XX6b Why Nibiru not recognized.

February 19, 2012


Monday, 20th February, 2,012.










How many now believe in Nibiru?








Not enough, o men of Planet Earth! NOT ENOUGH!!




This jolly old morning, I commenced looking to the south, to see if I could spot a red dot in the sky. That SHOULD be FRONT PAGE BANNER HEADLINES, comrads. FRONT PAGE!! Of course.(Australian spots red dot in sky! THINK of it!!)(Mars looks like that!!)




But I don’t have too clear a view. What with trees and houses on the sky-line. However, eyes down(south)looking, eh?!




Fellow men of The Earth planet: You all be looking?? Well, shouldn’t you be?!






There are still an awful lot of folk out there who think that Nibiru is baloney. Do you think I (of high intelligence, and astronomical knowledge), could be FOOLED – after TEN YEARS of close INTENSE study. Come,come, fellahs. COME,COME!!!!


The story began when scientists searched for what was responsible for the perturbations in the orbits of the outer gas giants.(Pluto-Charon was too small.) Then NASA found it. Planet X, alias Nibiru! But upon discovering its size, did drop it like a(the proverbial!) hot potato(crash!)!(four times the size of Earth)(Another reason for it not being one of ours! As gas giants are far larger. Nibiru is portrayed as four times Jupiter’s size)(WHY? If it is only FOUR times the size of The Earth??!!)(I gather that the object is four times Earth size. But 20 times Earth’s mass. Which would roughly correspond with an object four times the size of Jupiter.(Hence the two very different sizes portrayed!) The size of the object is SHOWN as being about four times the size of Jupiter.) Blaming faulty equipment and forbidding all to speak of it! But The Russians took up tracking Nibiru. A number of countries now building shelters and bunkers,…(On a rumour? I think NOT!!)


Such a massive object would account for the perturbations in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune.


Orthodox scientists deny its existence.(NASA found a huge object in 1983. Planet X. Nibiru. But within a week denied it!)


I do NOT buy that the scenes(so common on U-Tube,etc.) of a second sun are lens flares and reflections,etc!(SOME of them are, of course!) But in GENERAL, this object is genuine! It is REAL!!


Why aren’t the inner planets affected if Nibiru is now so close. Because it is being covered up!


Why are they covering it up? Because to keep control of us. Also to avoid panic.


Besides, The Western World always hides anything weird and wonderful! It is one of The West’s occupational hazards!!




So you won’t hear much, if anything, about these things in The Mainstream Media!!


It is STRICTLY taboo!!








The Powers that be would rather we all perish horribly and terribly VERY SOON – than that they break their stupid tradition of Cover-Up!!






However, once Nibiru REALLY looms large, they will find it impossible to continue their lies.


We can imagine the intensity of the public anger THEN!! And the terrible damage that the public will do! In frustrated REVENGE!!(Nibiru should loom large to the naked eye by about September to November, 2,012!)(And pass us around 21.12.12.(British notation.))






So expect this silence farce to continue for some months yet. Also on UFO’s and aliens, abductions,the creating of a hybrid race,etc.






Yes, they ARE lying!!








Careful study of these pictures of the second sun, and the black silhouette quickly show genuineness!!(Though no doubt there are quite a number of hoaxes and genuine lens flares and reflections, also mock suns,etc. OUT THERE!!(Those DO exist. I do not deny it. But IN GENERAL, this second sun and black silhouette is genuine, real. It is in so many cases – Nibiru!! Similarly with the strange SOUND now being heard world-wide. It is the rock of the crust of The Earth straining apart as The Earth’s INNARDS heave upwards – creating an increase in the surface length!!(Producing sink holes, cracks in the ground, strange sounds,etc.)(But THAT is being caused by The Earth’s WOBBLE. Not Nibiru!!)






The Powers that be are trying SO hard to fool the public that Nibiru is a hoax.


Closer scrutiny quickly reveals that IT IS NOT(A HOAX)!!








Many hoaxes DO exist of course. But Nibiru is NO hoax!! It is genuine. REAL!!




It is VERY easy for people to get taken in by these orthodox LIES.


The foolish argument goes that because SOME of these things are phoney, then they ALL are!!


Don’t buy it!!






As with ghosts,etc. MANY hoaxes DO exist. But it by no means follows THAT ALL ARE!!






Alas many fools get deceived by these rogues!!






To distinguish who is telling the truth you need to study both sides of the argment VERY closely – for some time.




Fake coins do exist! But to have fakes, you needed genuine coins in the first place!!


The facile lie is that because SOME,EVEN MANY, coins are phoney, then THEY ALL ARE(PHONEY)!!




THAT is the bait that deceives many fools!








The trouble is that it is not quick and easy to ascertain false from genunine!!(In general)






There are LOTS of red dots and other dubious phenomena out there of course. So one needs to be VERY discriminatory!!








Do not confuse Xena minor planet, now called Eris – with Nibiru.(There are a number of minor planets and asteroids and comets,etc. Which also EXIST, and is easy to confuse with Nibiru!!)




No! It is NOT a brown dwarf! Nibiru is a captured ALIEN planet from Sirius B’s outer planets!!(THAT, I think, is what is most evident. Which IS WHY it is not a gas giant, and has NONE of the characteristics of our outer planets!!)(It is not giant, has no atmosphere, is volcanic(very), comes in at a sharp angle to the ecliptic, and carries aliens(bearded giants, The Annunaki). It has unusually great mass. Emits many red oxides’ particles. It is RED, and INFRA-RED, very DARK red. These features are NOT the usual outer planet gas giant ones!! We failed to see it because so DARK, so infra red, at such an unusual angle of approach to the ecliptic, in an area of sky not frequently observed(So far off the ecliptic.). Of course it is affecting the inner planets! But it has ONLY JUST begun to, and VERY carefully screened data is not going to SUDDENLY hit the headlines!! VERY MUCH the reverse!!)(It has been seen since 1983, but is ONLY NOW entering our inner solar system!)




VERY hard to pin down a date of arrival – because it has its unusual trajectory, and The Earth is IN ORBIT around the sun. So we have the two trajectories to compute.


THIS YEAR, 2,012.(And into early 2,013) IS the year of TERRIBLE destruction on Planet Earth!! When it STARTS.


The greatest danger is when Earth lies between IT(Nibiru) and The Sun. As any arc bolts of electricity between Sun and Nibiru – will naturally impinge upon us!!


No thing much should happen until towards the end of the year. The date of December 22nd, 2,012 IS the great key. As The Mayans and Incas,etc. knew.


