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March 26, 2012


Tuesday, 27th March, 2,012.










Crustal Displacment,etc. IN BRIEF.










I spelled out to you about Crustal Displacement,ETC.


Here is the picture in brief(All right. It got a bit shall we say out of hand!!)(I have no smileys now.)(Maybe first one ZZ6b, my previous article was the brief one!):-


Have you all got it, and understood, so far??




Pass on the information to as many others as possible, to warn them. Getting down The North Geographical Pole SHOULD help.




People, world wide, NEED to be asking WHY the increasing bad weather, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, extreme heat, extreme cold, strange noises(stretching ROCKS!), booming(Caves and caverns underground COLLAPSING as the innards heave up!!) sounds, etc.ETC… for some decades now.




A few hear much talk about Nibiru.


Man-made global warming is a vicious money-grasping LIE!!


Hardly ANY is due to Nature OR Man!!(0.016% caused by Nature, and 0.004% is caused by Man!!(Ludicrously LOW.)(Go by the figure IN FRONT OF the decimal point!)






In any case, clouds, water vapour and METHANE are far worse.


Besides, these cycles come and go, and vary in size, coming from ADJOINING the sun(via wobble,etc.). We are in Global COOLING just now!!






We get shown photographs of belching industrial stacks and deliberately distorted graphs.


All calculated to make those who can’t see very far(mentally) – believe that Man is producing too much Carbon Dioxide and thus over warming the planet.




WHY do the orthodox do this(promote the very convenient global warming LIE SCAM)??






To make EASY MONEY, and get ratings,etc. via Mrs Thatcher’s generous BONUS to all who study Global Warming, of course!!




The vast majority of supporters ARE NOT scientists. Besides, their knowledge is in ANOTHER subject!






The cause is not ESSENTIALLY the sun,either!!








So what IS the cause?(Of G.W. Global Warming.)






Here is a parable illustrating our RIDICULOUS position:-








Little Johnny is upstairs – trying to see how full he can fill the bath!


It is now over-flowing and running, pouring down THE STAIRS!!






We are CONSTANTLY shown pictures of little Johnny doing this, and the water flowing down the stairs!(And MANY get fooled! Because LITTLE ATTENTION is paid to an overflowing RIVER at our door-step!(THAT is where the main water flow is coming from, NOT from Little Johnny!!))(You dig, fellahs??…))




Now, this is an analogue, a parallel – to highlight how UTTERLY STUPID so MANY are being BELIEVING this very nasty LIE!!












The reason for our increasing woes(the natural disasters,etc.) – is as follows:-






My qualifications: High intelligence. Plus LONG hard STUDY of the subject.(Not academic hype!)(Where high falutin’ language(waffles) HIDES many a deliberate lie. To gain favour with peers and peer reviews!!) And my passion to tell you the truth(as near as I can get to it) – to ALERT you to the dangers, and GO FOR(via informing authorities,etc.) the way of escape: DOWN The North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole!!)








Is Nibiru the answer? No! It is not.(Note: Nibiru is the name given to Planet X(as originally X) – by The Sumerians thousands of years ago at the bidding of The Annunaki aliens – after their god. (Zecheria Sitchin(now passed) is chief propagater. Also Nancy Leider,etc. And Hoagland,etc.))






Nor is it cosmic rays, the sun, aliens or exotic causes!!






The true cause is not(generally)(but be among the FIRST to know!) known, and is subtle.




Two factors: (i) The Wobble of The Earth is PEAKING.(PEAKING wobbles have TREMENDOUS force. As we come to the end(Dec.21/12, 2,012.A.D.) of a 6,500 year cycle!!) Its repeated wobbles last 6,500 years each.


And (ii) The built-up ICE upon Antarctica!!






Subtle because how many would know about The Earth’s Wobble? And how many would allot much significance to the increasing ICE upon Antarctica??!!






Cosmic Rays decrease cloud cover. Thus letting in more heat and light FROM THE SUN!!




Also, there is the changing length of The Earth’s orbit around the sun. AND other factors.








