YY1 Is this the answer??(Nibiru)


Thursday, 1st March, 2,012.










Nibiru: The two explanations.










I am reduced to two possibilities:-(Please feel free to enlighten me!)(All ideas about Nibiru, welcome. Bar denial.) Either the big object that wrecks life on Earth,ETC. is:-




1. Nibiru, Planet X(Now Planet IX), which happens to be a planet captured from Sirius B’s (outer, probably) planets, by our sun, Sol.(The difficulty with Explanation 1 is that it is shown as four times(voluminar) the size of Jupiter, whereas The Big Red Planet(now approaching us) is only about five times(voluminar) the size of The Earth, AND has NONE of the characteristics of a gas giant,etc.) OR, –


2. Nibiru, Planet X, is a gas giant,etc. proceeding on orbit, naturally. But that The Big Red Planet, ex Sirius B, probably captured by our sun, Sol. – Has joined the party, and SEPARATELY is heading for Planet Earth.




This is not unlikely. I mean that it is not a case of TWO bizarre events happening, but of just one, The Big Red Planet coming SEPARATELY for us. Nibiru, Planet X,now IX, is quite natural. Like with the other gas giants and planets.




What is being shown to us via The(Ancient) Sumerians and The Crop Circles, as taught by Zecheria Sitchin and Nancy Leider,etc. is simply that Planet X, four times the size of Jupiter, Nibiru does a very elongated loop of our solar system every 3,600 years.(Who has said that THIS OBJECT causes us great damage and possible destruction??)






What I am suggesting is that there is a Planet XI(A COMPARATIVE newcomer!!), The Big Red Planet, which is not Nibiru, ALSO circling the sun, every 3,600 years. And THIS is the planet that causes great destruction throughout the solar system.


It comes very close to The Earth.




The difficulty with 2 is that its orbital period is ALSO 3,600 years!






I can get around that by having Sol, our sun, capture Planet B – say from Sirius B’s outer planets(or from its planets, perhaps an inner one) – and have it LOCKED IN with Planet X, Nibiru. Perhaps because the object that captured The Big Red Planet WAS Nibiru, Planet X!(And not our sun ITSELF.)




Nibiru, being four times Jupiter in size, could capture The Big Red Planet when our sun got unusually close to Sirius B on one of Sol’s trips around Sirius B.


Nibiru, Planet X, continued on its trajectory orbit around our sun.


Whilst The Big Red Planet became Planet XI(Eleven)(DRAGGED along.)! And orbitted our sun on the SAME orbital period as Nibiru, Planet X!(Because gravitationally captured by Nibiru.)






So that whenever Nibiru, Planet X, zoomed out around the sun, whizzing out perhaps as far as Phaeton’s orbit(or ex orbit!), The Big Red Planet ALSO orbitted similarly, but much farther out – which brings it VERY close to The Earth.(Actually Planet X’s(Nibiru’s) trajectory is rather a long way from The Earth. WHY would Nibiru then cause such damage to Earth every time it passes??)




Can you follow? Do you SEE what I MEAN??






Although Nibiru is on a parallel orbit AT THE SAME TIME as The Big Red Planet is, with the same orbital period, IT is not the culprit(of the damage)!






The culprit is The Big Red Planet. Travelling OUTSIDE of Nibiru’s path! But PARALLEL in space AND TIME with it!!




It COULD BE that no one else realizes this(if it is true)!


And that even The Sumerians,etc. thought that the culprit(of the damage) was Nibiru, Planet X(now Planet IX)!!




I don’t know. I am hoping others will chip in with suggestions!!








This THEN explains the TWO vastly different SIZES(Nibiru at 4 times Jupiter’s size)(and The Big Red Planet’s mere five times Earth’s size!)!!








It also explains that Nibiru, Planet X, is indeed a gas giant, and with all of the characteristics of an outer solar system planet(Which this monster now bearing down upon us all on Earth DOES NOT HAVE!!)(It ALSO comes in to The Ecliptic at a 30 degree sharp angle! Which does not bespeak one of our gas giants!!)!








Did The Ancient Sumerians and the aliens tell these facts, but that over the course of 3,600 years(a long time), those of US like Zecheria Sitchin LOST SIGHT OF THE FACT(or NEVER knew it!) that The Big Red Planet was MERELY accompanying Nibiru, Planet X, upon a PARALLEL space AND TIME track!!






Now this is tricky and difficult.




We have ASSUMED that Nibiru, Planet X, did the damage. When, in fact, Nibiru is The Flagship of The Galactic Federation Fleet.(Also explained is why The Annunaki Aliens would APPARENTLY use an UGLY volcanic fiery fire belching monster like The Big Red Planet as a warship AND RESCUE SHIP!! Does not seem likely!!)






Now WHICH of these two alternatives seems to you to be the likely one?!






Do we have Nibiru, Planet X(Nibiru was a Sumerian god.), somehow FROM A GREAT DISTANCE inflicting awful damage on Planet Earth(and incidentally everywhere else in the solar system!)




(It IS an explanation for such disparities, – right??)








Can YOU see The Galactic Federation, allowing its Flagship, warship and RESCUE ship to do terrible damage to Earth,ETC.








ANOTHER ray of light comes from two photographs: One show a field of satellites around a larger object at centre, all white.(Allegedly Planet X, Nibiru with attendants.) The other(photograph) shows a RED object, surrounded by moons(satellites).


The white field seems to be Nibiru, Planet X, and retinue.






The red field seems to be The Big Red Planet. Not Planet X!






Though of course the NAME Nibiru is being attached to The Big Red Planet!!(Naturally)










Explanation 2 solves a lot of puzzles.




Though it might seem laboured and lame??








I am looking for THE ANSWER. I have whittled it down to THIS.






Many red herrings have been followed.








Try this one!!(A blue herring??)






Yes, we need a NAME(Not Nibiru!) for The Big Red Planet. Which I am using at least as a temporary name.








Anyone think of a BETTER explanation(3)?? ??








So fellahs, comrads(Yes, I know pals are comrAdes.), – HAS ANYONE a better EXPLANATION?? ??










I am voting 2. However unlikely looking.




As 1. has some serious problems!!






When The Big Red Planet was close to the sun, it often looked LIKE a second sun.




At other times it looks like a big red moon!










This is VERY important.










Can you or anyone provide a BETTER explanation?? ??






































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