So we have some months yet before much of note occurs.


The trouble is – that BY THEN, it will be






So since the orthodox won’t tell you, I will TRY!!




As to leave The Public in ignorance until it is too late IS JUST NOT ON – in my book!!




Now note this: The world is SO afraid of having its ego hurt, that it tends to play safe and DISBELIEVE EVERYTHING marvellous and wonderful! But if you go that path, then you will also MISS many revelations!!


Better to believe all you are told, and not miss the revelations, getting hurt a lot, than to disbelieve everything, and protect your precious ego!!













































XX5d Nibiru’s heat and light!!!!(Please pass on!! The article!!!!)

February 19, 2012

Sunday, 19th February, 2,012.





Nibiru’s HEAT!! AND Light!!!!(PLEASE pass on!! The article!!!!)




Here is an aspect of Nibiru’s approach you need to consider:-


Nibiru is visible now from Earth, to THE NAKED EYE. It looks CURRENTLY like a red dot.(But it is gonna GROW, and

GROW … and …. )



You may have heard of “the second sun” and the “black silhouette against the sun” reports. That was Nibiru.(It is CLOSER NOW…)


Many TELESCOPIC videos have been done. MANY good ones on U-Tube.


This object is very bright(when close) and very HOT!!

So! As it approaches us, naturally light and heat will increase. It will be interesting to watch the light and heat increase on Earth!!

It should more than counter The Global Cooling, EVENTUALLY!!


Are you ready for nights turning into days? And days turning into SUPER days??

May I suggest you get ready for this!!




The other thing is its HEAT. (Plus gravity,magnetism,electricity,etc. Plus the increasing hail of stuff from above. AND its seven moons. Plus giant bearded aliens.)

Expect,later on, for IT and The SUN to be arcing electric BOLTS at each other.(Which will eventually knock out satellites, and EMP the whole world. That MEANS no electronic devices working, and perhaps no electricity(finally). Unless you create your own PROTECTED SPECIAL ones!!)


At times it is going to look like a second SUN in the sky. Even at night. With ADDITIONAL heat(and light) comparable to that from our sun!!

So it is going to be sun TIMES TWO. Per light and heat!!!!


So hot at peak that the seas will BOIL!!


And nights become ADDITIONAL days, whilst the days become SUPER days!!!!


Finally, when the gravity from Nibiru STOPS our Earth from rotating(For two to three days), and THEN reversing its spin vector, so that the Earth INVERTS. (PHYSICALLY!! GEOGRAPHICALLY!!!!) And the sun rises in The West, and sets in THE EAST – PERMANENTLY!!!! Just some things you need to prepare for!!)


The HEAT could become the Number One killer. Expect to be FRIED!!

The Annunaki aliens won’t be landing EN MASSE soon for NO THING!!


But to evacuate the best of us – to safety. So DO NOT fight them!!



Australia and New Zealand,etc. should be at or near their peak summer heat now

Normally, temperatures would now fall. Or very soon.


HOWEVER!! With Nibiru getting close for the next few years, we shall need to unzip a bit. QUITE a bit!!


So get your COOLERS in NOW!!(Before stocks run out.)


Take it all VERY seriously now! Or bite your lip(and later gnash your teeth!!) in deep REGRET later on!! Just WARNING you. As many as I can reach. Which is pitifully few. Thanks to the work done to stop me telling ANY ONE!!!! Stupid, of course.


Temps. in Australia hitting low 40’s currently(at the hottest places). Up to 43 degrees Celsius now!(In the shade!)

The cooling down, AND the cold from The New Maunder Minimum,etc. should protect us a lot.


So while The Northern Hemisphere DEEPLY freezes and snow and ice ups, The Southern Hemisphere will soon start to FRY. Best word for it, as temps may reach 50 and 60 Celsius later this year. THEN rise higher!!


You all ready??

Of course many will die off like flies.

Heat stroke, and sun stroke.

So expect the season fall, PLUS the incoming Ice Era(And Ice Age,later)!! To be followed by (world wide) a rise in temps. Therefore as The Northern Hem enters its warm season, it should get TERRIBLY hot there!!(Quite a change from Minus 40(C and F) they ALMOST reached recently!!)


Naturally many fish and marine and coastal life will die.


Sun bathing will get too hot and dangerous!!


The object(Nibiru(Planet X(Actually 1X,now, now that Pluto-Charon demoted from planetary status.) is going to get very close, then a year or two later than 2,012/3.(We only have a few months grace,MIND!!)Then things will start to get unbearable…




Of course the infirm,the elderly,the very young,etc. are going to cop it. At first, then finally everyone!!

Stock up sun cream,etc. NOW!!



And with the heat will come INSECTS,ETC. And growing PLAGUES. Like of locusts,etc. And diseases.(Much like what happened(read in Exodus what happened LAST TIME Nibiru came along(Reed Sea dividing, that sort of thing. Yep, it was Nibiru that caused that lot!!)))


Animals and PETS are going to suffer…


And children – of course.


The elderly will start to die LIKE FLIES!!



The sea is going to get TOO HOT to enter!!

I don’t think it will boil off.(Entirely) But of course an AWFUL lot of evaporation is going to occur, which will LATER come down as rain,snow,hail,sleet,etc!! Creating growing FLOODS.


It will be LIKE having our sun hop down and come close!! THINK OF IT and ABOUT it!!!!

Two suns in sky. And two moons(one red, and spitting FIRE), or a sun and a moon AT NIGHT!!!!


For some years, starting SOON…



We shall need refrigerators to GET IN TO!!



And Air Conditioning. Plus fans,etc.

Unbearably hot nights – and this sort of thing. PREPARE NOW!!


Send this e mail OUT to as many others as you can. Because the main line media will poo poo it for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!! The People NEED WARNING.



Eventually Nibiru will get UNBEARABLE.


Remember that all of this will be occurring SIMULTANEOUSLY with the growing cataclysm produced by Earth’s WOBBLE!!(Don’t forget THAT!!)(Following up will be The Galactic Alignment and The Re-action to The Age of AQUARIUS!!!! Don’t be foolish NOW and ignore me, but TAKE HEED – comrades…)



It(The Growing WOBBLE!!) ALONE could produce a Polar Shift!!(AND Earth INVERSION!!)


And Antarctica TO SLIDE INTO THE SEA. Yes,the lot.(Which melting and heading for the equator will create growing terrible problems.)


Yes, The Northern ices and all glaciers will melt too.


