ZZ17 More upon Nibiru’s approach,etc.


Monday, 16th April, 2,012.












Continuing further on Nibiru’s approach,etc.












1. Nibiru(Planet X) is an almost solid ball of Iron. Iron oxides,anyway. And its trajectory passes very close to us.(It COULD hit us. But I do not think that it will.) So it is like a GIGANTIC cannon-ball. Like I say it has hit FOUR planets in our solar system already.(Turning them into ASTEROIDS!!) And causes perturbations to Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and our sun. It is starting to affect us – raising waves far down in The Southern Ocean(Off Antarctica) up to 45 feet higher than normal.(That is A LOT!!)(The TIDES will be next. Then we also need to worry about OUR ATMOSPHERE. WILL IT be sucked off?? Into space. Some of it will, I expect.)(However, bear in mind that this THING comes around every 3,600 years, and we STILL have an atmosphere!!)(It probably siphons off(into space) SOME of our atmosphere each time..)




It is travelling at 3,500 miles per hour, and is only about four million miles away,now. Visible to the naked eye as a small spot.(Was a dot!)(Russians tracking it. But NASA,etc. deny its existence DESPITE having found IT!!(In 1983.)(Not just trying to avoid panic. But chiefly to KEEP OPPRESSIVE CONTROL of us!!)






It should arrive(pass us)(First time, as it will pass us twice! Second time rather farther away in 2,014.) within the next year. Probably some time THIS year(2,012.). A Mr.Lake have VERY carefully worked out its EDA(Estimated Date of Arrival.). He quotes July 21st, 2,012! Just over three months hence.




November 21st,2,012 is another forecast date. And, of course, there is December 21st, 2,012.(I think we are within 9 months of this THING…)(July 21st seems to be the best date.)






Now it is a worry. As, even if it does not hit us, it will pass very close and via its gravity,magnetic and electric TIDES,etc. – Cause IMMENSE damage, world-wide. Destroying or damaging JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING!!




Arcing between IT and THE SUN is a disturbing possibility. When we are BETWEEN it and the sun!!(That is AFTER it passes us!!) That would mean The EMPING of The Earth.(Knocking out satellites, and electronic and electric equipment!!)







I understand some animals continue to die. Including bees. Dropping dead.

Due, I believe, to having their electro-magnetic guidance systems thrown out too far.(Because BOTH Earth’s Wobble AND Nibiru are increasingly altering The Earth’s axial tilt TEMPORARILY.)




Bees are very important. Because they pollinate some flowers. Apart from less honey, MANY plants,and therefore animals AND humans are becoming increasingly DEPRIVED of food!






The reason there is such a paucity of general information on Nibiru – is because they have imposed a news BLACK OUT upon ALL astronomers, professional and amateur!(To keep OPPRESSIVE CONTROL of us!!)(As well as to avoid mass panic – leading to MASS PANDEMONIUM.)






After about ten years closely studying this subject, I have gleaned a PROBABLE accurate picture of what is going on.




Red herrings can be expected. E.g. Claims that it is Sedna or Erin,etc.etc.(Minor planets.). In order to throw everyone off scent.




One of the arguments raised by the orthodox deniers is WHY CANNOT WE SEE NIBIRU – if it is big and so close. Superficially convincing of course!!






However, this object is STILL only a small red spot in the night sky, FAR down south, and coming up from below THE ECLIPTIC(Galactic Plane) at a very sharp angle. It is also surrounded by A HAZE of red iron oxides’ particles. Which greatly obscure it.




The Western World is therefore VERY MUCH shut out from sightings and news of Nibiru! And so we DON’T read anything(or very little, if anything) in The General Media.(DESPITE there being about 10,000 amateur astronomers – and 5,000 professional astronomers, world-wide!!)




Key people go in fear of losing their jobs if they speak out. And maybe MORE than their jobs!!




Governments are part of those wielding this Conspiracy of SILENCE on the subject.






In The West, anyway. In The Western World, I mean.








3,500 miles per hour(its speed) is about 3 times faster than a rifle bullet!






What I cannot understand is if it is also The Flagship of The Galactic Fleet, am I to believe that THEY(The Annunaki alien pilots) live somewhere deep down WITHIN this THING(Nibiru)(Planet X)??!!(And are going to hop out, descend EN MASSE, – and save the best half humanity from Nibiru!!)








An iron ball, 5 times larger thanThe Earth(voluminar presumably!), AND 22 times Earth’s MASS, and coming more or less STRAIGHT FOR US, is something that should command attention, if not respect!!






Yet The West,at least, will not even MENTION the subject!! Which is highly DISTURBING, to say the least!!








At least it delays the appalling BACK LASH from The General Public, and especially rebels(who blow up and burn important key buildings)in the most VIOLENT riots – it delays this FRENZY a little longer.






However! Nibiru is going to APPEAR suddenly large soon – to us all! They won’t be able to keep it secret THEN. And should have some explaining to do!!


We won’t NEED to wait until July 21st, 2,012, nor November 21st,2012, for Nibiru to pass us, but DO keep in mind, that its EFFECTS will BUILD UP to VERY DESTRUCTIVE, – even from NOW!! MUCH sooner than the forecast EDA’s! Per a Hyperbolic Curve.(If not Parabolic.)(Rather sharp GRAPH curves!!)


It SHOULD come BEFORE December 21st, 2,012!!






Wobble on its OWN should cause a Polar Shift and PHYSICAL Inversion of The Earth. But Nibiru FOLLOWING STRAIGHT ON, will also do so!!




Ocean and Lake and River,etc.settlements can expect to be flooded by increasingly high TIDES!! ALL OVER the world!!!! Finally up to hundreds of feet…






No!! The growing HEAT is NOT(other than VERY slightly!) due to MAN MADE Global Warming!!



THAT is a GET RICH quick LIE!!(A deliberate SCAM via Margaret Thatcher’s bonus to all who study Global Warming!!)(Via wilfully distorted graphs and reports and Peer Pressure,Etc.)



The cause of the growing heat, disasters, ETC. is due to TWO major events! (i) Is The Wobble, which via Centrifugal Force is HEAVING UP extra MAGMA, and (ii) Nibiru, SOON.(With its Gravity,Magnetic and Electric Tides,etc.) Ex its EXTREME HEAT. Via RADIATION.






Annual Eclipse of The Sun due May 20th, 2,012.








And then the ACCELERATING effects from first The Wobble, and later, Nibiru!!










Watch out not just for growing heat,etc. But increasing RED LIGHT(Nibiru will eventually be seen to naked eye by all IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!!).(It should look like a Second Moon, if not a Second Sun AT NIGHT. Reddish yellow I believe.)


WATCH OUT for that GROWING GLOW!! Down South. Towards Orion.









It will be Nibiru!



We have been looking for Planet X for many decades.


















When Nibiru was passing near to the sun, it often looked like a SECOND SUN.




It is NOW only one twenty-fifth of the sun’s distance from us(about)!!










The Sceptics are going by The Orthodox data. Not aware that when it suits the orthodox, they will distort and even invent data to suit their purposes!




Don’t believe the orthodox, folks!! They are hot-beds of BUNK!!




They want all those shelters and bunkers for themselves and their blue-eyed ones!!


WE, The General Public, will be left – to fend for ourselves ON THE SURFACE!! Exposed to an almost certain horrible, terrible DEATH!!










Yes, the heat is increasing. And soon THE LIGHT will be(I mean at night, as well as increasing light by DAY!!).











































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