ZZ16b Nibiru comes. More, still.


Saturday, 14th April, 2,012.










A correction. As you were!










I have decided that Big Red IS Planet X, called Nibiru!(NOT Planet X1!)


This planet IS Big Red, a planet captured by Sol from Sirius B. An alien planet.


It is not a gas giant,etc.


So far it has destroyed four planets(Oort, Kuiper, Phaeton and Tiamat(The Pro-Earth). In our solar system.), and each time it comes around it wipes out much life on Earth.(As with the great continents and civilizations of Lemuria(Mu), Atlantis and Poseidon.)(HEARD of them??) Destroying whole civilizations each time. And now IT is approaching us again!(Only a few million miles away now!) Will it hit Earth? Or will it just wipe out nearly all life on Earth? It is due to pass us July 21st, 2,012. (That is THIS year, folks!!) In just over 3 months time!!(Psst! Get your holiday vacation in first!!))




Can you visualize an Earth with almost every structure flattened, almost every life-form dead?? That is what is coming WITHIN just 3 months!!






What I have been calling Big Red IS Nibiru or Planet X.(NASA found it(In 1983.)(But hastily denied its existence within a week. Due, I believe, to them finding out its size(Five times Earth volume, 22 times Earth’s mass!!)) after astronomers predicted its existence – because of perturbations to Saturn,Uranus and Neptune,etc.






THIS is why so many countries are hastily building bunkers and shelters,inside mountain and deep underground chambers!!!!(Some at the top KNOW what is coming. But in The West, at least, THEY are not telling us about it!! But denying it even!!)(Denying the existence of what THEY predicted AND FOUND!!(Planet X!!))(Yes! This is all about that planet out beyond Neptune, Planet X, Nibiru!!)






CAREFUL analysis of Internet data reveals it.(Despite adamant denial by the authorities and ceaseless baloney cries by sceptics!!)(It IS coming!! Is in sight RIGHT NOW to naked eye!!)(Getting larger every day.)(Watch for it down south. Why have so few seen it? Because it is coming in from below the ecliptic at a very sharp UNUSUAL angle(Where few think to look!), is red and hard to spot. It is a V shaped dragon like creature, monster.)(Hobocolucus,etc. for other names.)




Yet Nibiru is also The Flagship of The Galactic Fleet. I don’t know HOW it is both the red winged Horus AND an alien warship coming to rescue us from it!!


It has a long tail full of junk and also has at least 34 objects circling it.Including about six satellites(moons).








It will soon be all the rage, world wide!


And TERROR, as its FULL HORROR potential is realized!!!!








Obviously all seven BILLION of Earth’s inhabitants cannot be packed into shelters! Along with much treasure and artifacts.




Yes anyone outside of a shelter faces almost certain death.(Heat, drowning, crushing by falling debris, poisoning or choking by the deadly red dust, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, murdered by raving mobs, or killed by packs of beserk animals;etc.shaken to death, and so on…)


The poisonous red dust will make food inedible and any water undrinkable.(Yes, end of the world as we know it ALL RIGHT!!!!)(Mixed with water, the red dust will look like blood. There will be PLENTY of both!!)






It is NOW visible down south, near Orion, as a red spot. Soon to look like a V. And later a large red moon.(The question is will it hit us, or shoot past, on the first of two visits over the next two years?! It will be like as in that film COCOON – And in that film WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE, back in the (nineteen)fifties or thereabouts, when an approaching planet got larger and larger. And the people went mad with fear,terror and horror. Stock up food,etc. if you like. But many around will steal it off you!! And, in the end, YOU,too, for food and drink. Flesh being food. And blood drink!!)(As food and water vanish!!)


Earlier on it looked like a Second Sun, then later a black spot silhouetted against the sun. It is DEFINITELY real!!






At first it was sort of(to some) amusing to see this second sun, and black spot(against the sun), but as it closes upon us, – it will become rather LESS AMUSING!!!!