Of COURSE the seas will rise. Ultimately about 440 feet!! So many coastal places go DEEP under. And all this is only for starters…



But THE IMPORTANT thing to remember IS, that all this EXTRA heat has NO THING to do with ORDINARY Global Warming. And certainly NOT with Man-made global warming(which is RUBBISH).

You see all those belching industrial stacks,etc? They produce about 0.004 % of the TOTAL heat NOW being produced. Which is LUDICROUSLY small. And that by Nature – ex volcanic eruptions(undersea too)(and ocean floor vents!), is about 0.016%.) Get RID of The Carbon Tax,ETC. A VERY UN-NECESSARY BURDEN on people already suffering!! HEAR ME!!!!



No! The menace is coming not from the sun, but from THE EARTH’S WOBBLE – via its Centrifugal Force pushing up the MAGMA below!!(Not Nibiru YET!!(Which is STILL far too far off…))




The strange noises(Earth’s crust being STRETCHED!! Yes, the rocks strained apart!), the cracks in the ground, the growing disasters and the sink holes,etc. are all caused by this Centrifugal Force – ex Earth’s increasing wobble!(It will grow EXPONENTIALLY up until 21.12.12!!)(British notation.))




So many animals are going to die. And more than a few HUMANS!!(In the EARLY stages of The Nibiru Cataclysm.(Current growing cataclysm is The Wobble one!!)




The parties who are REFUSING to warn us, have their deep shelters, air-conditioned, to escape into REMEMBER!!!!


Yes! If you haven’t got air-conditioning yourself, find places that HAVE. Which you can escape into at times!! O.K??


I am your friendly adviser,


Vic, or Vicon.






V.(V is for Victory too(We hope). And also the SHAPE of the approaching






Until next time, comrades(if any), – IF there is one!!!!… .. .



Message received?




AND understood??!!




Yes, I know the MANY sceptics are going to poo poo all this.

Be VERY wise – and ignore them!!





Still friends??



Ascend! Via raising your vibrations.

By Meditation, Prayer, Lovely Things,etc.ETCS.



They laughed Noah to scorn(last time it came!)


Not going to make that mistake again, ARE YOU??!!








V.(Noah 2!!)(In fact I might even be Noah RE-INCARNATED!!…)

XX4b Some home truths.

February 18, 2012

Sunday, 19th February, 2,012.





Surrender, – or die!!






Another reason why Nibiru not seen earlier, it is DARK(too dark to see at first) red, and was in the infra red. Coming in at an unusual angle to the ecliptic, because NOT ONE OF OURS!!

We are in a bowling alley.Skittles. This huge iron ball, Nibiru, a captured alien planet, ploughs through the solar system every 3,600 years. It takes out entire planets, and smashes the remaining stuff in the solar system. Because it is not lined up with OUR trajectories!

Do you all get the picture. We,Earth, are A SKITTLE ALLEY, and it(Nibiru) is shooting for us. It might hit Mars. Or Earth. Perhaps both.

It is an alien planet, captured by Sol our sun, off Sirius B. Taking one of its outer planets. This is the most likely diagnosis.

Orthodox scientists are far too careful. You do need to take pot shots now and again.(But too scared of losing your jobs!)

Because it is not one of ours, its passage through our solar system is like that of a blind drunk man. It just careers around and from side to side. Causing horrific damage.

Planet X, Nibiru, but not like the other outer gas giants. It has seven satellites, moons. And alien races.

Sirius B is a white dwarf. A dying star I believe. We cannot expect much of the inhabitants of its solar system.


Nibiru, is in fact, The Devil, A fire breathing monstrous DRAGON. Playing as I say, SKITTLES with our solar system.


Now a red dot(to the naked eye), next an elongated V, then a fiery red ball, – as it whizzes by us.(Unless it is WHAM!!)


It doesn’t need to hit us(which is possible – but not likely), but this monster iron ball, four times size of Earth, and possibly four time size of Jupiter.(Though this puzzles me. Are we talking about TWO objects here? )

It has a VERY high MASS(In other words it is DENSE.). So not just big, but DENSE as well.

THEREFORE, its gravity,magnetic,electric,etc.TIDES will be huge. Especially if it is four times Jupiter size!

Just how close it will come, no one seems sure. A million miles? 750 kilometres?

The trajectory of this thing is to loop LONG around the sun, probably up to the asteroid belt, and then back out, past Mars and Earth again, and on out of the solar system, back into black empty space. Not to return for 3,600 years.


Have you not heard of Lemuria, Atlantis, Poseidon? Great civilizations on huge continents. Which suffered a TERRIBLE cataclysm, sinking their continents far down into ocean and magma!!

These disasters occurred at thousands of years intervals.


3,600 years.



And now we have this red dot, seen by the Russians. to the NAKED eye!



WITHIN about a year or so we shall know what suffering IS!!



As disasters increase, exponentially in the end!!



As flaming flaring Nibiru draws near.




Those who cannot bear the prospect – go into denial – of course.




Do NOT be deceived by the coming, perhaps quiet next few months!




Wolves SLINK up, they don’t BARGE.



So they can SLAUGHTER their astonished prey! Ripping it to pieces, before devouring it FEVERISHLY!!


Global warming? Tell that to the frozen North. The people of N.E.Europe for example. And now the South East.


How many of you have seen through the GW RUBBISH?(Global Warming WAS true. MAN MADE Global Warming is an Al Gore LUNATIC idea. For quick easy dough, and ratings!! Warm and cool spells come and go. Some big, some small.)



Temperature rises PRECEDE carbon dioxide, not the other way about, and by hundred of years!

We don’t live in a world of fools! WE ARE the fools. We live in a world of FOUL NEGATIVE IDIOTS!!

HELL bent on gratifying their STINKING low egos! YES!!




Who make out to be angels AS THEY DEVOUR us.



The two halves you see, the LYING, CHEATING wolves, and the STUPID sheep who REALLY think that the moon is made of green cheese!!

The wolves PRETEND to be angels.

As they close in on the blind as bats sheep!!




No,folks, not global warming. (There has been no warming increase since 1997.) It is GLOBAL COOLING we can expect!!


First an Ice Era.

Later, an ICE AGE!!

We had a paucity of sun spots some time back. Remember?

So then comes a Maunder Minimum!!



With utter astonishment(along with many others no doubt) I watch the Australia FARCE CIRCUS unfold!


As trade union led Labour take this once good country to DESTRUCTION!!



TWO classes you see. Masters, and slaves.


