ZZ4 Some perils we NOW face!!


Saturday, 24th March, 2,012.










Some perils we now face!(Starting up this year.)










1. Cataclysm caused by centrifugal force created as The Wobble of The Earth increases towards December 21st/22nd, 2,012. Causing tremendous damage world wide.


2. Second Cataclysm due to the arrival of Big Red, a planet captured from Sirius B. Planet XI, due to pass us BY December 21st/22nd, 2,012. Causing tremendous damage world wide.


3. The Galactic Alignment of Dec.21/22, 2,012 could cause a cataclysm.




4. The Age of Aquarius can be expected to provoke a back-lash from the unevolved, and from animals, who are unable to handle the new higher vibrations.




5. Germs increasing resistance to Anti-biotics.




6. The Third World War. Sparked by Israel and/or U.S. Attacking Iran. Ending up possibly with North Korea nuking and emping The U.S. I do not think U.S. will win this one!




7. The increasing belligerence of The U.S., and of N.A.T.O.(Quest for oil being a root reason.)(That and world control.)


Israel should sacrifice itself for the sake of the world, and NOT attack Iran.(So should U.S. The time to attack Iran was a decade back, not now! TOO LATE now!! They can do TOO MUCH damage NOW!! Otherwise we shall have WW3 – and the whole world destroyed!! Use NUT NOW! NOT when TOO LATE. U.S. must NOT do a Nazi Germany act!(which it IS building up to!). And its leader should NOT do a Hitler!!(Germany invaded Poland and Russia back in 1939. U.S. and NATO hit Libya and Iraq recently in like manner!!)




8. Economic and Financial Collapse beginning in Europe, spreading to U.S. And engulfing whole world.


9. World Civil War.


10. U.S. becoming Fourth Reich. Via Nazification in Fascism.


11. Killing of most Earth’s inhabitants to reduce the population.


12. Population growth unsustainable. Not enough resources.




13. New World Order.


14. Take-over by aliens.




15. Islamic Uprising.




16. Current ruling power in U.S. is destroying U.S.Constitution.




17. Political East has overtaken West in World Dominance and progress.


18. The rise and RISE of RED China!!




19. The re-surgence of Russia!






20. The rise of GERMANY in Europe!






21. Rise of Vatican Power.








22. Terrorism.








23. Back-lash by The Mob.










24. Alien abductions.(Aliens creating a hybrid race. Are they abducting us progressively – to advance that end?!)






25. World rebellion by YOUTH!!








26. Hacking.








27. Cyber Warfare.








28. Martial Law,etc!!








29. Privacy is being overthrown.










30. Hyper-Inflation.(Like in Zimbabwe!)








31. Dangers inherent in Nano-technology.










32. Robotic control.










33. Crime is getting out of hand.








34. Dossiers on every-one!!










35. Big Brother!!








36. Bureaucracy in Big Government.










37. T.V. sets spying on you.








38. Negativism under-mining whole world via The Media,etc.










39. Some-one in U.S. getting VERY nervous about his Birth Certificate!!


No NAMES!! But two birth certificates exist. One issued in Hawai. And one in KENYA!! CLOSE examination shows Birthers RIGHT. The Kenyan one is the ORIGINAL one!!


The POINT is this: Current U.S. rule is doing what Hitler did in Nazi Germany did back in the 19 thirties and forties!!


The Western attack on Libya,etc. was DEFINITELY wrong!!


THAT is NOT the way to go ON!!(Let us not be humbugging HYPOCRITES,now!! If we rail against evil, how CAN WE suffer it done by OUR OWN nations??!!)(Iraq should NOT have been invaded! If any country, Iran!!(For not stopping manufacturing towards atomic bombs!)


Saddam and The Libyan Leader, Gadaffi(And The Egyptian leader was wrongly ousted!)were disposed of(murdered!!) WRONGLY. It was VERY wrong to kill THEM!!!!)


Killing Ben Laden may have been necessary. For Justice.


But we must NOT become like the people we SO rail AGAINST!!










40. The rich few ruling the world.








41. Spirituality being under-mined by excessive interest in sex, drugs, dope(pharmaceutical drugs),etc.








42. Pharmaceutical,etc. groups getting too rich and powerful.










43. Good ideas being suppressed for VESTED INTERESTS!!








44. Governments getting too big.








45. More and more money in hands of fewer and fewer.










46. Medics getting too dominant.








47. Couch potato danger from Television, Negative games,etc.(By negative here I mean unethical.)(An obsession with KILLING!! It is NOT healthy for any of us!)








48. Obesity and Diabetes and Cancer,etc. From eating too much junk food.








49. Danger of English being supplanted.








50. Racism card being over-played.


The danger is REVERSE racism. Or wipe out the white skins!! The dark skins are not in danger, the WHITE skins are. Dark skins outnumber whites 5 to 1! So please no more nonsense about danger from white skins!!)








