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Sunday, 11th March, 2,012.












Important Announcement.























This is a free service. I am not after your money. I have information to OFFER. IF you are interested.)(All I ask is that you pass this e mail on to as MANY OTHERS as you can, – by e mail., to give them a chance to learn these things,too.)


After a long life time of study and personal experience, I have garnered important information on the biggest mysteries of the universe. I wish to share my finds with you. That you may advance your knowledge.(Unfortunately we are not being told much if anything of the great truths of life, so I have undertaken as best I can. I hope what I offer will be of help to you.)(Please spread this by passing it on by e mail to as many others as you possibly can!)(People NEED warning!)




First, let me mention a few bald facts: 1. The Wobble of The Earth is creating sink holes, cracks in ground and Antarctica’s ice. Also is the cause of the moaning sound now issuing from The Earth(as the lithosphere’s rocks get stretched). Via centrifugal force which is heaving the INNARDS of The Earth upwards. A Cataclysm will ensue.


2. We are being approached by a big red planet about five times the size of The Earth.

It is being called Nibiru, but Nibiru is the name of Planet X, which is being used as a Rescue Ship for The Galactic Federation. We face great danger, but many will be rescued.(By Nibiru, The Rescue Ship. Which is carrying Annunaki aliens, giants up to 14 feet tall.)


I shall call The Big Red Planet, Big Red. Big Red is bearing down upon us – and should pass us 22.12.2,012. – Causing immense damage. Such, that we need to be either deep within The Earth – or OFF the planet. As death will be probable, otherwise.(From its gravity,etc.tides.)(Ending this Aryan Civilization.) Big Red is already visible(as a red dot) to the naked eye. But will become more like a red moon in appearance by around October this year(2,012.) Last time it came(it comes around every 3,600 years), we suffered a cataclysm which sank the great island of Poseidon in The North Atlantic.(Wrongly called Atlantis.)(Atlantis was Antarctica.)(Lemuria(Mu), Atlantis(Now Antarctica) and Poseidon all perished. Now it is our turn.)(About half of humanity will be saved.)(Think of me as Noah 2 if you like.)(Your first re-action may be too smile indulgently and ignore me. I DO urge you not to.(I have been studying Big Red for some 12 years now. I THINK I know a thing or two about it!)(PLEASE listen to me! You won’t hear much if anything about this from The Government or in The Media, because they wish to keep CONTROL of us, and to avoid panic. We can expect mass pandemonium as this THING gets close. I hold that this can be avoided if the people are informed IN GOOD TIME! Given TIME they can BRACE themselves. What is important is that we get the best specimens of everything down the North Geographical Pole. (Where there is a thousand mile wide funnel entrance to THE GREAT WITHIN! Aim dead due North so as not to miss it. A lush pleasant 74 degree Fahrenheit land lies within.Yes!)(WITHIN The Earth’s Shell, not INSIDE the shell!!)(Take bearings whilst still WELL south of The North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole, by GYROSCOPE. Take ARMS!!)(So we can re-start life on this planet.)(Also inform by time capsule those of 3,600 years(or less now?)HENCE.)Take NOTE whatever you do!!)(You can learn a lot by looking at videos and reading reports(all sorts). Punch in on your browser “Nibiru” and/or “Second Sun”. You will get buried in all sorts of reports and videos,etc. To get to the truth(or near it)quickly, read what I have to say about it after 12 years of close study of the subject. A second cataclysm will ensue.)))


3. The Alignment of Earth,Sun and The Centre of The Milky-Way Galaxy will produce unknown results. Possibly a third cataclysm.


4. The Age of Aquarius should by its higher vibrations cause a re-action(negative) by Nature and Man. This may cause World Civil War.




Now all four events are CENTRERED upon 22.12.2,012. That is this year!


You need to PREPARE, – or risk death.




5. I expect the 14 foot tall Annunaki aliens to land and evacuate the best half of humanity(Why UFO sighting are increasing – and why we are getting these crop circle messages.).






Now whatever you do DON’T STOP YOUR EARS!!




This is NOT some overnight hare-brained notion!


SUPERFICIALLY it might appear so, but it is SOUND!!






6. I worked out how to get the PROPER and CORRECT distances to the stars, closed stellar clusters, galactic clusters and quasars,etc. And did MAP the cosmos!


The map revealed MUCH to me.