The sun DOES play a part(beyond its normal light and heat function): Solar Wind,ETC.(Increasing) Which CHARGES UP The Core of The Earth!!(The Earth, as with most other heavenly bodies and fields is a rotating ELECTRO-MAGNET!!)








The Earth’s CORE is one pole. The Magnetosphere – the other!!(Cathode and Anode.)






Positive core for heating, negative magnetosphere for cooling(Which is why our stratosphere is cold.).(And Earth’s SHELL’s(The Earth is HOLLOW!!(It is SOLID Earth idea which is STUPID!!(BECAUSE spinning molten masses SOLIDIFY as bolides(igneous) – hollow balls(spheres), with holes at each end(if object is big enough)!! Due to CENTRIFUGAL FORCE!! Heard of it? It is what keeps Wall of Death riders ON a VERTICAL wall!!(Motor bikes and cars, for example.)(And ALSO what keeps water in a bucket of water hurled around your head!!) CENTRIFUGAL FORCE!!(Plus centripedal at centre!) Actually it is not C.F. nor C.P, but is TANGENTIAL force’ MOMENTUM proceeding!!))




(Our protective magnetosphere has been smashed)(Earth’s magnetism reduced to zero.)






It is IMPOSSIBLE for spinning molten objects to solidify SOLID!!(Basic PHYSICS!!)(Because the whirling HURLS the contents TO THE SIDES – thus making the object HOLLOW!!)(And forms holes at each end, the entrances to funnel-tunnels.)








Therefore, The Earth, along with just about ALL other globes and fields that were originally molten, HAS TO BE hollow!! AND with a tunnel funnel at EACH end!!






Centrifugal force and centripedal force are ACTUALLY forces EX core and exterior of white holes(note, they are NOT black!!)(Man is obsessed with BLACK holes!!). So The Earth’s core(which is the small red sun of the INNER world) is ELECTRICALLY charging up! Creating an EXTRA haul force(I call The Ice Force) upon the INNER crust of The Earth!!






Now heat from the rising magma(born from TANGENTIAL force(which so many wrongly call centrifugal force) – which is HEAVING everything within The SHELL of The Earth(Its DOUBLE crust) UPWARDS. Including the magma – which it has first EXTRA warmed.




See NOW where the heat(Consider the 3 months early heat wave in U.S!) is coming from?!






And see NOW where the COLD is coming from?!(Also from cold draughts DOWN from the stratosphere DISPLACED by rising warm air from The Troposphere(Lower atmosphere)!!)








Electric charges ex sun’s solar wind,ETC. produce heat. From the positive core. And COLD from the negative(magnetosphere)pole!!








Also because the warming air – heated by heat from magma below(in the shell), and tangential force HEAVING Earth’s INNARDS






This extra heat from below is melting the ice at the BASE of The Antarctic Ice.






So the domino sequence is: Magma, Rock, Ocean or sea – and THEN the air!!




Heat RISES. It does not fall.(Though, of course, it is true that we have the trapped heat ex the sun’s radiation over our heads.)(In The Greenhouse.)


Also, it goes from denser to LESS DENSE media. (Unlike the STUPID notion of Greenhouse Effect warming us(though it does add to it, of course)!!)




Plus heat too,maybe, from a FORCE FIELD at the surface of The Earth. Created from FRICTION born of the lithosphere and the asthenosphere grinding upon each other(the upper and lower crusts).






Heat too, mainly, from RADIO-ACTIVITY(the MAIN cause of Earth’s heat) within The Earth(The Earth has LONG since lost its ORIGINAL heat!!).


These are the places where heat is coming from!






So this extra heat from below(magmic) MELTS the base ice upon Antarctica! Leaving the whole ice mass to SLIDE, but up against the rock OUT-CROPS – it gets stopped.(Pushed by the FEROCIOUS constant wind OUT OF hole/s!!)




Over a long time, this PRESSURE upon the outcrop rocks(part of The Lithosphere, upper crust) makes the ICE MASS the entire Lithosphere via the constant MOMENTUM!!(ONCE the magma from below squeezes in between The Lithosphere and The Asthenosphere(upper and lower crusts)!! Providing the LUBRICANTS, first for The Ice Force to push against The Upper Crust VIA the rock out-crops!!)