51. Technological imbalance over things of spirit. We are TOO materialistic!!








52. Humans are too stupid.(Intelligent, but foolish.)


53. Police States.




54. Trade Unionism.




55. The Big Corporations.




56. Left Wingism.




57. Socialism. And of course Communism in China and North Korea,etc.






58. Fascism.






59. Increasing illiteracy,etc.






60. Humans far too absorbed by low desires and tastes!!






61. Hell and Hades are REAL! BEWARE of them!! After death.








62. The people in general haven’t got a clue what is REALLY going on. Are in for terrible shocks VERY SOON!!






63. False knowledge and ignorance.








64. The world is straining at gnats, but swallowing CAMELS!!








65. Debt and deficit are killing us – especially via credit cards!!






66. Humanity lacks SELF CONTROL and DISCIPLINE!!






67. Advancing materially. But going downhill SPIRITUALLY!!










68. Danger of losing Christmas,etc. to Multi-Culturalism.(Which Humanity is NOT ready for. It is doomed to fail!!)(We may have seen our last Christmas(anyway) – due to this absurd fad of bowing to minority groups to appease in the eyes of the gallery!!)










69. Political Correctness destroying us!








70. That and other VERY negative ACTIVISMS!!



71. Yes, our hard won Democracy is fast being LOST. After such a long hard struggle to win it!!



72. Danger of protecting and promoting ANIMALS before HUMANS!!








73. Fiat paper money(and coins) are WORTHLESS. Just wait until you all REALIZE that fact!!(Paper is worthless. Especially with NO PROMISE to refund in gold or silver printed upon it!)






74. Evil is taking over Earth via Devil, Illuminati, Rich few, Unruly mobs. Get the act together, world!!






75. Important truths NOT being taught!!






76. Universities and Colleges NOT teaching important values!!








77. Hang on to gold, especially silver!! Red China has collared most of it. Watch rulers don’t take the rest!!






78. This world is EVIL!!










79. World OBSESSED with low things like Sport, Skiffle, Entertainment, titillation of low desires,etc.(World thinks it does not matter!


But it DOES!! And lowered vibrations let in all manner of evils!!)










80. World believes it is improving when it is degenerating!!






81. Police increasingly powerless against miscreants!!








82. Women and children ruling the males!! Male rule is needed!!




83. Improve, world. Or get destroyed!!






84. Justice? Justice is a farce and a mockery, all too often!! As has been said: The law is an ass!(By a character of Charles Dickens.)




85. Locking people up is cruel. You NEED corporal punishment. Like the birch.




86. Stop PAYING people to sit at home and rot watching TV and Computer games!!








87. Wake up white skins, dark skins taking over!!








88. Purchase tax NOT Income Tax!!




89. PRODUCTION pay, not time pay!!






90. You need to SHARE OUT The Wealth!! Do it peacefully and easily via my RATINGS schemes!!




91. Good DIET,etc. needed.




92. Stop rubbishing each other, and smearing,etc!!




93. Cut out the FOUL language!!




94. Keep Standards UP, not lower them!!






95. Good idea to have 2 years physical and mental training for 18 year olds!!




96. Spank!(When children are TOO ill-behaved! Or do you prefer they get jailed,etc. in later life?! Hmmm??)






97. We NEED Religion and Philosophy. Don’t abandom them!!






98. Make work for the dole, yes!!






99. Punish crime and misdemeanours by permanent mark on skin of forehead. So we all know! A points number up to 100, in red if bad, blue if good!!!! The higher the number, the MORE good, or bad.(Perhaps subtract surplus of one – from the other.)










100. Or do you all PREFER a worse world?


Or NO WORLD at all??!!






Come on,now.




Good behaviour HAS TO BE enforced by DISCIPLINE, if people refuse to discipline THEMSELVES!!!!






WAKE UP, world!!




If we do not improve, and SUFFICIENTLY, then those powers in charge of us – may destroy us!!




Where are our WATCHDOGS??




Where are our CENSORS??






WAKE UP world, U.S. powers are DESTROYING U.S. Constitution, and are moving towards doing harm to whole world AT THEIR OWN PERIL!!






U.S. and Israel should not be disparaged either!!










And save yourselves – whilst there is ANY time left!!




No tattoing, it is UGLY and revolting. And no metals piercing(It is STUPID!!).No MARRIAGE between those of same gender.(If you MUST have foolish art on your skin – use TRANSFERS.(They can be easily removed!!)


People, stop sinning and doing wrong. You are not only hurting others, but YOURSELVES(by lowering your vibrations – thus letting in evils!).


BAN alcohol! AND smoking.


Ban nudity,etc.(Indecent exposure.)


Ban COMMERCIAL advertising!!


BAN ALL offensive things!!!!








Life is not A GAME! We are in a DEADLY SERIOUS contest against forces which would destroy us – and MOST gleefully!!





























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