaining earthquakes,volcanic eruptions, sink-holes,cracks in the ground(and The Antarctic ice!), AND the strange noises in the sky(They originate(NOT from the sky, but from BELOW!) from the rocks in the crust STRETCHING as the heaved up ground is strained to fit a larger surface area!)



Before The Wobble Cataclysm has finished, Nibiru will pass us. Some time within the next year. Then again in 2,014 – when it heads back out of the solar system. But more distant from us.


We have a choice: We can try to get The Authorities to secrete us into one of their shelters(small chance!). Or we can try to get WITHIN The Earth(It is hollow.) – and thus gain shelter from at least the falling JUNK(Boulders,etc. And the poisonous red dust – which will contaminate all crops and water.).



OR, we can hope to be rescued by The Annunaki Aliens, the bearded 14 foot giants who fancy our women! About half of humanity can expect to be taken aboard ufo’s and deposited in mother craft above(WHY they are MASSING above!(Not to invade us, but to rescue us. But some foolish nations are preparing to GO TO WAR with these FAR advanced aliens!! Which is maddest IDIOCY!! Not realizing that they intend RESCUE not INVASION!!))



Men on Planet Earth should be discussing Nibiru,etc. and The(coming) Alien Rescue – not trying to HIDE all this from us, and talking trivia and irrelevancies!!


Alas, Earth is NOT noted for its wisdom!!




Why are ufo’s increasing? Because they are MASSING above – prepatory to a MASS LANDING – to EVACUATE us to safety. NOT to attack us!!(But humans are WAR obsessed.)




IF we can get The Authorities to organize a MASS EXODUS down The North Geographical Pole(There is a thousand mile wide TUBE-WAY entrance near there leading into THE GREAT WITHIN!!(THIS is why I pound you ceaselessly with my articles! In the desperate hope that we can ORGANIZE a MASS EXODUS down WITHIN THROUGH that huge tube-way!!)(We HAVE TO try to do SOMETHING!!)))


Do NOT commit suicide!(Severe penalty for that in The Spirit World.)


TRY also right now to prepare for THE SPIRIT WORLD. Understand that what we regard as us(our physical body) is MERELY the outermost SHELL or SKIN of SEVEN or EIGHT such shells, and is as an OVERCOAT, not us OURSELVES!! When that falls away due to it becoming too uninhabitable, then we find ourselves in the next shell or skin INWARDS! In our Jackets so to speak!


We don’t come to an end. Though our physical bodies DO rot away to bones and little else.(I am not disputing THAT!!)

We all find ourselves in a better finer world. The first of many.

A plane(Fifth Dimension) of FINER matter!!


However, WHERE we go on or in that plane depends upon HOW we have behaved in life! If we have done more evil than good, then we descend to increasingly UNPLEASANT regions, levels.


IF we have done more good than evil, then we ascend to pleasanter levels.


Which is WHY the wise among us try to do maximum good!!

That they NOT sink into HELL!!




Have you GOT that?? ??


Now when you(we) get over there, head for THE BLUE WHITE LIGHT! Immediately. (Or low spirits will try to drag you down into Hell!)


Don’t mess about!


Get UP, and out of it!!


Or you will become EARTHBOUND, and unable to get up at all easily!!





I speak out of concern for YOU.



We spend a vacation of about (average) 50 years in The Spirit World. Before, wishing to evolve more, we plunge down again into some foeutus – for another life in the physical!(Taking with us all that we have made of ourselves!!)

The Spirit World is a series of PLANES, increasingly fine.


Life is easier there. But harder to spiritually evolve.

In The Physical it is harder materially, but easier to spiritually evolve. Which is why we come down!!

Have NO DOUBT about it. ALL creatures survive physical death. Including animals!

YES!! You can see your loved ones and pets(who have gone before you) AGAIN. That is for sure!!


However, not much good if you have qualified for an unpleasant level. Is it?!


Therefore do ALL the good that you can, ALWAYS!!!!




(I DO dwell on the coming tribulation(Doom,etc.). But the thing to keep your eye on – is ASCENSION. Raising your vibrations.

You will VERY SOON

SEEjust WHY I have kept ON AND on…)

Trying to get AS MANY AS WILL on to as high a plane AS POSSIBLE.




YOU are going to have TO LIVE THERE!!



There is another tubular entrance down south(And a THIRD one somewhere else.), but The Northern one is much easier. Just HEAD DEAD RECKONING , by GYROSCOPE!(Because compasses fail increasingly towards The North Pole!), DEAD DUE north – and KEEP ON going for HUNDREDS OF MILES(At LEAST 600 I THINK it is.) – and you will come out WITHIN THE HOLLOW EARTH on the INSIDE surface of The Earth’s Crust. Yep!


Do one of these things SUCCESSFULLY, or ALMOST CERTAINLY die horribly and terribly!!




So it is UP TO YOU!!




As I FRANTICALLY tell you.


Against MUCH resistance and opposition!!






With it better,now?? Comrads!!





Oh,yes,it IS true, and we have ONLY months left!!




The Hollywood film 2,012 gives a faint idea of what to expect!!




It will be like THE END OF THE WORLD!!




But ACTUALLY will only be THE END OF THE AGE!!




Due to Wobble AND Nibiru!! More or less combined!!





The Authorities deny it so as to keep oppressive control of us.


And the sceptics cannot bear it, and fail to observe that THIS TIME the boy crying Wolf, ACTUALLY IS genuine!!




Sacrifice hubric pride to belief THIS TIME, PLEASE!!






The mistake is not to get fooled by the boy(who often cried WOLF when no wolf was there, but who THIS TIME is crying WOLF, when A PACK OF TYRANOSAURUS REXS is bearing down upon us all!!





So PLEASE do not make the mistake of thinking that this warning is crack-pot!!



Doom ACTUALLY is only a few months away. And disasters and HEAT are building up to it RIGHT NOW!!




Aim for ASCENSION to get out of it!!(A raising of one’s vibrations high enough to occasion a switch to another time track where Doom does not occur! That is my view anyway. This raising of the vibrations will be aided by a NATURAL GIGANTIC increase in Earth’s vibrations occurring right now.)(Better to try for THAT than nothing!!)




Have you not heard of Lemuria, Atlantis, Poseidon???


These were Great Civilizations on huge continents that sank beneath the waves due to some COLOSSAL CATACLYSM.


They came to SUDDEN TERRIBLE ends. Even as our Aryan Civilization is about to perish NOW!!(The build -up to CATACLYSM has already BEGUN!!)



Do not be foolish, but BELIEVE what I am telling you. After TEN YEARS of VERY CLOSE INTENSE study of this subject!!



I PLEAD with you – for ALL our sakes!!




DON’T be caught out now.






IS at the door!!





It disturbs me greatly when I see (On Television, for example.) SO MANY laughing and having a delirious time.











Take care NOW!!
























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