AND for the rising magma to provide the LUBRICANT for the upper crust to SLIDE over the lower!!






With a SOLID globe, the (The FIRE Force from The Earth’s CORE – IS MEANWHILE hauling the lower crust under and along the bottom of the upper crust!) double crust(the SHELL of The HOLLOW Earth) WOULD swivel the crust around and around. But The Earth is NOT solid!






It has TWO funnel-tunnels AT THE POLES!!(One for each.)






They are about a THOUSAND MILES(1,400, I think.) in DIAMETER!! So MUCH crust can go through(rock(over large areas) will bend)!






However, EVENTUALLY, tubeways get CLOGGED UP.


Which STOPS the crustal displacement!




Then we have contest between ice and fire forces COMBINED(One moving top crust one way, the other(the fire) force moving lower crust THE OPPOSITE OTHER WAY!!)(NET result, Earth’s crust MOVES!!)(It moves in unpredictable jerks! It is not a CONSTANT motion!)






So we get the clog- up neutralizing the ice and fire forces.




But ice/fire force is INCREASING, as sun gets more and more active.(Producing stronger and stronger solar wind,ETC.)








SOMETHING has to give. We have a JOLT when clog-up stops crustal displacment.


And now another JOLT as clog- up is FORCED to yield because freeing up from pressure!! Once the clog-up stops the crustal displacement, everything in the tube falls to the ground, spreading out. This permits the GROWING pressure from behind to resume pushing the crust through. The jolt and renewed momentum then takes the crust much farther -producing a polar shift via increasing the axial tilt.










This MAKES the axial tilt(Of The Earth) to increase. And a Polar Shift is underway!!




This finally becomes a full-blown EARTH INVERSION.(Physical and GEOGRAPHICAL!!)






Followed by a ROCK-BACK(Which created the Hudson Bay,ETC. Second Pole LAST TIME that The Wobble peaked(next time Dec.21/2, 2,012!!))






The Rock-Back is due to the SUDDEN lost momentum, as the polar shift’s force expends itself!!








What have we got? Inverted Earth. Sun rises in West, sets in East, soon! Few creatures left alive. Structures levelled. But many plants survive.
















I continue: We then(very soon!) have a WRECKED Earth.






Then Big Red(The alien rogue planet capture by Sol, our sun, from Sirius B, five times size of Earth, 22 times Earth’s mass)comes by – which has become Planet X(Nibiru, Flagship of The Galactic Fleet was Planet 1X, actually(With Pluto-Sharon demoted(too small).)




X standing for TEN, not unknown,now. And IX for ninth planet ouf – from our sun.








Big Red comes around every 3,600 years. Its orbital period.(We BOTH cycles are occurring almost simultaneously THIS TIME!!)








Wobble peaking(Dec 21/22, 2,012, this year)(Force is MOST powerful THEN!) causes Cataclysm 1. (A gradually increasing push force will eventually make the ENTIRE crust of The Earth SLIDE!!)




Big Red(Wrongly called Nibiru – which will rescue best half of us(vide UFO’s massing overhead NOW!) causes the SECOND cataclysm.






THEN follows Galactic Alignment(Possible Cataclysm.(Number 3).










And the fourth will come with World Civil War when The Aquarius Age with higher vibrations comes in!!










Lot of meat there, chaps…




Digest slowly and WELL!!












So THERE you have it.


















Book a seat on a UFO via your local alien!










Do we have understanding??












Then get those authorities ORGANIZING exodus down The North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole.








At present, THEY are concealing UFO’s AND much else!!








But building shelters and bunkers, deep underground, and inside a mountain!!!! For the chosen FEW blue-eyed ones!!










But their shelters may not withstand the gravity,etc.TIDES of what is to come!!










You may need that 14 foot tall bearded GIANT who fancies our women!!




Gentlemen(and those of the rib) –




Have we




So NOW we need LIFT-OFF!! Yuk,yuk…




































































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