ZZ14. And more upon Nibiru,etc.(Big Red))

Thursday, 12th April, 2,012.




And more!(Upon Nibiru(Big Red))



1. A very disturbing thing about this event(The end of the age. Which will seem like the end of the world.), is that The Mainstream Media is saying nothing about it! Yet NASA,etc.KNOW!!(THEY FOUND Planet X! Which IS Nibiru. But Big Red, the big ugly planet 5 times size of Earth and 22 times the mass – is Planet X1! It is simply doing its orbital period of 3,600 years. But we sit RIGHT ON ITS TRACK!!(It HIT the ORIGINAL PLANET, from which Earth, Moon and some asteroids,etc. came!!)(It SHOULDN’T hit us…))

2. The mainstream media talk about the usual trivial and irrelevant POPULAR stuff. But an event like DOOM, – NO THING!!

3. The vast majority of people go by what the main-stream media says.The Internet considered by many to be Fantasyland. Conseqently they go on about the usual humdrum things.

4. Huge underground bunkers and shelters are being built in many countries. What for? WW3? But more than that! SOMETHING known only to A FEW up top!!(Aside from WW3 there is The Wobble and what is being called Nibiru. But which is actually Big Red. The IMMEDIATE future for the entire world heralds THREE monstrous cataclysms!!!

5. To say that it is DISGRACEFUL – is THE UNDERSTATEMENT of ALL TIME!!!!

6. I keep on, I KNOW. But very soon you will all see WHY I am keeping on!!


7. It will be the biggest event EVER. Past and Future. To hit Man on Earth!! THREE cataclysms simultaneously starting AT ONCE. Followed up by THREE more. All within a year or two.(A cataclysm is a disaster that sinks continents and raises up ocean floors, flooding the entire world. Smashing everything.)

I do not know what will be left CRAWLING upon The Earth’s surface after the four to six(cataclysms), but maybe another PLANET is the place to get NOW!! And THAT may happen to some!!



8. It is not a judgement, really. Just the confluence of natural events that occurs after each 26 MILLION years!!(Or one trip around The Milky-Way Galaxy.)


9. This is not the sort of news flash you can expect to see on The News. The people like to hear GOOD NEWS.(Jesus brough that!! Two thousand years ago.)

10. BASICALLY it is good news. But Nature and Man RE-ACT very badly to so many cycles terminating December 21st, 2,012.(December 22nd, 2,012.A.D. is simply the start of The Next Mayan Calendar.)(The ACTUAL DATE of the main event(The arrival of Big Red, wrongly called “Nibiru”.)is May 20th, 2,012. THAT is when Big Red is due to pass us. Just a few weeks ahead! However, there is not a sign of trouble brewing.(Not on main stream news.)(Nor YET in the sky,etc.))

11. The whole solar system will cop it, but none more than Earth.

12. Am I mistaken? Am I exaggerating? I don’t think so.

13. The year has started off good,too. But make the most of it!!


14. You will either need to be miles underground, or under water. Or, way out in space. But preferably on another planet! Or somehow die pleasantly BEFORE it gets too nasty!!


15. Do not commit suicide. As the penalties after death are very severe. We were given life FOR A PURPOSE. So stick it out, and SEE IT THROUGH – though it is ALMOST CERTAINLY the transition of just about EVERY creature upon The Earth!!



16. WHAT can we do? Very little, if anything! Even getting down The North Geographical Pole will not be safe ENOUGH.


17. I think the prime indicator is going to be the height of the tides! And the POSITIONS of the stars, sun and moon,etc.(Recall that oddity about a year or two back? When sun rose and set way east of usual?! Etc. THAT was due to a temporary shift of The Earth due to approaching Big Red.)(MUCH worse lies ahead…)


18. Am I SURE?? Yes, almost as certain as that the sun will rise tomorrow. But THAT is now decreasingly certain!!(The Earth is going to stop rotating SOON!! So we shall have days of night(day for some)for one half of the globe! After that the sun will rise in The WEST!!(It now rises in The EAST!!))


19. Why tell anyone if there is no recourse(If there is no escape.)? Well, there IS an escape route. Down The North Geographical Pole, where there is shelter(WITHIN The Hollow Earth!!)(Note! NOT within the SHELL of The Earth!)(Just picture a tennis ball. It has a shell or skin, and a big space within that. The Earth is LIKE that! Our shell is 800 miles thick. I don’t mean within THAT. I mean within THE HOLLOW interior BENEATH the shell skin!!) from the coming HAIL of boulders,etc.from THE TAIL of Big Red.(CALLED Nibiru. But actually Nibiru is Planet X. The Flagship of The Galactic Fleet.) However, there are other dangers, as from earthquakes and volcanic eruptions,smashed Earth(if it hits us),etc. You can prepare for transition and The Spirit World. MAYBE get evacuated by aliens. And stay on a Mother Craft high above. 50-50 chance. Some(the better half)will be lucky. Some not.


20. A number of people are stocking up.(The Preppers.) This may be all right for the initial woes. On the other hand many who have not stocked up may sniff out your supply and take it off you. Later, they may even take YOU too. As food and drink will be so scarce!!(Flesh is food. And blood is drink.)



21. You doubt what I say? Punch in Nibiru(Videos,best.) on The Internet. And learn something about it. But there is SO MUCH information there(and it is so varied), that it takes YEARS to sift it out.(So go by what I am telling you. I have already spent a good DECADE trying to make sense of all the reports. I have done the work for you.) Watch some of the videos. Punch in Second Sun, if you like. Punch in Nibiru or Second Sun to get the best information.(But in addition to Big Red(wrongly called Nibiru), there is The Wobble, World War Three warnings, and numerous other horrors, all growing and approaching.(Once law and order go, life will not be worth living!!)(I think one will be better off DEAD!!)(Do NOT punch in Big Red. That is just the name I have given it!)(Not the name known by others,except you now!)





22. We start with THREE cataclysms, virtually simultaneously. Starting up NOW!!! Then three more, and more VERY nasty stuff following STRAIGHT ON!!!


23. Make the most of the time between now and May 20th,THIS YEAR,2,012. After that will be a NIGHTMARE!!(With death being by FAR the better choice!!)

24. What will happen? Expect A VARIETY of things. The HEAT should increase.(The heat MAINLY coming from the EXTRA rising magma(Due to The Wobble.)(And from Big Red(Wrongly called “Nibiru”.).Cold spells increasing,too.(Downdraughts from The Stratosphere.)))


25. I think there(this) is too much for any ONE person to know. But what I can see coming, I am relating.


26. Where is The Ark? Plenty ABOVE. Alien UFO’s! Mother Craft. ArkS(plural) ABOVE,now!!



27. We may get Electric Arcs(Different kind of ark!) from the sun – when we get between Big Red and the sun, or vice-versa. As Big Red will act as a capacitator(Have I got the right word there? It is in Electricity. Leads to arcs between objects.)


28. It is almost impossible to write coherently on THIS subject. Because it is SUCH a multiplicity of things. It has taken me TEN YEARS to get the picture I now have. Which I think is very accurate. Though perhaps not in every LAST detail!!





All the best!


See you on The Other Side?!



On an alien Mother Craft,or maybe another planet!!









Vic or Noah 2.















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