ZZ15b DO NOT MISS THIS!! Further points on Big Red Nibiru!!!!


Friday, April 13th, 2,012.










Further points on Nibiru.










1. Mr Jaime Mussan, at The Sixteenth UFO Congress, claimed that Nibiru would do something spectacular on May 20th, 2,012.


I originally interpreted this to mean pass us then. However, I think NOW that Nibiru would only APPEAR large to the naked eye of all(people) then. OR, that the first SERIOUS gravity and magnetic effects would be felt then!!




I THINK May 20th,2012 is too soon for a passing.(Though not by that much!!)(BECAUSE Big Red(Wrongly called Nibiru!!) is SO close!!)


His source is a crop circle – which he says he is able to read.


A date would hardly LITERALLY be in a crop circle, so he apparently is translating certain features in the crop circle!




He mentions(in this video of his)three dates: May 20th, 2,012., then 16 days later. He quotes 6th June, but 16 days after 20.05.12 is 5th June. Just a day out.


He is Mexican. And speaks very unclearly. Yet many are impressed by him.




He speaks of an eclipse(annular)(Which is SHOWN in the crop circle!)of the sun.




Or,rather, the aliens speak of an annular eclipse of the sun occurring on 6th(or is 5th?)of June.(The aliens are doing MOST OF these crop circles!!)




Am I to understand that Nibiru(Actually Big Red) passes us on May 20th, 2,012. And then followed a couple of weeks later by an annual eclipse of the sun??




I find it hard to believe that Big Red is THAT close! (23 or 22 days hence) In fact I question it.




Do you remember that preacher’s claim for six months later? The original date proffered was May 20th, 2,011.






2. (Correction: Tiamat is the name of The PRO Earth. The planet that got hit by Big Red Nibiru, creating Earth,Moon and some asteroids,etc. I mispelt it earlier.)




3. Now why did that preacher make the date of the passing November 20th, 2,011.(Are we to add six months(for some reason) to May 20th, 2,012. Giving a date of November 20th(or thereabouts), 2,012 for the arrival of Big Red.(Wrongly called Nibiru??))








4. The date of December 21st is simply the last day of the current LONG COUNT Mayan Calendar. Nibiru’s(Big Red’s) passing(of us) will be before that date!!






5. According to Frank Lake of World Weekly News, Nibiru(Big Red,actually) will COLLIDE WITH The Earth on July 21st, 2,012.(A number of sources speak of A COLLISION!! – Which would be WIPE OUT, of course.(Though the question arises: WHY did not a collision occur on one of Nibiru’s many other arrivals??!!)(Remember that it HIT the original Tiamat Earth!! – Creating The Earth!!(And Moon, and some asteroids,etc.)))






6. July 21st is 46(45 if from June 6th) days after Jaimie Morran’s prophecy.




7. I think it would make more sense for Nibiru(Big Red) to APPEAR large(Was ORIGINALLY in The Infra Red, but only in the RED,NOW!!)(Correction) to the naked eye suddenly on June 5th or 6th. 16 days(or 15) AFTER the annular eclipse of the sun.








8. I THINK that it will be a CLOSE PASS. Not a collision. But even THAT would create ENORMOUS gravity and magnetic TIDES – which would just about wipe out everything on The Earth!!








9. I am giving you these thoughts of mine now. As I am not happy with my original statement that Nibiru will pass us on May 20th, THIS YEAR(2,012.)(Big Red, actually)(Nibiru is our rescue ship!)(Big Red is the nasty planet which hits or just misses us!!)(Nibiru is Planet X. Big Red is Planet X1.)(I claim.)








10. It is STILL not very far ahead!(69 days)(A day under ten weeks!) Unless we are to add 6 months(like that preacher), making the arrival date December 20th(or thereabouts). (Yes, the sceptics SCORN all this. And The Orthodox Data is a VERY CLEVER mock up of the truth!!)




But then we are VERY CLOSE to the end of THE LONG COUNT Mayan Calendar date of December 21st, 2,012.A.D!!








11. We also need to remember that The Period of The Great Tribulation, and the fulfillment of all the other prophecies, requires another 3 years(or whatever it is) to be added on.




12. The ONLY thing I can think is that we have our year date wrong! And that it is not 2,012 now, but 2,009!(The Catholic Church changed the date of the year back and fore a number of times! They did this to confuse the public for some reason.(To stay in power.) Later on they corrected to the SUPPOSED true year date. But might they not have made a mistake. And of three years?!




I am SUGGESTING that it is now 2,009.A.D. And that the passing by us of Big Red Nibiru lies 3 YEARS and 69 days ahead!




13. But I could be wrong. And here is why: I was able to prove that 2,012 is the year of the end of this current age. I did this mathematically. Besides, MANY other sources are claiming that 2,012 is the date year of the end(of the age). But those other sources would also be out by 3 years(too advanced) as to THE DATE.






