YY5b. This and that. Especially THAT!!

March 6, 2012

Tuesday, 6th March, 2,012.





This and that.





I am VERY dismayed when I see the low levels of dissipation engaged in by so many humans.

I appeal to ALL – to RAISE their vibrations – not lower them!!

Lowering your vibrations(done by engaging in bad and low acts(thought,word,deed AND omission) lets in ALL MANNER of evils. Don’t people UNDERSTAND THAT??)(Not only in The Hereafter, but NOW, AND in future lives!!!!)


Create GOOD karma,not bad!

Because YOU, the doer, are GOING TO HAVE TO LIVE with the RESULTS YOU create!!

Yes, I could be accused of being a kill-joy. But, no, you have MORE joy(later) when you do NOT indulge in vibration lowering actions!!



I do not see how Campbell Newman can win if he has not been elected.(To Ashgrove or somewhere, presumably.) Even if the level of polling remains in his favour!

I also do not see how Gillard can lose – when it is another 18 months to The Fed. Election.(If this AGE ends 21.12.12!!)(The DAMAGE has been DONE!!)



Labor has to be scraping the barrel to put Carr in as Foreign Minister. He is PAST his use by date!

Put Rudd back in THAT job! For as long as Labor is in power, anyway.


Big Red(It is NOT Nibiru!) is to pass Earth about 22.12.12. Not much will survive THAT!!




Yes, the asteroids,etc. are increasing! Largely because we are IN THE TAIL of Big Red!


The WOBBLE of The Earth is causing the magma to rise – which will increase HEAT until 22.12.12!

And that will produce MORE rain(via EVAPORATION)!!


Expect the sea around Australia – and other places to rise more yet.


Yes, the flooding in parts of Australia is bad. But gear up for worse to come. Along with OTHER menaces!!


Damage to infrastructure, wear and tear on property AND PEOPLE, and Insurance, AND costs – is going to hit hard.


Please stop asking when the rain is going to stop.(It has stopped for NOW. But more will be in the pipe-line – due to HEAT!)

Regard this flooding as the VERY START of The WOBBLE cataclysm. With Big Red, Galactic Alignment, Re-action to The Aquarian Age cataclysms and woes! And then WORLD civil War following Economic and Financial Collapse.(It IS better to face what is coming, NO MATTER WHAT, than to dwell in a FOOL’S Paradise!!)


Just trying to get you on your toes – the BETTER to deal with the worse TO COME!!!!


NOT I assure you for the kicks from scare-mongering!

No,no. I do this to ALERT you – so for you to prepare BETTER. NOT to scare you!


MANY Humans cannot bear The Truth. We many of us see what we WANT to see. But this is bad for us. Seek THE TRUTH!!



Many hate me because they reduce things to the LOWEST denominator, instead of SEEING the highest – which IS what I have in mind!!




We are NOT our physical bodies! THEY are just SHELLS that we wear temporarily! Garments if you like.


This life we currently live is but a DREAM – when COMPARED with the life to come!(After the death of the SHELL so many THINK is us!)(Chappie, you are no more this physical body coat you are currently wearing, than you are a shirt you put on! Or a coat!!)(YOU are SOUL, a mental entity! INDWELLING, temporarily, this physical body!!)


However, WHERE we go in The Spirit World DEPENDS UPON HOW we behave during life! The good go upstairs, the bad down!! That is HOW it is!!!!


Many people get FOOLED by the fact that when you do evil(harm) – that you feels uplifted afterwards!(Conversely, if you do good, you will shortly be HATED by those envious of you!) But you see later on, they who have done good get uplifted, and those who have done harm – get DE-flated. MORE than the earlier loss! THEREFORE do all the good that you can. That you might END UP better off!!!!



Ghosts EXIST! Aliens exist! Sprites(yes, AND fairies – they EXIST!!). UFO ‘s are some times alien craft!

There are VERY many planets in the universe.(Many no doubt think that there is no one else around. A view fostered by the idea begotten by The Church that God created The Earth, and set life upon it.(But do NOT conclude from that that God did not create life anywhere else!!)(That is egocentricism!)(Born of MIS-interpretation!!))


