ZZ11. Sequel to THE EVENT.


Sunday, 1st April, 2,012.












Sequel.To ZZ10.








Some points I forgot to put in last time:-




1. Jews got dispersed by THE LORD for sinning, 2,000 years ago.


In 1948 it was agreed to give The Jews a Homeland. So they put them back in their OLD territory. But The Palestinians oppose.(The Palestinians are Nomad Arabs from Jordan. The Ancient Romans hated The Jews – and created the NAME of these wandering arabs ex Jordan to hurt The Jews!)


2. The Palestinians(a non-existent race!) ceaselessly fire rockets into Israel.


3. Iran WANTS war! It believes that The Immam(The Messiah as per Iran.) is about to return. So, thinking they are doing good by hastening its advent, they WANT war!!(Anyone laughing??!!)






4. Ahmad(AH, MAD!!) is the name of the Iranian hot-head leading the charge. The super-hero helping in The Immam??(This is like expecting your house to catch fire, assist the fates – and set it alight!!)




5. Now The U.S. leader is PLEADING with The RUSSIANS(!!)(AFTER having given them THERMO-NUCLEAR SUPREMACY!!) to LET The U.S. defend itself, and the world, by having missiles in Poland to protect against(IRAN!!)(The microphone was on again, but they didn’t know it!!)(Arkansas is protesting about this guy’s forged birth certificate(short and long forms).Supreme Court in U.S. says it is suspicious(or words to that effect) IRAN, and defend The U.S. – and the world!!(And NOW U.S. is engaged in an illegal war against The Arabs there, especially Syria.(In The Continuing Arab Spring – as they call it.))(How many need PERMISSION to DEFEND themselves????)(Read any good comics lately? This is about THIS CIVILIZATION remember!(But is that a good name for us????)




Is this a mad world? For it is the equivalent of lighting a cigarette at a PETROL BOWSER. You do the math!








Meanwhile North Korea has fired(or is about to) a missile TOWARDS Australia(To land near The Phillipines/Indonesia.).


Gillard, Australia’s heroic P.M.(Hoping to get poll support?!), has told North Korea to back off.(Can YOU picture THAT FANATICALLY MAD AGGRESSIVE LOT cowering in terror at Gillard’s words??!!(Well I have difficulty!!)




Fortunately, Kim Jong Un seems a more reasonable fellow than his Dad!(Kim Jong Il.)


But has Gillard saved Australia – OR condemned it to later missiles aimed AT us, not just TOWARDS Australia.












Listen in later to learn how The MAD Earth fares after these recent episodes!!








IS Earthman TRYING to die??








UFO’s are MASSING above.


Are they going to intervene?




Is Jesus on board?




Remember that CHRIST will descend after things reach exploding point!!


And stop it all.(We hope??)






Any comments??!!








O.K. you guys, – be SERIOUS now!!






























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