XX11 Australian ballot result. And the horrors to come probably THIS year!


Wednesday, 29th February, 2,012.












What happened??












This is my second attempt to do this article. I inadvertently hit a wrong button and wiped the first good long shot I did, yesterday. I was unable to recover it.




So, I try again!!




As we all well know now, Kevin Rudd got defeated 71 to 31(One abstained. After giving a baby birth.)(So a draw say.(71-1-31)) in a secret Leadership ballot by Julia Gillard. Rudd now gone to back bench. Says he will not challenge again.


He challenged this time knowing how likely a big defeat was, so that he TRIED, and could SAY that he had tried. Plus the fact that you never know anything for CERTAIN. The massive public, especially in Queensland, support for him could SOMEHOW have swung The Caucus around. But this didn’t happen!




He was Labor’s only hope again Gillard. Who will probably lose to The Coalition under Tony Abbot in about 18 months time. IF we live that long!


Labor can expect to be annihilated. (Kevin said 30 seats gone.)Knocking them out for a generation at least. The Party could get destroyed. Never to rise again.(Gillard is destroying the country. And now can be expected – TO FINISH IT OFF!!!!)Bligh is up against it.)








How strange that Gillard, who has so many bad ideas, has the support of Caucus! Negative leader evokes negatives to support her. DESPITE The Public at large preferring Rudd to her. He being Labor’s only hope. Of course he might try again later, after being prevailed heavily upon. And lacking any alternative!!




The Public, especially Queensland, love Rudd. But HATE Gillard.




She MIGHT win, of course. Rather unlikely.


Maybe one of the unknowns will be tried. But there isn’t much time left to prime them well enough!! Which they might do now. With Gillard likely to lose. And Rudd not likely to re-surface! But so far support is for Gillard. STRANGE to say!!




There is no direct channel between Public and Party Leader!!


Maybe that is why Rudd was not raised up the other day!!






I say if we live that long – because of the coming of The Big Red Planet, which is I think an alien planet captured from Sirius B’s outer planets by our sun, Sol. It is on a 3,600 year wide angled orbit of the sun. On a trajectory which brings it close to The Earth. It is four or five times the size of The Earth. And with a mass 22.5 times Earth’s. It has a density 4.5 times ours.(It will be MUCH like as if Nibiru or Jupiter zoomed past The Earth!!)


This big red planet is NOT Nibiru. Nibiru is Planet X.(Named after the Sumerian god Nibiru.)(A planet four times Jupiter’s size, a gas giant, twice as far out as Neptune is. Which was found by NASA in 1983. Then, within a week, DENIED – and all talk of it FORBIDDEN!!(When they found out how large it is.)(A number of countries, Russia is one, are tracking it. And have been building shelters and bunkers. Plus inside of a mountain.))




Every 3,600 years this ugly red fire belching volcanic monster, spewing out two columns of red oxide particles(Sumerians say that it looks like an elongated V.) whizzes by The Earth. And each time it does so, a civilization gets destroyed. A continent sinks down deeper into sea and magma. There is terrible destruction. We have had Lemuria(Mu), Atlantis and Poseidon. We(Arya) are next. The big red planet, wrongly being called Nibiru, is now in sight to the naked eye. It looks like a red dot. It should appear like a big red moon between September and November, 2,012(THIS year.). And pass us around December 22nd, 2,012. But certainly by early 2,013.




Because its MASS is 22.5 times that of The Earth, its gravity,magnetic,electric,etc.TIDES should just about destroy 30 to 90% of all life and structures on our planet. This is THE DESTROYER. It has SO FAR destroyed FOUR of Our Solar System’s planets – by colliding with them! It could hit us, but not likely to. This may be why The Devil is called a Red Dragon or Serpent. Called Wormwood in Christian Scripture. Hercolubus is another name. Marduk, another. It has a number of names.




When between Sun and Earth,as it will do, electric arcs could come from the sun – and hit us. (In any case, the sun could EMP the entire Earth, knocking out all elecdtronic appliances. And possibly all electric appliances. Sending us back about 200 years!)




We can expect to be sent back to The Stone Age. Few should survive the passing of The Big Red Planet(not Mars!). It will pass us twice. Once closely, and once more remotely. In 2,012 or early 2,013, first time. Then again in 2,014.A.D.




In fact, this is WHY we get Stone Ages,etc! Because every 3,600 years this big red planet buzzes us!! A FEW surviving each time to start again!!


So there is not one Creation beginning with a stone age – but a whole series.




We need to warn our successors of 3,600 years hence of WHAT IS COMING – and when,etc!!






The world as a whole does not know about this coming HORROR. It being so carefully HIDDEN from the vast majority!(NASA having forbidden all talk about it. All Astronomy reports have to(must) go through them!!)






Chief reason is to keep CONTROL of us. Also to avoid panic.(IF we warn the world asap, then they should recover from the shock in good time! Otherwise it will be pandemonium!!)




However! Because The Earth is hollow, and there is a huge tunnel(about a thousand miles wide) leading down into The Great Within at or near The North Geographical Pole, I am urging as many as possible, best specimens of everything, to get WITHIN, pronto!






The Annunaki aliens will mass land soon to evacuate the best half of humanity.(That is WHY they are gathering!!)(UFO numbers, and alien abductions,etc. increasing! Not noticed?? Now you know why!!)




Nice folk to be saved. Rest left to it.(One taken, the other left(Scripture)!)




Four CATACLYSMS are to occur simultaneously, starting up this year(or early next). Then proceed for some years.






This is NOT false!! Prepare. It is GOING TO occur!! Starting within about 12 months!!






Study U-Tube videos on The Internet. Punch in Nibiru and Second Sun!!




The Big Red Planet looks like a second sun, or red second moon. A big elongated V when close. And a big red moon. Belching out(very volcanic) red iron oxides particles’ streams and red dust.(It is surrounded by a halo(coma) of red debris, particles and dust. Plus some satellites.)(Seems to be a huge iron ball.)(Coming to play SKITTLES with us.)






Nibiru is planet X. It has seven satellites(moons). The Annunaki aliens are from Homeward, their sixth planet.




It is The Flagship of The Galactic Federation Fleet. Used as a warship when necessary. During its missions to save other planets. Like ours soon will be needing.






Among coming great horrors and terrors are; The Wobble of The Earth’s cataclysm. The Big Red Planet cataclysm. The Galactic Alignment cataclysm. The Re-action by Nature and Man to The Age of Aquarius.






2. The Third World War. Initiated by Israel via attack on Iran.(Did we not attack Iran(for making an atomic bomb), then Iran would attack us!!) When Iran counter strikes Israel, U.S. goes to Israel’s aid.




This will trigger The Third World War. Which will be ALL IN!!(Thermo-nuclear and nuclear, as well as Conventional, Cyber and every other way, including Chemical and Biological.)




3. An Inquisition far worse than ANY that has gone before!!








4. Economic and Financial Global Collapse. Starting from Europe, proceeding through U.S. – and then through the entire world.






5. World Civil War.








6. Every imaginable, and unimaginable ill!!!!














































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