The slaves naturally HATE the masters. HELL! They ARE human – aren’t they! Poor things WALLOWING in booze, drugs, smokes, and VOMIT!! The product of the(licence is NOT liberty!!) DON’T SPANK THEM IDIOTS!!

A hundred year ago, and more, YES, the workers WERE down-trodden!

But NOW it is the employers who are down-trodden. But the slaves just LOVE power. And won’t give it up easily. Not before burning the entire world down!! NO!!!!(Of course not. We have mind-LESS against the BLOATED RICH!!


Under Labour we have THE SLAVES ruling. And we can increasingly SEE the fruits of their STILL continuing UTTER HATRED of those desperately struggling to keep law and order!! But losing. I mean the squares are losing to the rounds.


Obama needs a world war to get U.S. back on its feet. But KNOWS letting Israel attack Iran will lead to it.

Attacking Iran will be SUICIDE!! For the WHOLE world!!

On the other hand, failing to knock out Iran NOW(Some time before the end of the year.), will mean Iran knocking out THE WORLD, a little later!!

So take your pick folks!

Suicide NOW. Or YOUR murder later. Which shall it be?? Yuk,yuk!!




Australian Politics:-



Gillard is on the ropes. But not QUITE through them!!

She battles on. Has the numbers still – on her side. All she has to do – is sit tight. Which is PRECISELY what she is doing. While RUDD does his best performance yet of A MONKEY!!


He hasn’t got the numbers to challenge! Nor is likely to get them.


THAT is why he is mad(angry). Of course.


Labour’s best bet is Gillard!(Who is ALSO Labour’s WORST HOPE!!)




The choice(For Labour) is simple, which is WHY The Trade Unions are backing Gillard! If ANYONE else gets to be Labour leader, then Labour faces the prospect of the two independents not backing Labour. Which will mean an immediate election. And an almost certain Coalition win!

On the other hand, keep Gillard in power, and then a year hence watch the electorate long, draw and quarter her!!

She isn’t a promise breaker! Be fair,now. She is a DEEP, crafty, power mad naive simpleton who plays to the GULLIBLE fools.

She is a quick change artist and conner. A master at leading people up the garden.

A VERY accomplished person. UTTERLY ruthless. No pity whatsoever.

She should hold course. While Rudd dances.(And waves his arms.)(As he illustrates the F word.)




No, she is not a false promiser. It is just that she changes course suddenly as she sees it serves her best!

Don’t we all??!!


Come on,now.


People go by their perceptions you see. Instead of THE TRUTH!!



Ah,so, cried The King. But The Queen just laughed – AND LAUGHED…





Australia, that so short-sighted country, with its head in the clouds, – unsinkable? – is heading for DESTRUCTION!!



WHY did you forsake Britain, Australia?


Your OWN Mother!


It was of course Britain(sinking in its own mire) that FIRST forsook YOU!!


No wonder you hate The Poms! Britain failed to look after its empire. But listened instead to Left Wing FOOLS.


Obama is a Kenyan! Born in Kenya. Faked the birth certificate. Only the COPYING is genuine.


Yes, he is a Muslim.(And I think A Socialist and a COMMUNIST.) And could be trying to sink U.S. But he will play his games first! How NICE to be king of the world!!(Mind you, Obama may be our best way to die!!)



China is now in his sights.



And The Middle East is in NATO’s sights.



Arab Spring – and all that.



We live in a world of SHOW.

Underneath, the hearts are BLACK!!



Every man NATURALLY seeks his own ends!!


A world of HUMBUG and HYPOCRITES!!



But NIBIRU will sort us ALL out. VERY SOON!!







Ha ha.

But not hee hee.

Only haw haw!!






Bring it on,then,Blair.

What you need now – is another FLOOD. Right??!!



Another year of GILLARD, folks. ANOTHER YEAR,at least. She might swing the vote!





Vic,boy. WHAT a PANTOMIME!!(World, Australia, Queensland, THE LOT!!)(PLEASE come back, LORD, and rule us all!!)(But first the MUCK needs sweeping away!!)(Better take this failure, me, FIRST, Lord!!)





XX3b Nibiru is coming! What do we do??

February 17, 2012

Saturday, 18th February, 2,012.





Re: Nibiru: What do we do?!





Nibiru approaches. That is quite certain. It will pass close to Earth and smash this civilization. What do we do?

Best course is WITHIN The Earth.(The Earth is hollow, as are all the heavenly bodies and fields.)(There are temperate, lush lands(way beyond the polar ices)(THROUGH the polar entrance.) with an inner sun, below, plus ocean, almost as extensive as the surface topography. Forests. A steady temperature of about 73 degrees F. An Idyllic Paradise. But it is inhabited and we would need arms, though the dominant race is friendly. They are giants up to fourteen feet high! More advanced than us.)(It is where The Dinosaurs, Neanderthals, Mammoths,etc.escaped to.)(Underground only extends for 800 miles. The SHELL of The Earth. The rest is empty. Air and space in an inverted outer world! With a small red sun at the centre!!)

Simplest way WITHIN – is through The Great Tubeway Entrance near to The North Geographical Pole(Which is about 400 miles further on than the marked poles.)(One tubeway each end of The Earth. Plus another entrance somewhere else. I know not where. South Polar Entrance too hard I think. North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole is best. In my opinion.)


Just proceed dead due north by gyroscope and KEEP ON GOING. The entrance is a thousand miles wide. Would be hard to miss IF you aim DEAD North. It is indistinguishable from the surrounding land(sea and ice and lands)(You would have to vary from due north by about 500 miles(when at the entrance) to miss it.)


Nibiru’s arrival is as certain as the sunrise! In fact, more so!

And with it comes many other terrible horrors.




Nibiru comes around every 3,600 years. Or thereabouts. Or it DID do.



There is some confusion – as to whether this object is four times size of Earth or four times size of Jupiter. I think the latter. Unless there are TWO objects.(Been studying this TEN YEARS. It is very confusing.)

Its very high mass poses severe gravitational problems for The Earth. As the gravity,magnetic,electric,ETC. tides, when it passes close by, will just about tear The Earth in TWO!!(We shall experience the HORROR of watching another and much larger very ugly planet close in upon us.(Like in the film “When worlds collide” back in the fifties or thereabouts.)(NOW visible to the naked eye, it is a red dot.)


