Saturday, 31st March, 2,012.










Some very important issues


in Situation Now!!










1. The first thing Obama did when he got into office was hand nuclear control to Russia, after Russia now has strongest nuclear force. By not insisting on missile defence in Eastern Europe. And by depeting missiles and general defence force.


Since he is a declared Muslim, I am VERY concerned. I doubt he has ANY intention of attacking Iran.(Though that may now be a good thing!)


He is engaged in the wrong offensive.


The U.S.is in terrible debt and deficit.(Notice how they attack weak friends, not strong enemies! And are always THREATENING, but not attacking(the REAL foes)!!)(It is good to fight starvation, poverty, disease,etc. But the big enemy remains WAR!!)(World population is too big.)(But Nature and Man will take care of that the hard way, UNLESS we reduce via birth control!!)


Political East is on top now. Russia and China rise.


Bush failure marked the end of U.S. world rule!


Within a few years Political East will be dictating to The West!!


INDULGENCE is the cause of the debt and deficit. Only the printing press saves West and world now. But that cannot last for ever!!


Spending money they won’t have.


U.S.Dollar must collapse.


Gold and SILVER to rise.






All the great empires have met failure. And because of excessive indulgence.








Obama is actually PLEADING with Russia! Some hope!(No hope!!)


One thing about Germany, under Hitler, they did try to defeat The Russian bear. But failed.


Russia is the big menace in the world. Them and China. Via Iran-Pakistan and North Korea.


Iran threatens westwards, and North Korea – eastwards!!






2. Man and Nature threaten Man. I do not see HOW we(West, if not world.) can survive next few years!!


Nature, through disasters, and Man via War – are the twin big menaces.






Obama’s weakness is his birth certificate!


He was born in Kenya, NOT Hawai!!








3. Christianity AND Christmas are going out of the window!! ISLAM rises!!








4. Excessive Political Correctness and various activisms are destroying us!!



























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