For example, Arcturus is Sol’s twin, and The Andromeda Galaxy is The Milky-Way Galaxy’s twin.(Everything goes in identical pairs. Two lots: Close and Distant.)




I found out NUMEROUS great secrets.




6. I believe a great economic and financial collapse is coming. Starting perhaps in Europe. Then in The U.S. And finally world-wide.




7. It is VITALLY important to get SAVED. By accepting CHRIST SPIRIT into your heart.(Repent first). Then do all the good that you can(henceforth) by this spirit. If the evil that we do outweighs the good, we shall go to Hell after death in the degree of the imbalance!




8. Yes. We DO survive physical death. The physical body is NOT us! It is but a garment that we wear. A shell. A coat. Which we discard at death.


9. We can INDEED see our passed on loved ones again.




10. We re-incarnate. In a seemingly endless series of lives. Evolving as we go.


11. GOD certainly does exist! Best described as LOVE, and DIVINE WILL. And The Infinite. God is also The Spiritual Sun. And our Higher Self!!


12. Evolution is the great thing. We best evolve by descending back down into The Physical periodically. Because much faster progress(evolving) is made here in the physical!


13. It IS possible to change our past! We can do this by going back IN TIME – to where we went wrong, and(since we cannot undo what we have done), we may go onto an alternative parallel time track – and INSTEAD OF doing again what we did before, we can do something better.(Thus all the things that we did, but wish we hadn’t, and all the things we didn’t do BUT WISH WE HAD, we CAN correct!!)(We need to wait until we enter The Spirit World after we shed our physical vehicle before we can best do this!)(Can you follow me (this) all right? Imagine being on a train travelling along a rail track, but ran into an oil container, getting oil over the train. – You spent the night at a motel or hotel, then next morning board a fresh train on an adjoining(parallel)track – and away you go again – no oil to worry about.(But the fact of having got covered in oil on the first train REMAINS unaltered. Fortunately there are plenty of these parallel time tracks.)






14. When we wake up from a dream into our waking reality, we notice the difference!




When we pass from this physical world into a higher material plane, a jump from this current(in physical life) life that we call Reality can occur. How much – depends upon the level of our minds. But in The Spirit World there is much more scope to expand our present material reality – such that we can pass from this super dream we call reality – to a SUPER REALITY. It depends upon our elevation of conciousness.




15. Death need not be painful. The pain is inherent in the CAUSE of death, not in death itself! Death is a SUPER AWAKENING.


Birth was our death! Death is actually birth!!


We have a good long holiday vacation in The Spirit World. And then usually wishing to evolve, to descend YET AGAIN into this physical world(where I currently am). We feel obliged to do this once we have exhausted The Spirit World.


16. Many planes, possibly without end, lie beyond The Spirit World. We go as high as we can, and then descend back down the planes.




17. It is VITALLY important to realize that The Spirit World has an Upstairs and a Down. Up is increasing degrees of Paradise. Down is increasing degrees of Hell. We gravitate to that level that we have earned during physical life.


If your good doings exceed your bad – you will go to Paradise. If your evil exceeds your good – you will go to Hell.


You will go to each place according to what you have created for yourself!


Eventually you will return to the physical(re-incarnate).




Living has neither beginning nor end for any creature. All entities are evolving.




18. It is VERY important to do minimum evil, and maximum good. Though one may escape jail, we CANNOT escape The Law of Karma(Or retribution)(For good and evil.)


Our deeds(actions, thoughts, words AND omissions) raise or lower our spiritual vibrations – according to whether good or ill. The consequences are immediate. Good or ill will happen to you commencing immediately in life. It will alter where you go after physical death. AND it will affect your future lives. You might get re-born a cripple for example – if you did something really nasty in life.


THEREFORE, do all the good that you can. And as little evil AS POSSIBLE!! As YOU are going to carry the lash back – which will be MULTIPLIED!!


If you have done wrong(sin against God and wrong against Man(including YOUR SELF), then REPENT.


Repentance is not just saying “Sorry” to God.(Speak in YOUR HEART.) But of BURNING out whatever wrong that you did! OUT of your heart. And keep at it – until it dissolves.(It is like staining your clothing – with whatever – and scrubbing and rubbing away until it is less noticeable(and feelable).)




So do NOT mess with your soul!








Now, reader, if you like this sort of thing, and would like more details, then go to my websites!






I do hope you are edified!






All good wishes!!












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