Why does God allow evil? Because if God ENFORCED no evil, then many lowly evolved souls could not progress!(The wicked(the CHILDREN) have it good now in the physical! Because that is their chance! And God would be a TYRANT! Now you can’t have it BOTH ways! Either you suffer worse through tyranny by having a god that ENFORCES no evil, OR – you have an INDULGENT god – which IS what we have!!)



Do not be deceived, after physical death, the good have it GREAT!! It is the turn of the children(the wicked) NOW – in physical life.

But AFTER physical death, the adults, the more evolved – have it GOOD!!







Yes, it hurts to lose a loved one to physical death! Of COURSE!!

But! Broaden your horizon a bit.

1. They are(IF they have done more good than harm(evil)!!) better off!!(Think of THEIR gain, rather than YOUR loss!!) They are in a better(FINER) world. They are on a higher plane(of vibrations)!!)


2. You can see them AGAIN, when YOU cross over(pass on) from this hard physical world into the easier and finer Spirit World!!


3. You can even POSSIBLY see them again – by going to a materialization SEANCE!!(IF they know how to come down to the physical level,etc.again!)(Please BEAR IN MIND, they have just finished a hard physical life, and after physical death are on VACATION in a better world. These things ARE SO!!(You can contact departed souls by telepathy! But I say LEAVE THEM REST!!)


4. And you CAN, IF you know how, leave your body, by Astral Projection – and – and maybe VISIT them in The Spirit World!!



So you see(I hope)(MUCH study and experience has taught me these things, these truths.)(So I confidently tell you!)



Do NOT do evil! Because if your evil exceeds your good at physical demise – you WILL go DOWN in The Spirit World!!

MANY NOW THERE plead and beseech me to TELL you. So I MOST GLADLY do so. That YOU might have a CHANCE to avoid THEIR fate!!(Because HELL is AN AWFUL place.)


And, please, no nonsense like “My friends are there. I shall be with my friends. (And happy, presumably?)”. Your friends will be suffering LIKE YOU!!!!) Do NOT kid yourself. HELL is HORRIBLE!!


So be WISE, and THINK NOW – not when it is too late!!




Gillard is deficient in SENSE. She cannot help it. And is fighting a great PERSONAL battle. Unfortunately she IS sinking Australia!!



However, THAT is how it IS. And we HAVE TO put up with it!!




When we(I am writing AS the thoughts come to me.) DREAM, we awaken into the physical world life, and compare the reality of the physical to the flimsiness of the dream world. WHAT a difference!!(CARE!! Astral excursions are NOT dreams!!)(Many THINK that they are. No!!)(Though vivid DREAMS DO EXIST!!)





Now when we die, we awaken from this super dream of life – into a SUPER REALITY beyond belief!!

Such that there is A PARALLEL between awakening from a dream into physical reality – AND – awakening after physical death from this life we THINK is so real! Got it?? Into SUPER-REALITY!!



Shakespear’s character, Hamlet, got it wrong, you see!

It is not “dreams may come”, (How do I know? Both by personal experience AND long hard study!!) but what dreams MAY GO!!


WHEN we have shuffled OFF this mortal coil!





We are on an expedition, between two eternities. Into this VERY narrow band of matter, we THINK is reality!


Do NOT commit suicide. NOR go for Euthanasia. No matter how hard it gets. Because, the more you endure NOW – in this nightmare we call life – is THAT MUCH less to endure AFTERWARDS – in The Spirit World!!








Do NOT be deceived and fooled by the MANY who say otherwise!!




Animals survive physical death,too!(In fact EVERYTHING does!!)


Many love to drag us down to their level!!





We are coming to the end of THIS AGE(not of the world!), and so THE SCUM is rising to the surface.



Do not touch the dark arts and witchcraft,ETC!!



And DO NOT dabble with Ouija Boards and Planchette,etc. NO THING that bids spirits come to you. None of these LOW methods!!

BECAUSE, you attract LOW spirits to you. And it can be VERY HARD to get rid of them!!(Or you may get ghosts AND POLTERGEISTS!! Or even pass on. BE warned!!)




So PLEASE – WATCH what you are doing!!





No, I cannot PROVE these things to you.


But I am NOT mistaken!!



VIVA la Godda!!





GOD BLESS you all.







Vic.(What I say may be unpopular, but it is true!!)(Which BECAUSE it is true, this very unevolved world – HATES…)(With it??)






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