Oh, it is QUITE certain! It is travelling at about 3,500 miles per hour. Not headed straight for us, but is merely orbitting the sun, its trajectory just happens to pass close to The Earth. It will cross our orbit. It has a long debris filled TAIL. Which we entered some time back. This is full of boulders and red dust and debris,etc(Masses of it.)(Plus it has seven satellites(moons).)(On one moon called Homeward resides a race of alien bearded giants. They will visit us. They modified our genes. Made gold mining slaves of us.). It is an iron planet with two columns of particles of iron oxides streaming – like two giant WINGS – from either side of it. As it nears we shall recognize it. This red monster winged dragon like scourge of the solar system(every 3,600 years)(Lemuria, Atlantis, Poseidon – and now us, The Aryan Civilization, got/get severely hit. Sometime it does hit a planet, and smashes it to smithereens. Hence a name “The Destroyer”. It is Wormwood of The Christian Bible.)(There are three asteroid belts. One where Phaeton was(between Mars and Jupiter) If I provided you with two facts (i) The three asteroid belts and (ii)the fact that this huge planet passes through our solar system, with its 7 moons and its long thick tail of debris every 3,600 years, would a possible conclusion not be that each asteroid belt ONCE was a planet? Being as this monster traverses through periodically!! The Asteroid Belt marks where Phaeton once orbitted. I wonder what caused the other two asteroid belts?!(Oort and Kuiper .)(Would I be too far amiss to suggest that the Oort and Kuiper Belts ONCE(like with The Phaeton asteroid belt) were planets?! I suggest Oort and Kuiper!!(The Earth has a bit of an asteroid belt too, because its original planet Taimat got struck(By Nibiru?!) creating our Earth, The Moon and an asteroid belt!)(Just likely possibilities. I do not know why the outer planets take such extremely elliptical orbits. But they do around some other stars,too!)


And WHY does Planet X, Nibiru(now bearing down to pass very close to us), NOT have any of the characteristics of the other outer gas giants?(Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune – the other outer planets of our solar system, are all gas giants.Not gas-less iron balls!!)


I venture to suggest, that Nibiru, the outermost planet was a capture by our sun from some other star. Perhaps Sirius B.(Because I understand our sun, Sol, goes around Sirius B on its travels. Though it actually orbits Alycone in The Pleiades, which I imagine is on a spiral arm of our closed stellar cluster.)

All the heavenly bodies go in pairs, even identical twin pairs!

There are close binaries and distant binaries. Nemesis is Sol’s distant binary. Arcturus may be Sol’s close binary.(Where does star Antoine fit in??)Arcturus is also Sol’s nearest(sic) star. I worked out the correct distances of the stars,stellar clusters, galaxies, galactic clusters, etc. And mapped the entire visible cosmos. So I know a bit about what I am saying here!(I think Antoine is the name given to the second sun, which is Nibiru.)



Not EVERY passage of Nibiru is devastating. Just one in a few. We happen to be on a devastating orbit, this time!


I expect Antarctica to slide into the sea.


There is MUCH we do not know.


If what I am saying is true, WHY have we not heard about it?


Because The Western World suppresses ALL good, positive IMPORTANT news! Something to do with Earthlings being NEGATIVE – at this early stage in evolution.(God and Devil exist. But too many humans have chosen The Devil!! And Pan, The Earth god.)(But we GET the fruits of WHAT we INVEST in!!)


For instance, GOD,Salvation through CHRIST, Life after death, Re-incarnation, Life on other planets,aliens,ufo’s,apparitions,sprites,fairies,hollow Earth,etc.(To name a few.) are all QUITE true important facts. But humans are negative, and shut out these facts quite deliberately.



Anyway, we are about to have our wings clipped, and that VERY severely indeed! As Ayra’s continents(ours) are about to be seriously submerged beneath waves and down into the magma deeper.(Much of the continents will go down, while much of the ocean floor will come up!)(A see-saw effect.)

TWO serial cycles of cataclysms exist. One is 6,500 years long(The Wobble lot.) and the other is 3,600 years long.(Nibiru)(They are pretty well co-inciding this time!)


The events we are about to experience THIS YEAR(or into next)(and continuing some years) will be THE WORST EVER(future included) to hit Man on this Earth!!


The only way we can continue life upon this planet – is to take the best specimens of everything DOWN WITHIN!! And that is what gets done by A FEW, each time Nibiru comes around.


Yes, MOST CERTAINLY there is a policy of IMPORTANT TRUTHS’ suppression!!(The Russians are tracking Nibiru. And trying to tell us about it.)

The True Conspiracy Theories are not the ALLEGED weird notions that surface, BUT the negative very badly WARPED MENTALITY that has dominated on Earth since early on!(The weird and wonderful notions are THE REMNANTS of The Great Truths – which once prevailed!)


Am I to understand that the evil influence Earth planet is under is from Orion? Sirius,etc. And that The Good Influences that would save us – are from The Pleiades!! Via The Illuminati,etc. Don’t know about The Freemasons.

The Annunaki aliens(soon to land EN MASSE) are mostly negative too.

They visit us every 3,600 years or so, which is when their planet, Nibiru passes close to The Earth.



Of course, if this lot came from Sirius B, that could explain all the negativity!

Apparently what happened was that Sol, our sun, captured one of Sirius B’s outer planets and now drags it along. Not being one of our genre, it does not bear our outer planets’ characteristics!!


I am being exploratory now. Just hunches.




Negative aliens took us over. Modified our genes. Made gold mining slaves of us.(To create gold particles for them to shoot into space, thus to increase light and heat to their world, because it goes so far from Sol, our sun!(The Christendom Bible,etc. are old re-hashes of earlier scriptures of these gods, rather than god, ALIENS from SPACE!!)(Hence,perhaps,the references to The Devil being A Serpent. I don’t know. Just thoughts.(Let US make Man in our own image!)

And are NOW cross-breeding their alien stock with ours!! Creating alien HYBRIDS!!(Hence(partly) all these alien abductions.)

We SO URGENTLY need to get off this NEGATIVE track we are on!(The Pleiadeans can help us!)


We MAY need another planet, another Earth. AND another Spirit World. IF Nibiru hits us.(Earth may be the largest piece of debris that was created when Nibiru hit The Original Earth!!)

No, not the end of The World(Though it depends what you mean by world. Is what is meant Earth, Universe, Omniverse, or WHAT?? It COULD BE the end of The World IF by world you mean The Earth. Though not – if you mean anything more than this solar system. Or at least more than The Earth.).

It is simply the end of our current AGE. I think of a whole group of ages, including a 26,000,000 year cycle of The Milky-Way Galaxy.

What we are ABOUT to EXPERIENCE will be a VERY rare event. Perhaps ending(and starting new ones!) the cycles of The Wobble, Nibiru’s passages, Sol’s orbit of Alycone on the local stellar spiral arm, and the solar system’s transit around The Milky Way Galaxy.