One way to observe its approach is to watch the growing height of the tides!(As well as to study it as it closes in.))(It is THE DESTROYER. The destroyer of planets and continents and civilizations. That is what this big red fire breathing DRAGON planet is!!)(It is playing SKITTLES with our solar system. Because as(I THINK) an alien planet captured from Sirius B, it is out of gel with our solar system, this big planet Nibiru, out beyond Pluto-Charon and Neptune. On a long elongated orbit around the sun.(Ordinarily orbitting planets don’t hit one another. But this one is an alien capture. And thus out of gel with our solar system!!)(Aliens, now massing above, will descend EN MASSE, and evacuate about half of humanity – to their mother craft and even other planets – until Earth get inhabitable again – which should be a VERY long time!!(This is like in that film.)(WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE.))




In one part the WAVES of the sea are ALREADY about 40 feet higher than normal!!




And the moon has appeared in a part of the sky where it NORMALLY doesn’t!








This means that either the axis of the Earth has changed(briefly), OR that the CRUST of The Earth has slidden around somewhat!(I think axial change. As happened in 2,010.(We can expect this INCREASINGLY from now on!!)






It will lead to Polar Shift(GEOGRAPHICAL, PHYSICAL!!).






And Inversion of The Earth!! PHYSICAL. Turning UPSIDE DOWN!!(You read me right!)








The Earth will stop rotating for DAYS.








And then the sun will rise in THE WEST!!(Henceforth!!)










The destruction will be unimaginable of course.






We are going to have lands sinking into the ocean. And other lands rising up from the ocean floor!! Even whole continents.






All due(it COULD collide with us) to the very high gravity,magnetic and electric TIDES from this alien planet.(It is The Wormwood of The Christian Bible!!)(THIS is The End Jesus was referring to.)










It will approach very close first pass, rather farther away second pass about 2 years later.(Shouldn’t be too many watching the second pass!!)




I say again: First pass is due July 21st, 2,012. Just over three months hence.






For safety you will need about 20 feet of SOLID STEEL over your head!




Caves ideal, but it is going to get very cold. An ICE AGE, in fact!!






The sun will be very largely obscured by dust and debris. I THINK this is what causes the ice age. Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes will be occurring all over. So much dust ascends. And darkens the sun.






It is difficult to give an accurate general prognosis. But HEAT will be one thing, steadily growing.(AND cold!!)(Rising hot air will displace cold from Strat. And sun’s solar wind,etc. will freeze The Strat further!!)






(Heat from the extra rising magma ex The Wobble. Plus heat from the very hot Nibiru!)(Radiating to us in waves.)








The tides are going to rise, and invade the land. So watch their heights.






And we are going to have sun and moon appearing(rising and setting) far from their normal positions!!










I suppose it is worth planting your own, and stocking up on essential items(including WATER(and AIR)!!!! To keep you(us) alive as long as possible.




Expect to meet the 14 foot tall BEARDED giants, The Annunaki aliens. Landing to evacuate the best humans!!(And the little greys(aliens))(Friendly,docile people! I THINK!!)








Mass landings!! And masses of aliens.






Tennis, anyone??(Dialogue)






I think they are evacuating the best behaved half of humanity.








Didn’t expect rides(for some of us) in flying saucers did we!




Language? Well they will probably be using telepathy. We can do the same. Just beam our thoughts at them!!








I am on the level!!








Pack your best BOOKS ready.(To READ goodness knows WHERE!!)








Many cannot bear the prospect, and go into denial, but it IS true!!








They are FAR in advance of us. Be no good trying to resist or fight them!!






They created us! And are now creating a HYBRID species! Crossing us with themselves!!




Sounds like Sci-Fi doesn’t it. But it is NOT!!






I hope their food is good!






So I keep hammering away at as many as I can reach – trying to prepare you!!






It is called








Glad you came now?!(Got born)












Many actually CHOSE to get born AT THIS VERY TIME to experience THE EVENT!!(The biggest ever known or to be known!! To Man on Earth.)






I said around the galaxy takes 26 million years. Correction: 260 million!!








But this EVENT is a one in(of) about 26 million years’ occurrence.














All right, folks. Relax(for now). And back to your cereals(or whatever)!!




















Your friendly adviser,(So patch up your quarrels now!!)












Should relieve the monotony a bit!!






Yuk, YUK!!




















Vic.(Well, what are friends for??!!)(‘Bye(For now, anyway!) You would rather know wouldn’t you?)









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