ZZ5c Two GIGANTIC perils NOW getting into gear!!


Saturday, 24th March, 2,012.










Latest noises are BOOMS!!












There IS a common factor to all these things: Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, increasing heat, sink holes, cracks in ground, big crack in Antarctic ice, strange sounds, and now BOOMS.


It is NOT due to Nibiru or Big Red(big planet due to whizz by us near end of year!). It is due to Earth’s increasing WOBBLE as we approach Dec.21/22, 2,012!!




The Earth’s WOBBLE is reaching PEAK – about 9 months hence. This is producing CENTRIFUGAL FORCE – which is HEAVING Earth’s INNARDS upwards. Thus increasing the area of surface! WHICH is forcing crust to STRETCH rocks,etc. THIS is what is producing the strange noises, NOW BOOMS!!




Listen! The CRUST of The Earth, The Lithosphere IS SLIDING over The Asthenosphere(The LOWER crust)!! Because, it is being PUSHED by The Antarctic ICE straining against THE ROCK OUTCROPS as the growing heat from the rising magma is melting the base ice! Allowing the ENTIRE ICE MASS to TRY TO get blown and slide down hill.


But BECAUSE of the rock outcrops – it CANNOT do this! INSTEAD, it is INCREASINGLY pushing The Upper Crust(The Lithosphere) over The Asthenosphere(the lower crust of The Earth). And the rising magma IS PROVIDING THE LUBRICANT!!






Got it?? The increasing heat coming up from below(NOT Man-made global warming!(THAT is a SCAM lie!!)) is MELTING THE BASE ICE(creating MELT as LUBRICANT for the ice to slide on against ROCK OUT-CROPS!!) AND it is creating MAGMIC LUBRICANT for the upper crust to slide over the lower!!




So an ICE FORCE has been created(the weight of the ice upon Antarctica!).


AND a FIRE FORCE has been created(pushing the OTHER WAY!!) due to the SOLAR WIND,ETC. charging up the core of The Earth!! Which in turn is increasing the gravity,etc.tidal forces upon the entire crust of The Earth!!(EXPECT upper crust to SLIDE a thousand or so miles north, and THEN about 4 to 5 thousand miles south!! With increasing speed and acceleration!!)






THIS is WHY we had those strange anomalies about a year or two ago when sun rose and set much farther east, and the weird appearance of sun and moon,too!!












Now NOTE we have TWO unusual things occurring here: 1. The Earth’s surface being STRETCHED(to accommodate rising ground). – Hence the weird noises, now BOOMS.(As cavities in The Earth are collapsing!)(The sounds are not coming from the sky, but from UNDERNEATH us!! Inside of the SHELL of The Earth!!(The Earth is hollow!! As are ALL the heavenly bodies and fields!!)




AND we have, 2, The Earth’s Upper Crust beginning to slide over the lower crust! This goes in fits and starts CURRENTLY, but will increase into a steady motion – first producing a POLAR SHIFT, and later A PHYSICAL INVERSION OF THE EARTH!!


Nibiru and Big Red(An alien planet captured from Sirius B, 5 times size of Earth, and 22 times its mass, due to WHIZZ by us towards end of the year!) are still far too far away AS YET to affect us much!!






In short, we have (Apocalyptic Trumpet, yes!!) the VERY BEGINNINGS of a CATACLYSM!!


The FIRST of at least TWO!!








No! We won’t be hearing from Governments and Media,etc!! They are struggling to fool us into thinking nothing is happening!! So as to KEEP control of us – AND to avoid Mass Panic and PANDEMONIUM!!!!






Alien UFO’s MASSING above PREPATORY to MASS RESCUE of best half of Humanity! Get READY!!










Vic, your faithful informant!!(NOT to scare you un-necessarily, but to ALERT YOU to coming destruction!!)(Get out of it via ASCENSION!! That is the starting up raising of Earth’s VIBRATIONS!! Assist via mass prayers, mediation, yogas and sutras,ETC!!!!)




You dig??


Well DON’T let it be YOUR GRAVE!!











Australia, please note: Queensland high polling figures for LNP due more to hatred of Gillard than failure of Bligh(who has done well).

With Ashgrove, the people there apparently cannot resist so high a figure as an ex Brisbane Mayor with superb experience, but they might switch back to Kate Jones,yet!(despite popularity of Kate Jones and Campbell not living there, and his high ambitions and the fact that he is coming from OUTSIDE OF parliament.)














Vic, boy!!






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