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March 25, 2012

Sunday, 25th March, 2,012.





Crustal Displacement!!





Ya all following what I am a’saying hyar? I am writing(in this article)(NOT intended to be a challenge to ye Shakespeare! Eek.) as if I was talking to you fellahs – in a cafe somewhere, say.

Look: There are TWO great cyclic series that occur to us on Planet Earth.(Psst! Think of the ALIENS listening!!).

One is the now much bandied cycle of 3,600 years – due to that being the orbital period of Big Red, a planet(Planet X1 I think.)(Planet X has Nibiru, Flagship of The Galactic Fleet in it – coming to rescue us at any time from the impending cataclysms,etc.).

The Nibiru cycle if you like.(Though Big Red is the name I have ascribed to what was formerly Nibiru(Planet X).(I place Big Red in slot Planet X1.)



The other cycle, is of 6,500 years.(These two great cycles are co-inciding very closely THIS time.)



This other cycle is really the main cycle. It is caused by a confluence of a number of events, triggers: The Earth wobbles four times during the long 26,000 year Precessional Period. Thus every 6,500 years, as the wobbles are of equal duration.


What happens is combinational: Ice builds up upon that desert we call Antarctica. It is now up to 2 miles high. And covers quite a large land mass(Antarctica).


Now all the heavenly bodies AND fields – are HOLLOW. AND with two huge tubular entrances at each end.(The laws of physics’ result of a whirling molten body in space!)(Via Centrifugal Force.)


So what we have, as dear Earth is no exception, is a powerful non-stop wind blowing out of the North Polar Entrance, AND The South Polar Entrance. This pushes HARD against that great snow created(despite Antarctica being a desert)mass of ICE – AND(since it is downhill to the sea off The Plateau) – would push all that off the massive continent, – and into the sea.


Rock outcrops PREVENT this though.


So the ice, instead of sliding off, PUSHES against the ice out-crops(Which of course are part of The Lithosphere.)(The Upper Crust of The Earth.)and must EVENTUALLY cause it to SLIDE over the top of the lower crust, The Asthenosphere(The Lower Crust.)!


We have a neat little series of events here: Wobble is now approaching its PEAK(22nd December, 2,012.)after 6,500 years!) So it is pretty strong now. And thus The Centrifugal Force will be approaching maximum force.

Centrifugal Force is HEAVING the innards of The Earth upwards. Including ye Magma.(O.K. O.K. So I’m a time traveller from Shakespeare’s cabin in the hills.)

Magma is molten rock. Red hot and semi liquid.

The HEAT from it is(Yes, that is where ye heat is coming from just now!)

The extra HEAT is assisting the ice’s weight’s melt to MELT the base ice – providing a lubricant for the ice to slide upon.

At THE SAME TIME, magma is squeezing up between the lithosphere(top crust) and the asthenosphere(lower crust) – providing lubricant for the top crust to SLIDE(yep, I said slide!) over the lower crust.(The Earth upper crust is heavy I know, but OVER A VERY LONG TIME, that not inconsiderable mass of ice upon Antarctica will, by pressing against the rock outcrops, FINALLY succeed in getting the upper crust to MOVE!!(HEAVE!!))



Just VISUALIZE it all, now!


So instead of pushing via non-stop tremendous wind the ice down into the sea, it should(and I believe DOES!) FINALLY get(once magmic lubricant gets in ENOUGH(acting as LUBRICANT) between lithosphere and asthenosphere start The Earth’s top crust MOVING!!(Despite there being just flat snow to push against.)(I imagine it takes a while before it does the necessary.).


It is made harder by the fact that both ends of The Earth are HOLES! Funnel-Tunnels!! So the lithosphere has to SQUEEZE in through there(At both ends of The Earth.).



A Crustal Displacement occurs. First Northwards for about a thousand miles or so. THEN – BECAUSE there is The FIRE force pushing The Lithosphere(Upper Crust) THE OTHER WAY, the crust SLIDES four to five THOUSAND miles southwards.


(Rock will bend.)(It sort of liquifies!)


The Ice Force was born of the weight of the ice.

The Fire Force was born of the increasingly charged up CORE of The Earth. Which consequently (Earth HOLLOW) DRAGS The Lower Crust(Asthenosphere) UNDER the upper crust!(Which has the same effect as the upper(Lithosphere)crust being pushed over the magmic LUBRICANT and over The Asthenosphere(Lower Crust)!!))


(Earth is a Super TITANIC(ship)!!)(Involving both fire and ice.)(Fire in the coals. Ice outside(ice berg)breaking in!)(On The S.S.Titanic it appears that there was an explosion on the opposite side to where the ice-berg struck, blowing out a huge hole! ALSO, that one of generators(?) inside the ship BEHIND the propeller did something peculiar – like fall out or something.)



It MAY be that the upper crust slides(via the magmic lubricant) over the lower crust, whilst at the same time the lower crust slides under the top crust!(Because the gravity tide from The Earth’s core will be dragging The Asthenosphere around.)


I am not sure about this particular point. Perhaps The Lithosphere simply SLIDES over The Asthenosphere, very slowly at first. Up to four to five thousand miles.

In which case, Australia should get pushed northwards 4 to 5 thousand miles.



