YY13 Save the world this way!

March 12, 2012


Tuesday, 13th March, 2,012.










Change your past,etc! Improve it!!










It IS possible to go back into your past and change it, improve it!(I cannot imagine anyone wanting to make it worse!!)


It is very simple. Go back in your mind – to where you did something you wished you hadn’t, OR, did not do something you wished you had!! And VISUALIZE yourself mentally DOING the other thing!!(GOING the better route!!) It works! You can tell by the uplift of JOY you will get when you do this!!(As THE BENEFITS will WORK THROUGH to you IMMEDIATELY!!!!) So DO it!!(Do the biggest things FIRST!!)(Just work chronologically through your life. Forwards AND backwards. Any way you wish!!)(The IMPORTANT thing is to DO it!!)




Yes, it is REAL!! And it DOES work!!




What you do you see,is, you get on to other PARALLEL TIME TRACKS!!!!




Consolidate all this and do it properly and better when you arrive in The Spirit World, at some suitable juncture.(Note: KEEP ON doing it. It may need a number of repeat actions! So KEEP ON doing it!!)




Now YOU can improve this unhappy world.(Via improving YOUR OWN life!!) By passing this e mail on to AS MANY recipients – by e mail – AS POSSIBLE. As quickly as you can!! Can you do that?




Because, the more people going back into their pasts and improving on what they did, – the better!! It will result in a better world!!




Two things,then: 1. Go back into your past, and improve on what you did. 2. Pass this e mail on to AS MANY recipients as possible BY E MAIL!! So that as many other people AS POSSIBLE – can do this too!!(Do both things together! Send off this e mail to your ENTIRE MAILING LIST,PLUS as MANY MORE AS POSSIBLE!! AND go back in your mind – improving your life. Which must THEN improve the world!!)


You will then thus improve your situation. And as many others as you can reach WITH THIS E MAIL – can do likewise!!(The more peope we reach, the BETTER we make this world!!)




It MUST result in a better world!!




The world is in a TERRIBLE MESS. This is a simple way out!






No big deal. Just improve YOUR past! And get THE MAXIMUM number of others TO DO LIKEWISE!!






3. Also, avoid annihilation by going for ASCENSION!!(That is the raising of your vibrations! Aided by the coming great uplift, THIS year!!)(Terrible things are slated to happen THIS YEAR, 2,012. You can avoid these by ASCENDING through 5d(The Fifth Dimension) OUT of it!!)






4. AND, if you wish, you can travel to anywhere in space and time, via meditation, by going into HYPER-SPACE. At first it will be in YOUR MIND!! Just raise your vibrations and wish and will yourself THERE!!






Many on Earth are doing nasty things. No, the way to go is to do as many nice things as possible. And THEN you will get a BETTER world!!






Jesus said: “Greater things than these shall YE do!!”(Greater than what Jesus did(Show the way to Salvation!!)!)


Now that is IMMENSE!




And YOU can do it(Improve the world!!) – by simply passing on this e mail TO AS MANY RECIPIENTS AS POSSIBLE!!






Worth it, don’t you think – to get a BETTER WORLD!!






YOUR chance to become an Altruistic Hero!






Currently we have so many people doing negative things, and producing a very unhappy place indeed.


Now we can change all this.








PLEASE do it!!








All the BEST!!






Nil desperandum!!








Humans have gotten into the wrong competition, you see! It SHOULD be a Human Race, not a RAT race!!




Their idea is that by hurting others, they get elevated.


However, this only results in others hurting YOU!! – Of course!!






So, INSTEAD of doing nasty things, DO nice things!!


THEN, in time, we shall get The Utopia and Paradise we have dreamed of!(Jesus pointed THE WAY!!!!)




Not hard, just MAKE YOURSELF do it.




And thus avoid going to Hell after death, and go to Heaven and paradise INSTEAD!!




Don’t tell me you DON’T want that!!!!




The spiritual law is this: If your evil deeds exceed your good, you will go to Hell after death! If your good deeds exceed your evil, then you will go to Heaven, after death!!




Just pass THIS e mail ON to as MANY OTHERS as you POSSIBLY can, as QUICKLY as possible.(‘Lest The Evil One frustrate you SOMEHOW!!)




GO for it!!


















Yip, yip!!




























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