The thing is this: I was able to STATE WHEN every major disaster(up to date applicable) did indeed occur WHEN(to the YEAR) such disaster occurred!(During the 6,500 year period.)(THIS is HOW I PROVED that 2,012 is INDEED the year of Doom!!)








In OTHER words, it HAS TO BE actually 2,012.A.D. NOW!!








14. OTHERWSE, each and every(Of about THIRTEEN disasters occurred 3 years later than the ACTUAL prophecied(by mathematical formula) date!!) Which is just TOO unlikely!!!!






So we are back to July 21st!(THIS year. 2,012.A.D!)






I am trying, you see.








So, annual eclipse of the sun on May 20th, 2,012. Then Big Red arrives(hitting or passing us VERY closely) on July 21st, 2,012.A.D!(99 days hence. A hundred days bar a day.)(Fourteen weeks and two days.)






That A.D. is very important.










To distinguish from B.C.(Or B.C.E.)












15. Now,then, gentlemen(and those of the rib), I have VERY DRAMATIC news to give!!


THIS is the killer:-












Now PLEASE go into THIS SITE!!(Put it in your top address slot!)








Whatever you do DO NOT MISS THIS!!












In short, it means that Big Red Nibiru is ALREADY affecting us!(It did back in 2,010 when sun and moon,etc. appeared SHIFTED!! And with the strange appearance of sun and moon!! Remember??)


Well, as I expected – and said – it HAS DONE SO AGAIN. Just a few days back!!(I think it was 8.04.’12.)








Which means(for moon to be seen angled over, and even displaced in the sky(!!)), one of TWO things. Either the axis of The Earth has MARKEDLY changed. OR, The Earth’s CRUST has shifted. If only(of both) VERY TEMPORARILY.(All is(I BELIEVE) back to normal NOW!!)












16. One more thing:-(WW3)




Iran is defying UNO directive and is creating an atomic bomb or device.


Now Israel, The Arabs and The U.S. KNOW – that if Iran is a menace to Israel, The Middle East AND THE ENTIRE WORLD now. It will be FAR MORE of a threat if and when nuclear armed!!


So Israel either attacks Iran – or faces FAR WORSE later!!(When it could fire an atomic missile at Israel’s nuclear arsenal.)


Israel cannot put up with that, and so it is OBLIGED to attack Iran, – ANY TIME NOW!!(Before the window of opportunity closes!!)(Note that the real culprit here is Iran!! For not complying with UNO orders.)








But if it does(and how can it NOT??), THEN World War Three starts IMMEDIATELY!!(With ALL of its HIDEOUS WEAPONS!!)




Because Iran will counter attack(of course), backed by Russia,RED China, North Korea, Pakistan and other nations!!




It would almost certainly close The Straits of Horuz(Hormuz?), blocking the world supply route for oil,ETC.(It has already stopped oil shipments to Greece. And now Spain. It is now threatening to stop oil to Germany, and to Italy(I believe)!!)


IT can also be expected to sink The U.S. Fleet(Of aircraft carriers,etc.)(With its fast speed boats(remember The Cole!!), attack Israel, TAKE Iraq, Obliterate all the U.S. bases. Maybe even attack U.S!! All, and more of these things.)








Now Obama is deliberately – with NATO’s AID starting war, called The Arab Spring, attacking Libya,etc. And now Syria.


NEXT for attack is IRAN. By Israel, with or without U.S.




U.S. will be obliged to support Israel when Iran counter attacks!!






Originally U.S. said “You are on your own!”(If you attack Iran.)






So The Jews threatened to cut off Monetary Support(U.S. is broke!!) to The U.S. IF they did not go to Israel’s aid!!






Now Obama is in Election Year, AND is having problems regarding his birth certificate(both his old form and new are forgeries!!).


He needs war because the people do not evict sitting War Presidents!!




Also to get out of U.S. ENORMOUS debt and deficit HOOKS!!














You follow??






Now we need to STOP Obama. Because he is launching illegal wars against The Arabs,etc. AND will start World War Three UNLESS stopped RIGHT NOW!!










World War Three would just about end all life on Earth!!










We have FOUR horrors at hand:-




(i) World War Three.


(ii) War against aliens coming to rescue us – from –


(iii) The Wobble Cataclysm.




And (iv) The Big Red NIBIRU cataclysm!!









PLEASE punch in and watch that address site’s report I spelt out a bit earlier!!



EXPLAINING how Big Red Nibiru, the horrible planet coming to wipe us out(just about), and how Earth’s AXIS or CRUST has ONCE MORE moved!!





When I looked into the night sky early one morning on about 8.04.12, I noticed that the MOON was in a place(in the sky)I have not seen BEFORE!! It was WAY OUT!!





Either The Earth’s axis or the crust had changed!!















































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