I think that latter is the case.



The Ice Force and The Fire Force will be acting in unison there. Maybe this makes for a simpler action!




I had originally thought that The Ice Force would push the upper crust southwards for a thousand miles or so, and then that The Fire Force would push the lithosphere northwards for up to 4 to 5 thousand miles.


The increasingly charged core of The Earth is going to haul The LOWER crust under the upper crust.



Eventually, I THINK, the tubular funnel tunnels (one at each end of The Earth) are going to get clogged up – bringing The Crustal Displacement to a standstill.

This should produce A JOLT. And then suddenly THE MOMENTUM from the Crustal Displacement would shift to The Axis of The Earth – causing a Polar Shift, ending up PHYSICALLY inverting The Earth, following the sudden stoppage of THE CRUSTAL SLIDE.

The Axial Tilt would change.


Resulting in The Polar Shift.


Which would culminate in a PHYSICAL INVERSION of The Earth!!





The increasingly rapid changes in position of The North Magnetic Pole is INDICATING the VERY start of this process!!(Because The Magnetic Pole is simply the RIM of the tubular entrance!!)



The changes in position of The North Magnetic Pole is not causing The Crustal Displacement, The Crustal Displacent is causing the changes in The North Magnetic Pole!!




Let me spell it to you loud and clear, folks: The Earth’s CRUST has MOVED! It moved A BIT about a year or so back. Just a strange move of up to 40 degrees IN PLACES! Then it stopped.

What is happening(I THINK) is that The CORE of The Earth(getting charged up by increasing solar wind,ETC.) is gravitationally affecting THE CRUST of The Earth, CAUSING IT to move!

We can expect it to move again AT ANY TIME!!




The North Magnetic Pole IS ON THE MOVE. Faster and FASTER!!

Due, I BELIEVE, to the Earth’s CRUST moving a bit.(The crustal movement is causing the magnetic changes, not vice-versa.)




WEIGHT of ice upon Antarctica is the INITIAL trigger! Working very subtly and gradually upon Earth’s CRUST(or at least the top crust of two)(Lubricants provided by HEAT from MAGMA being HEAVED UP by Centrifugal Force from Wobble NOW MAXIMIXING as (After 6,500 years(!!), it is REALLY HEFTY!)) So the ice is pushing against THE ROCK OUT-CROPS – and STARTING TO MOVE THE CRUST!(The top crust.)(Whilst the gravity tide from THE CORE is hauling the LOWER CRUST in the opposite direction! And THUS, for TWO REASONS, UNRELATED, The Earth’s CRUST(The SHELL of The Earth(because it is HOLLOW!)) is loosening up, aided by the LUBRICANTS of base ice MELT(water) AND The Rising Magma(Note season early heat-wave in U.S!) IS BEGINNING TO MOVE. And THIS is WHY The North Magnetic Pole is jumping around, DOUBLING SPEED every year!!







And via the JOLT(from a CLOGGED UP tube-way, via MOMENTUM start The REVERSAL of The Earth’s PHYSICAL POLES. An INVERSION of The Earth!!







Note that Big Red(The BIG planet captured by Sol,our sun, from Sirius B) WRONGLY called Nibiru(Nibiru is an alien(Annunaki) GALACTIC FEDERATION Flag ship of The Fleet PLANETARY RESCUE SHIP!! Coming to save the best half of humanity from the coming CATACLYSMES,ETC.(Which should END this Aryan civilization(if that is the right word!), WIPING OUT nearly all life and structures upon The Earth!! WITHIN the NEXT few MONTHS!!





Big RED, wrongly called Nibiru, is TOO FAR away AS YET!




No! WOBBLE is to blame, not Big Red(Which is NOT Nibiru!!)




Now can you all follow this??








Big Red (an ALIEN planet) comes around EVERY 3,600 years(Planet XI!).


AND The Earth’s WOBBLE occurs every 6,500 years!






Read my LM7 which PROVES that this year 2012 IS the year that horrific destruction OCCURS!!(Or within 2 years of that date, after 2,014.(Thus allowing time for unfulfilled prophecies to HAPPEN!!))






Folks, THESE are my FINDINGS!!(And I am very seldom wrong!!)









UFO’s are MASSED – right now – above our heads!!



Take your heads OUT of the sand!!



We are being LIED TO – by The Authorities!!








Survivors from a pass by Big Red(Wrongly being called Nibiru(Nibiru is Planet X, The RESCUE ship!!).).




DO you HEAR me??!!





Get DOWN The North Geographical Pole! PRONTO!!




Don’t ignore!







I do not know how much longer I can be with you.

Not long, I think!!





PLEASE listen to what I am telling you!!



Negative forces trying all out to stop me!!




PASS ON what I am saying, please!!




WARN world!!





A note to Australia, Queensland:-



The overwhelming vote against Labor was more by hatred of Gillard over carbon and mining taxes, and the outsting and then later the defeating of Rudd, than Bligh(who had also failed)!!



Australia NEEDS to get to POSITIVE THINKING, not low dirt and SMEARS!!



Good team now in power in Queensland.






Get OUT of the MUD, Australia!!






Negative types have VERY GRAVELY misled you!!





































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