It would be GREAT to find out our TRUE history!!




Look out to see The Great V in the sky soon!!



One thing is rather sure: We won’t be able to continue in our easy material ways much longer!!












XX2 How close will Nibiru come?

February 17, 2012


Friday, 17th February, 2,012.










How close will Nibiru come?












Just a brief post scriptum,(longer than expected) which should have gone in with XX1 actually.




Some say the SIZE of Nibiru – is about four times that of Jupiter. Others, four times size of Earth, but either way – huge.




Expect the disturbed sun’s flares,etc. to EMP the world FIRST. That is knock out all electronic appliances, and maybe electricity too.




As I say, FOUR cataclysms(occurring more or less simultaneously…) are slated for this year/early next. To START firing then. To proceed several years, followed by an Ice Era and then an ICE AGE(a thousand years long).


The FOUR cataclysms are:-(It is strictly incorrect, but MUCH SIMPLER to attribute the lot to NIBIRU.)(Just say Nibiru and perspire BLOOD. Much briefer than trying to detail out what I am saying here. But what I am saying is the truth – as closely as I can get it…)




1. The Wobble of The Earth.(THIS is the cataclysm that is JUST STARTING up.(The one that caused a slight tilt of The Earth earlier this year.)(Nibiru being far too far away AS YET – to disturb sun and solar system much.)(Nibiru is a planet OF The Solar System. It has seven moons(satellites).)


2. Nibiru.(Named after The Sumerian god, Nibiru.)(Relayed by Zecheria Sitchin(now passed).)(He got out of it.)


3. The Alignment with The Centre of The Galaxy.(Earth-Sun-Dark Rift at Centre of Milky-Way Galaxy.)(Unknown results from this.)




4. The Re-action by Nature and Man to The Age of Aquarius.








Nibiru will pass us twice. First, very close. Second time, rather more distant.(As it heads back out of the solar system. Though it is itself a member of the solar system(Planet X, The TENTH, now ninth, planet.)(Pluto-Charon got demoted because too small for planet status.)








It COULD hit us. But probably not. Some say it will approach to “a few hundred kilometers”, others have said “about a million miles distant”. In any event it should be DEVASTATING.(There was a film(forgot name) that showed a planet coming VERY close to Earth. It will be like that. So it will be VERY disturbing! Sending many out of their minds.)(That film Hollywood’s 2,012. – Gives a faint bent adumbration of what we may expect…)




The thing I find odd about (Great Within details!) Nibiru – is that it does not resemble A GAS GIANT. As are all the other members of the solar system from Jupiter out.(It is a huge round rock belching volcanoes(The planet is mostly iron, apparently.)(More like an alien monster from Sirius B, but all say it is the planet way out past Neptune(and Pluto-Charon)(Which seems to have been a satellite of Neptune.), very ugly, and streaming off(like wings)two columns of red particles(iron oxides) into space.(One of its names is “The Winged Horus”. Or winged serpent or dragon.)(I think this is where they got the description of The Devil from!)


3. The Galactic Alignment.


4. And The RE-ACTION to The Age of Aquarius.(By Nature and Man.)












ALL events are centred upon the date of December 22nd, 2,012.A.D.(I say A.D. because this year is of SUCH SIGNIFICANCE!!)(It is THE END of this current AGE. Of thousands of years.)(I think it is the end of much more than that! I believe of a 26,000,000(TWENTY-SIX MILLION) years. Or one circuit of The Milky-Way Galaxy.






Folks, this is a VERY important year. And will be our last…(As few will live but not far into 2,013.)(Note that The Calendar will continue.(It is NOT The End of TIME. Only of this civilization(if that is the right word!) But we,as a civilization, WON’T!! The Great Terrible YEAR of THE LORD, 2,012.A.D. Is THIS YEAR!!)(Millions no doubt will survive(unless it HITS us), but I don’t rate trying to live in an icy cave for the rest of one’s VERY deprived days… How many could survive long(in a SMASHED world)??)(How are you at hunting mammoths, except that no mammoths to hunt this time! Nor anything else much!!)(It would be a return to the Stone Age,etc. Though for a while, due to global EMPING, it would be back to pre Industrial Revolution Days. Until Nibiru REALLY got going!!(Oceans flooding across continents,etc. Tsunami thousands of feet high.And the FULL CATALOGUE of horrors and terrors IN EXTREMO!! All words will FAIL…)


The Annunaki Bearded Giant aliens will evacuate the best half of humanity(and leave the rest).(Give the wife a beard to wear if you are worried…)(And hope they mistake her for one of their children. Just a jest folks, just a joke…)


Our own folk will take their blue-eyed ones into their underground chambers(miles deep) – but that has dangers too – from earthquakes,etc.




End of the world as we know it ALL RIGHT!!(We shall be lucky if it is not the end of the world, period!)(But millions will no doubt continue – in UTMOST icy, snowy MISERY!!)(This happens every 3,600 years or so. But most people forget, drat it…)(We NEED to leave a TIME CAPSULE for the people of 3,600(or whatever it is now) years hence!)


What I am saying is about as certain – AS YOU CAN GET!!








The surface of The Earth will be re-shaped.(As will more than a few MINDS!!…)








Down WITHIN(The Earth), there is this inner surface, back to back with ours, with an 800 mile crust IN BETWEEN.(That would protect against the HAIL of boulders and fall of deadly red dust,etc.)(If you can follow that. There is but ONE surface, but it doubles back upon itself. A double reverse helix(not spherical strictly) is The Earth’s shape. Same for all the heavenly bodies and fields!!)




Nibiru is a long way off yet. But as it closes, disasters will naturally leap up increasingly. So MANY will perish LONG before Nibiru gets really close.(If only of heart attacks,etc.born of extreme TERROR.)




Any of you remember that film(“When worlds collide”?!) back in the fifties or thereabouts? Where a planet looms ever closer to The Earth. And everyone is absolutely TERRIFIED of course!!




THAT is what we may expect. Only FAR worse!!










So if you want to visit The North Pole, may I suggest a boat, and sail WITHIN!!(HUGE tunnelled entrances at each end of The Earth!!)




These are our options for from now on:-






1. Flee down North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole.(Strongly recommended…)(But you will need a boat,etc.)(They laughed Noah to SCORN. How am I doing??)(Yep. GIGANTIC new GLOBAL DELUGE coming!!)(RATHER worse than at present!!)


