ZZ12 Are you ready?? Nibiru, he come!! May 20th due. THIS YEAR!!


Tuesday, 10th April, 2,012.










ARE you READY??!!










What for? For Ascension and Transition!!(Ascension through Meditation,etc.)(Aided by Natural raising of Earth’s vibrations at this time.)


Now I can only give you the view of my findings.


What is the big deal? Why the millions of Preppers in The U.S.(Those stocking up,etc.). Why the growing obsession with 2,012??!!(Big Red, wrongly called Nibiru is due to pass us on May 20th, 2,012. Which is 39 days hence.)




Are you ready to meet The Makers??(The Makers of our species.)


2,012.A.D. is The Terrible Year of THE LORD!!!!(Make NO mistake about it!!)




What are my qualifications? High intelligence. Long study(of THIS subject)!!


Can it be avoided? No!!(It will be safer WITHIN The Earth(Which is hollow.). Closest and easiest entrance is near to The North Geographical Pole. So get down there. At least get protection from falling boulders down there.)




What is the probability(Doom, STARTING UP May 20th, 2,012?(Psst! THIS year!!) And lasting about one year. Then fading away.(Will have multiple causes.)


It is PRETTY certain, you OUT THERE…




Should I TELL you? – Seeing as there is almost no thing we can do about it!(That is a question I wrestle with!)




Many(most) are not up to a decision!(If we fail, then we are with TWO routes: (i) Evacuation by aliens. 50-50 chance. For what it is worth. And it should save life and limb!!)(Fancy transport to a Mothercraft overhead by The Annunaki aliens, 14 foot bearded giants?)( But they will only take the best half of humanity. The rest, IF they survive the coming HORRORS, have the prospect of life in an icy cave amid uttermost devastation, an ice age, packs of maddened animals. AND mobs and gangs of BESERK humans!!(Who would be WORSE!!)(Human flesh eating and blood drinking mentally deranged horrid ones.)(They will be dying of thirst, and STARVING.)




I mentioned May 21st, 2,012 quite some time back. Now it is confirmed.


THAT is the date when Big Red(WRONGLY referred to as Nibiru) will APPEAR large.(It is ALREADY visible. And is being tracked by Russians,etc.)


Big Red, a big volcanic planet with a mass 22 times that of Earth should whizz by us 15 days(June 4th, 2,012.)after its FIRST big red moon appearance 20th May, 2,012. THIS year!! That is 39 days hence!! It is FIVE times the size of The Earth. It is a capture(alien planet) from Sirius B, by our sun, Sol!! Which is WHY some think that it is a brown dwarf(star). Or possibly a red dwarf.(It may be that Big Red passes us May 29th, 2,012.(A partial eclipse of the sun(annular?)around this time.))(If it is so close, then why not seen? Because in the infra red, far to the south, coming in at a sharp angle, news reports silenced by NASA,ETC. It should very SUDDENLY appear to all in a month or two. When it does there should be mass TERROR.)(Like in that film When worlds collide. Showing a planet approaching Earth VERY closely.)))




Warm for the time of the year? Noticed??(Due chiefly to rising extra magma AND to heat waves from Big Red(wrongly called Nibiru).)(Many countries are building bunkers and shelters,etc. I think(“Nibiru”) is the reason for the harsh measures now being taken in The U.S. To implement General Emergency, Martial Law,etc.)






Reason for the heat(and sometimes cold)?? TWO MAIN reasons: (i)Wobble of The Earth. (ii) The approach of Big Red(Wrongly being called Nibiru!)(No, Nibiru is Planet X, Flagship of The Galactic Federation FLEET.(It will rescue us, joining the TEEMING ufo’s now over our heads, been there some time now.)






Centrifugal Force ex Wobble is HEAVING UP the INNARDS of The Earth. Stretching the rock of the lithosphere(and the asthenosphere)(Upper and lower crusts). Causing sink holes, cracks in the ground, cracks in The Antarctic ice, and strange sounds and BOOMING sounds, from below!!)(A VERY complacent General Public is going to have an AWFUL shock soon!!)(It is VERY far south, and mostly in The Infra Red. Plus all news of it being PURPOSELY blotted out!)(But once SEEN close up, it will HAVE TO BE discussed by ALL!!)






Big Red is VERY hot. It is sending out heat to us by electric waves. Radiation.


These two heating factors will INCREASE until December 21st, 2,012. HYPERBOLICALLY. That is quite sharply.(Acceleration SQUARED!!)




MANY should perish from the heat.(Big Red PLUS Centrifugal Force from The Earth’s Wobble are the main causes of the growing disasters,etc.)




Death from ALL causes associated with Doom now only 39 days(start of) ahead(hence)! 30 to 100 per cent. (UP TO all bar about 7 million(from the CURRENT 7 BILLIONS. That, folks, is a population reduction of 99.9%.)




I expect the ENTIRE planet to be LEVELLED. (Many plants should survive.)




