YY2g A crack in The Antarctic ice.


Friday, 2nd March, 2,012.














A crack in The Antarctic Ice!










A crack has opened up in The Antarctic ice!(This happened in the film 2,012!)(But HOW did The Film Company know that? As FEW know that Earth’s WOBBLE is heaving up Earth’s INNARDS – causing centrifugal force – which is causing THE CRACKS(In the ice,too.), – amongst many other things.)


You may recall cracks opening up in the ground. The reason for the Antarctic ice crack is the same as the ground cracks: The Wobble of The Earth is peaking(Towards 22.12.12.), creating centrifugal force, which is heaving the innards of The Earth upwards. This is obliging the surface(ground, ice – or whatever) to stretch to accommodate. Therefore cracks are caused, along with sink holes,etc.(

THIS(rock stretching) is also what is causing the moaning,etc. sounds now coming from BELOW!!)

The Antarctic ice crack should lengthen. Because The Wobble does not peak until 22.12.12.




Another thing that should happen is that the increasing weight of the ice should cause adequate ice melt at the bottom of the ice, allowing the ice to TRY to slide down and off The Antarctic Continent. However, this cannot occur – because of rock outcrops. So the ice force will push against the rock – causing the crust of The Earth to try to move. But it won’t be ABLE to until sufficient lubricant is provided between the upper and lower crusts of The Earth. Lubricant from magma produced by lavic melt will, as magma is pushed up,slide in between the two crusts, increasingly allowing the lithosphere(upper crust) to slide over the asthenosphere(lower crust) because of the increasing magmic lubricant!




When this happens – we shall have A CRUSTAL DISPLACEMENT. The upper crust will slide – Northwards – for about a thousand miles. And then, because there is a force IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION caused by the charged core(ex solar winds,etc.) – which I call The Fire Force, The Lithosphere will then slide southwards for about 4,000 to 5,000 miles. This will lead to a Polar Shift – and Physical Geographical Inversion of The Earth. Followed by a Rock-Back. Of a thousand to two thousand miles. All of this will be most disastrous for us, – of course.(The recent very slight polar shift many months back – COULD have been due to this polar shift starting up! Expect it to continue!)






Note, NOT caused by Nibiru, the ugly red rock five times the size of The Earth now hurtling towards us.(It is not particularly interested in us. It is simply that its trajectory HAPPENS to cause it to whizz very close to The Earth. Every 3,600 years. Though I understand that period has now decreased.) That comes a little later.








I expect all of Antarctica to slide into the sea. Creating ice masses – which will drift north – towards The Equator.(Providing much water for The Arabs.) But very badly hampering shipping down south.






So The Earth’s Wobble Cataclysm – is proceeding.






Many will ascribe this to Nibiru. But that will be wrong. Nibiru is still far too far away yet.






2,012(this year) should be A VERY eventful year.(FEW should see the end of it.)






Much harm, but basically good, and some good due to The Ascension.(The raising of vibrations – due, I believe, to the advent of The Age of Aquarius.(Which is a spiritually pleasanter astrological age than Pisces has been.))








I DO EMPHASIZE that the reason I tell you these things, apart from the scientific interest, is NOT to scare you un-necessarily – but to ALERT you to the dangers, and to TRY to get YOU to ORGANIZE an escape of the best specimens of everything,especially human, DOWN The North Tubular Entrance into The Great Within. (I know of three, but The North Geographical Pole entrance is easiest, and more convenient to reach. MOST important you believe me – and heed. The alternative will probably be death.)(UNLESS you get chosen by the aliens for evacuation. The best humans,etc. will be evacuated.)




ALSO warn those of the future! (About these periodic(3,600 and 6,500 year EVENTS!!) I suggest by TIME CAPSULES!!(Like The Great Pyramid is.))








The IMPORTANT thing is to get the authorities(or go it alone) to ORGANIZE ships(Cruise ships would be ideal!), preceded by ice-breakers – to take the best specimens of everything(like what Noah did!) down through the funnel tunnel at or near the TRUE North Pole. It is a thousand miles wide. Use gyroscopes to head dead due north, and then you should not miss this long tubular entrance – to The Great Within. Which is a temperate lush land at about 73 degrees Fahrenheit! Take arms, as there will be some barbaric tribes – as well as wild animals(some large,even VERY large)!!(Try to reach the friendly up to 14 feet tall giants down there who would look after us!)




Dead due north is DEAD DUE NORTH. – I cannot put the direction to go ANY BETTER THAN THAT!!(The MARKED poles do not appear to be the TRUE poles!! But USE THEM for general direction. GO FOR IT!! Or else!!)(No future life for Earth’s inhabitants!! Do you want THAT?? So let me carry on with my work of ALERTING as MANY as I can reach!!)








All the best,








I am NOT into a scare campaign. But I DO wish to save as many as possible. To have the best hope of achieving this I DO need to ALERT as many as I can reach.(I REPEAT!!)


I think that is the best course of action. Therefore spread the word.


ALSO the word about Salvation through CHRIST(The Spirit of GOD. NOT Jesus. – Though JESUS(God BLESS him!) had the MOST of CHRIST SPIRIT among humans.)




Do all the GOOD and HIGH that you CAN folks. (To produce GOOD KARMA. So you go to HEAVEN and Paradise, and have the best FUTURE LIVES!!)Needless to say! As the reward is great, and the penalties for failure – ARE HIGH!!(You don’t WANT to go to HELL do you?? THINK about it, PLEASE!!)







The Earth Life is not meant to be a SKY-LARK!!(Though the way some go on – could have fooled me!!)(Everyone to his(or her)CHOICE of course. But we are here on Earth to BEST EVOLVE through SUFFERING!(NOT having a

“good time”!) – That our future may be better. And DEAR GOD glorified and worshipped!!) I am simply apprising you of these facts THAT YOU MIGHT DO BETTER!!






OF COURSE I am not doing this for scare kicks! I see NO OTHER WAY, than to TELL you of what IS coming, and SO VERY SOON!! So to WARN you!




There are people whose pleasure is to cause suffering to others. I am NOT into THAT. Though have made enough silly mistakes!!


I CANNOT help but cause alarm, but HOW ELSE could I ALERT you??!!






I advise Worship GOD, and ACCEPT CHRIST(into your hearts).




That you may find happiness!(And not the reverse!) I DO hope that you understand that!!



We CANNOT HELP but suffer in this world. BECAUSE it is a HEAVY world, and THEREFORE harder to MANIPULATE!!

The reason for it is to enable us to EVOLVE the faster!!




Faster than had we perhaps chosen to stay in The Spirit World(Before birth.)








To the glory of GOD.




And YOUR edification!!



































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