2. Hope you can get on to some friendly(IF any!) bearded Annunaki Alien Giant’s list of humans approved for evacuation!(To another planet – for a while…)(Only the best half to be taken.)


3. Tough it out.(Live in iced-up cave/s,etc.)(Picture yourself spearing fish through a hole in the ice(IF you can break through it!!)(Gonna get VERY thick!!).)(Provided any fish survive,of course..)(No more Welfare,ETC…)(The Government would be a band of SAVAGES…)(MUCH worse than now!)(I see current continents sinking to ocean floor, and ocean floor rising. The smell would be awful…).




4, Suicide(or Euthanasia).(NOT recommended. Awful penalties in Spirit World,etc.)




5. Wait for THAT boulder…or whatever will take you off…What(Which) will happen to SO MANY.


6. Unless you can persuade the shelter builders to take you in!(Not much chance.)






Just condensing options…






Don’t hang about, fellahs…


























XX1 The latest true important news.

February 17, 2012


Friday, 17th February, 2,012.












The latest TRUE IMPORTANT news!!










1. Nibiru has been sighted! To the NAKED EYE!! By The Russians. As a red dot! Batten down all hatches!! It is slated to be in naked eye sight from South Pole in APRIL(THIS YEAR. 2,012.). Can ANY of you see it yet? To naked eye view…(Orion area I believe.)


If Russians can see it, surely I(In Queensland, Australia) can! So on my morning walks, I shall be looking to the south, – straining my eyes to see if I can see this red dot, Nibiru. I will let you know as soon as I see it! (ER,…will you look,too??!!))




THIS is The Destroyer. Possibly already shattered Phaeton(And also erstwhile planets Oort and another one(forgotten name of other asteroid belt now)), the planet which used to orbit the sun between Mars and Jupiter. – Where The Asteroid Belt now is!(Asteroids are bits of land. Comets are masses of frozen sea water.)


It should become REALLY visible September-November, 2,012.(Er,..this year…). It is slated to wipe out this civilization. Nearly all of it.(It destroyed Poseidon(Huge island was, in North Atlantic) wrongly called Atlantis.(Antarctica was Atlantis!)(That got biffed much earlier.))


Advise you PREPARE, folks. Become a PREPPER(as they call them)!!


You are not likely to hear of it on our Western News UNTIL IT IS UPON US!!(To keep control of us. And to avoid panic.)(The Russians are reporting on it. DO CHECK via U-Tube videos,etc!!)(Punch in Nibiru and 2,012.)(Remember the boy who cried wolf? Well this is the wolf! Only it is less a wolf than TYRANNOSAURUS REX, KING of THE DINOSAURS!! WITH its children!!(Satellites of Nibiru(Planet X.)(It orbits The Solar System every 3,600 years(or that was the ORIGINAL orbital period).(Expect 30 to 90 per cent destruction.)(THIS is WHY I am urging AS MANY AS I CAN REACH – to GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE, WHERE there is an entrance to THE GREAT WITHIN, wherein lies COMPARATIVE safety. At least from the HAIL of falling boulders,etc.and deadly red dust(already starting to fall!)(Mixed with water it LOOKS like blood.)(This is what will make our waters BITTER!!)(Nibiru was the planet WORMWOOD(Bible!!).). Coming from THE TAIL of this gigantic comet, Nibiru. Actually A PLANET(It is PLANET X!!)(The planet NASA found, and then(when they calculated its size)RENOUNCED and FORBADE ALL reporting on it!!, four times size of Earth, five times its mass. (MANY will think that is is THE END OF THE WORLD!!) Yes, folks, it is THE END – of This Age!(THIS is why so many countries are hastily building underground shelters and bunkers!!)(COME ON!! This is not a story, this is A FACT!!)(I am TRYING to save as MANY as I possibly can!! COME ON!!)(Just head for North GEOGRAPHICAL POLE by Gyroscope, and KEEP ON GOING!! For at least 600 miles!! COME ON!! No good you all panicking when it is TOO LATE!!)(I been doing this about TEN YEARS,now. Not just for the good of MY health I CAN ASSURE YOU!! Get WITH IT NOW. Before it gets WITH YOU!!

THIS is a FACT, folks!!)(You HEAR me all right????)(But people HATE ME for TRYING to warn them!!)













2. Israel will probably attack Iran some time during the next nine months!(Iran will counter attack. U.S. will come to Israel’s aid. And Russia, China and North Korea will go to Iran’s aid! Starting World War Three(which will be ALL IN)(ALL weapons, nuclear, thermo-nuclear, chemical and biological – AS WELL AS CONVENTIONAL.)








3. Greece is still STRUGGLING to get another HUGE bail out aid package. Despite terrible protests!! This should eventually fail, and whole world plunged into dreadful world destroying economic and financial crisis.(GET gold and SILVER!! Bullion coins. As bank notes will become OF NO VALUE!!)(Just TRYING to help you…)








4. Meanwhile AUSTRALIA under Labour plunges down and down, and the asylum boats pour in – on top of the legitimate entrants, mostly by air.


We are watching the painful event of Julia Gillard(Australia’s P.M.)(Though you might not think so the way they DRAG her around!) making her last stand. As she valiantly and well fights all comers… But the strain is beginning to tell…


Yes, of course they are moving up Kevin Rudd, Labour’s only hope(As Gillard can hardly be expected to win the election about a year hence.)(If only there was a world left to win it in!!)(But Kevin might be an even worse bet!)(And there is no one else popular!)


So The Coalition are preparing to down Labour federally – and in Queensland.








Bring it ON??








Just letting you KNOW, guys!! Just letting you know!!…(I constantly study the news.)












Your friendly adviser,










Vic.(Gonna be a bad year fellahs. Actually a good one. Because excitement can promote your Ascension(Via Meditation and Prayer,ETC.). With transition more than an EVENS bet!!




Now,then! Would you PREFER to KNOW – or not??


Death is no thing. Another world beyond this.


It won’t be much fun that’s all – not knowing manner of horrible terrible death…


Many urging stock up essentials. BUT! I say why bother as packs of animals and GANGS or RAVING lunatics will be going around SMASHING their ways into ALL homes – to get what the wise got earlier…(Then FIRE them, AND YOU!! They will eat human flesh, drink human blood. And DO ALL MANNER of evils. So GET READY!!(People will be RIGHT OUT OF THEIR MINDS, MIND!!)




As Nibiru as it passes us will look like a big red ugly MOON!!






