YY4 Nibiru AND The Big Red Planet.

March 5, 2012


Tuesday, 6th March, 2,012.










Nibiru AND The Big Red Planet.








Rapidly aproaching The Earth is Nibiru AND The Big Red Planet!! They are in tandem. In Space and Time.




Alternatively, then The Big Red Planet ALONE is fast approaching The Earth.(Either way we are going to get CLUNKED!!)




I do not see HOW Nibiru(Planet X) AND The Big Red Planet can be the same object.


Nibiru, Planet X, is an outer planet of The Solar System.


The Big Red Planet, IF it is not Nibiru, is Planet XI!


The Big Red Planet has ALIEN characteristics. It has NONE of the features of a gas giant,etc!




ALSO, Nibiru has been described as being four times the size of Jupiter. whilst Big Red is only four to five times the size of The Earth!!




Which is WHY I think that these TWO are travelling in tandem in space and time. Both on a 3,600 year orbit.




Nibiru is coming to rescue us FROM Big Red.








Has ANYONE any progressive ideas?!
















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