Been studying this INTENSELY for a long time, mind! All of TEN YEARS.




I am not given to hoaxes and practical jokes. And I am often right.






Our only hope is GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!(It is hollow within, with livable conditions.)(Huge tube-way entrance near to North GEOGRAPHICAL pole!!)(Go in by boat or plane or submarine or submersible.)(When I say WITHIN, I mean within The Earth, not within The Crust! Imagine a hollow globe with a thick shell. Now there is a vast difference to being within the HOLLOW and being within the SHELL!! When I say WITHIN, I mean within the HOLLOW, not within THE SHELL!!)(Therefore inside the YOLK of the egg, not inside THE WHITE!!)(The SHELL, yes, is mostly ROCK, with some MOLTEN rock. But The HOLLOW WITHIN, beneath The Shell is air and space. And the INNER surface, upside down to us, is LIKE OUR OWN SURFACE!! But with Gravity pulling UPWARDS!! We would be safer UPON that INNER surface!!)




Why haven’t The Authorities, Governments and Media informed us, warned us?? Because besides to avoid panic leading to pandemonium, THEY WANT TO KEEP CONTROL of us.(I mean oppression.)(Being in The Infra Red the thing is nearly invisible!)






How far away is Big Red now? I estimate about 4 million miles.(It is coming straight for us at 3,500 miles per hour.) Big Red comes around every 3,600 years. Causing a CATACLYSM each time!!)(The planet I am calling Big Red is more popularly known as Nibiru, Planet X.)






If so big and close – WHY cannot we SEE it??(We can!!)(But governments and news media are astonishingly quiet on the subject! Certainly The West is! But not talking about it won’t cause it to vanish!)




And why no perturbations from it?(There ARE!!)






Big Red, WRONGLY called Nibiru IS affecting SUN(increasingly disturbed), Saturn and also Uranus and Neptune.


What is complicating matters is the fact that The Earth is orbitting the sun. Thus though Big Red is shooting straight for us, we are moving along ON OUR ORBIT!! So there will be variations of influence.




A year or two back, Earth’s axis moved sufficiently to cause sun and moon to look queer FOR A WHILE. AND to cause sun to rise and set much more east than normal!!(Big Red caused that.)




Big Red is Planet X1. Nibiru is Planet X.(Though both planets are down one now due to Pluto-Charon beign demoted from planetry status!)(But may be TOO confusing to say planets 1X and X now. So I will quote old nomenclature.)






It can only be seen in INFRA RED. It is surrounded by an INFRA RED haze, TOO.(Because of particles of iron oxides shooting off it, causing two COLUMNS. Hence THE WINGS(Of Horus)!!) Is coming up from below The Ecliptic at a VERY sharp angle., – and FAR to the south of Earth. It is also DENIED by NASA,ETC. And sceptics, of course.




Astronomers are FORBIDDEN by ORDER to mention Big Red(wrongly called Nibiru)!! So VERY little leaks out now!!




Summo result, we(the masses) fail to see it!!


Heed, or suffer!!




You DIG better,now??!!



Prepare NOW for its SUDDEN APPEARANCE in the sky!! Looking like a full RED moon!!(With two big wings!!)

THEN will the disasters,etc.become TERRIBLE!! And NEARLY all life forms on The Earth will perish!! All structures FLATTENED!! But many plants should survive.


Yes, Pole Shift, increasing into a FULL PHYSICAL EARTH INVERSION!!!! Preceded by collosal shifts in The Earth’s CRUST, as it slides first north, and then south!!


Naturally the population will go BESERK!!




The aliens will MASS LAND. And evacutate the best half of humanity.(I mean the best behaved half!)(That is WHY they are MASSING above!!)(Why we are seeing an increasing number of ufo’s!!)


I am one of the few frantically TRYING to warn the General Populace.(But against the strongest resistance and opposition!! Because it is a TABOO subject! To KEEP CONTROL OF US, not just to avoid panic!! I mean OPPRESSIVE CONTROL!!!!)


There should be no GENERAL HUMAN announcement. Just a sudden evacuation by alien ufo’s to high above!(Pack a take-away bag!)Until things normalize after years…Bearded giants up to 14 feet tall!! Be warned!!


Expect it to get AWFULLY HOT!!(Killing many.)(As well as cold in places!!(It is beginning now!!)




There is the truth, being issued by people like me. There is the usual fatuous denial by sceptics. And there is the DELIBERATE policy of silence and denial by The Authorities!! Be ready! There is not long to go now… Just watch to the south. Around Orion, I believe. For that big new RED moon!!(Surrounded by about 34 satellites, I understand. A few big MAIN ones.)




















(To have your mind blown through the ROOF!!)(And possibly your brains blown out through your ears!! PREPARE NOW!!)



STARTING up JUST A FEW WEEKS HENCE – according to Mr.Jamie Mussan at The 16th UFO Congress!



















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