It is due to pass us towards end of year.(2,012…)(Maybe September-November. Maybe around December 22nd, 2,012.A.D…(THIS IS The Terrible Year of The LORD. THIS year, 2,012.A.D!! Aye!!)






Then PASS US AGAIN in 2,014!(But do less damage then.)






5. Aliens will land en masse. Bearded giants – who fancy our women. And can be expected to turn us into gold miner slaves for them!!




THIS is what Jesus,ET AL, have been on about these past 2,000 years! HEAR ME!!

HEAR ME!!!!Those who know me, know I speak true…































WW1 Strange noises,etc!

February 9, 2012

Wednesday, February 8th, 2,012.






Edited version. PLEASE read again!(I have removed frivolous stuff.)(And added some items.)(I would address the INTELLIGENT and KNOWLEDGEABLE ones, who are many among you. Little hope of getting to and through those in denial.)(It SHOULD be palpably OBVIOUS that SOMETHING IMMENSE is just BEGINNING to HAPPEN!! Not JUST on account of the strange noises, but on the gradual and soon to ACCELERATE disasters that are happening. This PECULIAR SOUND heard by so many world wide is, I opine, related to the increasing disasters.)(It is not unreasonable to think that what is happening is the dreadful event prophecied for 2,000 years! JESUS mentioned it. Naturally the negatives will try to distort it,to get fools to reject it, but like it or not I THINK it is THE CHOP!! There are The Believers, there are The Deniers. I believe about 60% of people are honest. About 40% phonies and hoaxers. It is palpably too overwhelming for it to (in GENERAL) false. Jokers exist of course, but I do not believe that they are about 100% of the population or of the unlimited means needed to produce SO overwhelming a phenomenon as meets our eyes!!


I am an amateur scientist. I think I know what is causing these strange sounds. What I have to say is MOST GRAVELY serious and so VERY important! So eyes down – LOOKING!!


The noise is The First(or one of the first) Trump(ets).(But let us look at things analytically – and not back thousands of years through the prism of old scriptures!)(First or last trump, what does it matter. Look not at DOOM, but at ASCENSION! Via the raising of YOUR vibrations! Spiritual vibrations. Utilizing the excitement of DOOM!! Take your minds off death, and on to SPIRITUAL or SOUL LIFE!!(YOURS!!) Look NOT at what is SUPPOSED to be happening(perhaps through religious,etc.prophecies),but scientifically UNEMOTIONALLY at what is HAPPENING!! Start from a CLEAN sheet!!

It is(I am pretty sure)caused by The Earth’s WOBBLE – which peaks every 6,500 years. On Dec.21st/22nd; 2,012.(Within a year.) Producing Centrifugal Force. Which is HEAVING the entire Earth’s interior UPWARDS. Causing the surface to extend. And also causing earthquakes,volcanic eruptions, Extreme heat, and cold, sink-holes,cracks in the ground – and now these weird noises.(Plus,now,Mayan pyramids beaming energy beams into space, and The Photon Cloud we are in!) Around The Ring of Fire, or near to it. Centred opposite The Hawaian Islands.(Sprayed out in a circle.)(I have plotted the positions on Mercador map – straight band around centre of world. AND on a globe of The Earth. Time line seems to be SEQUENTIAL, moving clockwise around The Rim of Fire.

The sound we hear, world wide,is REAL. It is caused by the Earth’s crust STRETCHING. Making all the rocks STRETCH. Producing a dreadful cacophany of sound WORLD WIDE.(Some will be copied, some hoaxed maybe. But on whole, genuine. Those who cannot bear what is happening will naturally deny it.

It is(I think.) the heralding noise of The Apocalypse. Peaking within a year or two. But let us view coldly and scientifically and not emotionally via religious,etc.prophecies!!

EXPECT UP TO nine tenths of ALL life and structures upon The Earth to be DESTROYED, terribly and horrifically.


Poseidon,in Atlantic Ocean, wrongly called Atlantis(Antarctica was Atlantis!), was the last time that The Wobble peaked. It is THE END OF THIS AGE.(Not of The World.)


Expect noise to get worse and distasters increase exponentially, producing a polar shift. Followed by a PHYSICAL Earth Inversion!!

FOUR cataclysms will occur(Because all cycles are climaxing on December 22nd, 2,012.A.D. 1. First caused by Earth’s Wobble peaking.(6,500 year cycles.) 2. Second CATACLYSM caused by NIBIRU(Planet X) – now approaching us FAST.(3,600 year cycles.)

3. Third cataclysm could be caused by The Galactic Alignment.(Every 26,000,000 years.)

4. And the fourth “cataclysm” – by the RE-ACTION by humans and animals to the higher vibrations of The Age of Aquarius.(Every 26,000 years.)



ALL four cataclysms centred on December 22nd, 2,012. First cataclysm to start some time this(2,012.A.D.) year. And proceed for some years.



Followed by Ice Era.


Then comes ICE AGE. Lasting about a THOUSAND years. Back to The Stone Age,etc!!





Get GOOD portable giant PRIMUS stoves!! ETC.




Escape down North Geographical Pole!(The Earth is hollow. Big entrance at or near The North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole.)(Get down there PRONTO! With best specimens! Take arms. The Authorities know that something big and bad coming. May not know that Earth(and all the heavenly bodies and fields) is hollow – and with a gigantic long tubular entrance at each pole. I expect it to be a waste of time trying to get The Authorities to organize an escape down below. SO I SUGGEST those I am informing join with me in organizing the escape of as many(best possible) people. By air or sea. Cruise ships ideal. Preceded by ICE BREAKERS. Future of ALL life on this planet IS at stake. Join me then, if you will! We shall need LOTS of money. Preferably gold and silver!(As fiat bank note paper money will be worthless when world collapses!) Down below we shall have 800 mile plus CRUST of The Earth over our heads. SAFER down there. Or risk not being selected by aliens!

We shall be entering the TAIL of Planet X, Nibiru. Which is FULL of debris and dust,etc. A lot of red. So there will be a HAIL of boulders,etc. crashing down all over. For a long time. Red dust(iron oxides) getting in to water – will send it BITTER. Making water look like blood.

December 22nd; 2,012 is the key date. But these cataclysms could start at any time from NOW ON!!


The sun will go black.(Blotted out by dust?) And the moon red.(Reflecting red light.) And the sun not rise for 2 or 3 days. Because Earth will stop rotating, and then spin in the opposite direction. So sun will then rise in the west!(And set in the east.) It WILL be HELL on Earth.


Or take your chances with mass landing of aliens soon(to evacuate best half)!!










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