XX7c Nibiru,continuing.


Tuesday, 21st February, 2,012.





Nibiru, etc.continuing.





To put the record right: Nibiru is four or five times the size of Earth.(Voluminar, presumably!) But its mass is 22 times that of The Earth! THIS is what makes it so DEADLY. Its MASS(That is, its density.)(It seems to be an iron ball.)(Possibly hollow, I don’t know. But seemingly not.)

It is the EQUIVALENT of an object four times the size of Jupiter, perhaps.

The Sumerians and The Crop Circles,etc. show Nibiru as a giant GAS GIANT, four times(voluminar) the size of Jupiter!

HOWEVER!! The size of this object NOW bearing down on The Earth – is about five times the size(voluminar)(not linear!) of The Earth.

So there is a mystery here. Is Nibiru a gas giant four times(voluminar) the size of Jupiter, OR is it an alien planet captured by our sun five times(voluminar)the size of The Earth?!

I would have thought that Sumerians and aliens not likely to be wrong!(Aliens via the crop circles – which depict the size of Nibiru.)


Now there is a simple explanation! – Which I venture: TWO different objects. One is four times Jupiter(voluminar). The other is five times(voluminar) Earth size, 22 times Earth’s mass!!(In other words 22 times as dense as The Earth.)(See NOW why this object so deadly!!))


We are talking about TWO different objects! Nibiru is a gas giant,etc. WAY OUT beyond Neptune(and Pluto-Charon), in orbit around the sun. It is Planet X. The mysterious object perturbing the orbits of Uranus and Neptune!! (Pluto-Charon too small. I believe satellites of Neptune.(Note that Pluto-Charon occupies one of Titius-Bode’s Law positions!)(A mathematical law based on Sun’s gravity influence on the planetary orbits!)(Neptune does not! My guess: The Big Red Planet hit Neptune – knocking it way back and OUT OF its Titius- Bode’s Law position, but leaving its satellite pair Pluto-Charon STILL IN Titius-Bodes’s Law position!!)



But THE RED PLANET is I THINK an alien planet captured by Sol, our sun from one of Sirius B(which sun goes around)(As it does a dance around both Alycone on the stellar spiral arm AND Sirius B!)’s outer planets!


The BIG RED PLANET(NOT the Mars red planet!) is evidently NOT Nibiru!


Nibiru has seven satellites. On Homeward will be found The Annunaki aliens. Nibiru is the flagship of The Galactic Fleet, which mainly goes on missions saving planets. Our turn is next.


However, The DESTROYER planet does not seem to be Nibiru.(Because it has NONE of the characteristics of a gas giant! And its angle of approach is about 30 degrees to the ecliptic. Not ON the ecliptic – as are the gas giants.)


So what is going on here?



I think an understandable CONFUSION has arisen. No one has said that Nibiru is The Destroyer. Apparently Sitchin(Zecheria) assumed that.

Have ALL assumed that?!


Yet The Sumerians well know the APPEARANCE of THE DESTROYER. An elongated V. It is The Winged Horus. A Serpent. A Dragon. POSSIBLY the origin of the idea that The Devil is a Serpent!


I hardly think that The Annunaki aliens would be using this flaming fiery volcanic ball as a flagship and warship!!



Nibiru is Planet X. But THE BIG RED PLANET is not Nibiru!(Nor is it Mars.)


The idea given by Sitchin and Leider is that Planet X(Nibiru) is doing a very elongated sweep through the solar system.

So are we to expect THE BIG RED PLANET, The Destroyer, to whizz by and then pass again in 2,014. (And THEN be followed by Nibiru, Flagship of The Galactic Federation?!)(Yes. Not followed, PRECEDED on a rescue evacuation mission . THAT would make sense!)



Comet Elenin apparently was just a small comet(with a big blue coma(halo)). Which crashed into the sun.



Comet Elenin was The Blue Kachina of The Hopi Indians. The Harbinger of Doom!!



THE BIG RED PLANET is The Red Kachina, The Destroyer, The Bearer of DOOM!! It has a RED halo!(Blue for peace, red for war.)


Nibiru, named after the Sumerian god Nibiru, is Planet X, Flagship of The Galactic Federation’s Fleet.


IT(Planet X, Nibiru) should PRECEDE The Big Red Planet(The DESTROYER), to evacuate the best half of humanity, BEFORE The Monstrous giant iron ball arrives to play skittles with The Solar System. An iron ball now racing DIRECTLY towards US!!(I doubt it is hollow.)(Because of its mass. 22 times that of The Earth.)(So it is 22/5 times the density of The Earth. Or 4.4 x.)




So let me try to clear up a few mysteries and confusions here:-





1. Comet Elenin. –

An ordinary sized comet but with a big halo.(Coma) Which crashed into the sun. GONE. The Blue Kachina. The Harbinger of Doom. Which precedes The Big Red Planet by about a year and a month or two, not just a month!(A YEAR!!)

2. Planet X, Nibiru.

This is a gas giant, our outermost planet, four times(voluminar)the size of Jupiter. It is used as a warship when necessary. But is The Flagship of The Galactic Federation’s Fleet, usually upon rescue missions to planets in trouble(like ours(Earth) is now).

3. The Red Planet.

This is Mars.

4. The Big Red Planet.

THIS is The Destroyer, The Red Kachina(Of The Hopi Indians,etc.)(Because of its red halo.). WRONGLY called Nibiru! THIS is the monstrous flaming red dragon, serpent, The Winged Horus. Which is about to devour our Aryan civilization IF NOT PLANET EARTH ITSELF!! It looks NOW like a red dot. But shall later be seen as an elongated V. Then later still as a monstrous flaring flaming(very volcanic) red ball.


5. The giant hexagonal alien UFO space(and time probably) craft.(This, I believe, is an Administrational Ship. Probably of The Annunaki. Directing operations.)


6. Homeward is the sixth satellite of Planet X, Nibiru. The home of The Annunaki aliens.


7. Phaeton was a planet which once orbitted the sun(our sun, Sol) between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars. But was hit by The Big Red Planet evidently – shattering it into asteroids and comets.(As it did too to create(I THINK) the asteroid belts of Kuiper and Oort!!)



8. Tamerat. This was a planet which was the Proto-Earth. But The Big Red Planet struck Tamerat, creating our Earth, our moon, and a number of asteroids!!!!


9. The Second Sun.

This is The Big Red Planet.


10. The Second Moon.

Will appear soon. It is The Big Red Planet.


The Big Red Planet is surrounded by a haze of red iron oxides particles. This causes it to appear as a whiteish second sun sometimes, and at other times like a red moon.



Pictures of both Nibiru, Planet X, our outermost planet,white, with its seven satellites AND

The Big Red Planet(red),which is NOT Nibiru, though WRONGLY CALLED that!! Which also has satellites. – Exist.




VERY confusing indeed!!









Get DOWN The North Geographical Pole, PRONTO!!








Or PROBABLY die a most horrible and terrible death, UNLESS The Annunaki aliens save you.(50-50) They are saving the best humans.








The Big Red Planet, THE DESTROYER, should appear huge about September – November, 2,012(THIS year!).




It should pass us(first time) around December 22nd, 2,012.A.D.






Then again(more distant) in 2,014.A.D.






Note: ORDINARY shelters will NOT suffice! You will REALLY need to get WITHIN The Earth, or hope that aliens evacuate you!!




This is why I keep TELLING YOU(Advising you.) to get DOWN The North Geographical Pole!!
































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