XX8c Wake up, Australia!

February 20, 2012


Tuesday, 21st February, 2,012.










Australia: Get the act together!!










Just some friendly advice to what ONCE was a good country!




The nation is HUNG.(And SOON to be DRAWN and QUARTERED!!!!)(Where is that Nibiru??!!)


By a government with a majority of ONE.(In a Minority Government.)(Which is WHY it is hung!!)






Humans are negative. Therefore they elect poor governments and leaders. Because so NEGATIVE!!


The trouble with The Earth is that it has made PAN, The Earth (horned) god its god. NOT The Great infinite God – who loves us. And has the best in mind for us!!






In other words it is slavishly devoted to uniting the LOWER vehicles INSTEAD OF the higher vehicles!!(The lower promotes the lower CHAKRA and glands. Those involving the solar plexus, sex and excretory functions!)(low pleasures. But they appeal to the many!!)(The penalty for this is not HELL, but the danger exists(if you go too far)that you cannot unite your higher vehicles. And thus lower your vibrations(spiritual vibration) letting in all manner of ills. In life, in The Spirit World – and in future lives – through bad karma!!!!


Marrying two men(how ridiculous!) is obviously going to lower the spiritual vibrations!


Marrying two women is less dangerous, but still risky and unwise.




I do agree, it is a matter of choice. But just advising you of the dangers!! Enter(if you HAVE to!), but BEWARE of TROUBLES!!!!






The Solar Plexus is like a FALSE heart. Feels a BIT nice, but is NOT the TRUE heart!!






To go for something because it is nice, is tempting, but how foolish if the cost is LOSS of being able to enjoy THE HIGHER uniting of vehicles!!(I refer to HEARTS, HEADS, CROWNS,ETC!!!!)(Do you want to LOSE those high joys, simply because lower vehicle uniting is coarsely pleasurable?!)(THAT is the danger you see! What Jesus advised against. Deny thyself DAILY!! AVOID the temptation!(Like THE PLAGUE!!))




Not just sex,etc. But drugs, and so on. And of course sin, the deadly sins(FAR more than seven! More like 77!), wrong doing, and so on. Bad things like crime, delinquency, etc. Though you may escape the law of Man, you won’t escape the loss through the lowering of your spiritual vibrations!(Which you are risking!!) That is the trouble, you see! The world is currently under a TERRIBLE attack by The Forces of Darkness, of Negativity and temptations and persuasions to “be naughty”!! DON’T succomb!! At YOUR PERIL!!!! The Devil does not wear horns! But titillates the LOW pleasures ! Say NO!!






Notice the world and the media are disintegrating. Via laughter.Etc.






Don’t worry? Be happy?? Even at the risk of HELL??


Laugh and go to HELL?? No way!!(I don’t think so!!)




They who laugh now, SHALL WEEP!!




Gluttony is bad,too!(And not just because of putting on too much weight!!)








Don’t you REALIZE, that when you pass on, you will pass to a level in The Spirit World – that is as low AS YOU HAVE MADE IT!!(Vibrationally!!)(In 5D. The Fifth Dimension.)








Australia, because of having too many negative people, pulling down, is now in this HUNG position, – which is PARALYZING us all!!








We have a Labour Government, allied to The Greens, and two traitor independents!!(Labour is the product of The Trade Unions, which of course protects its workers. That is fine IF not overdone! But not when you go too far!)




So, of course, you are going to get a feet up attitude, go for money,etc. But not for work.(I KNOW Australians work very hard indeed.)


We have SLAVES(Left Wingers.) trying to rule the country. And we have a hung parliament now split Gillard – Rudd. Gillard is sitting pretty. Rudd is trying to get the numbers. Little hope that he will!


Barring miracles, Gillard will sink the country,and then lose for Labour in about a year’s time. IF we still exist in a year’s time – thanks to The Big Red Planet!!




Gillard is VERY deluded.


Rudd might have won – had he not been ousted.(AND the electorate voted for Kevin, not this UN-elected Gillard!!)


The crying need, in my opinion, is to vote Coalition. Better a square unpopular Tony Abbot (Surely?!)- than a deluded P.M. who has wrecked Australia, and WILL by the next election, – finish it off!!(Aided by the medieval Greens. And the SELFISH Independents KEEPING this circus going!!)


All quite understandable. Human nature. But it is DESTROYING this once good Australia!!






We need to vote in The Coalition, via Abbot. NOT Turnbull. Who is far too pro Labour!!(Try to get Campbell-Newman in as leader of The Coaltion!!)




He stands a good chance of winning for LNP in Queensland.








Get RID of these RIDICULOUS burdens, like the carbon tax, ETC. Many of them. These white elephants!! Like Pink BATTS,ETC!! Bats is indeed the operative word!






Gillard made a deal with The Greens and The Independents to gain power. I well understand going for that. Power at any price!!(Like(FATAL!! After death!!) making a PACT with The Devil!!)




All are playing the balance of power game!




Hanging on like grim death!






But the nation is going to destruction.(It went to the dogs LONG BACK!!)(When you SO triumphantly got rid of Howard!!)




You can EXPECT all this from a nation of so many NEGATIVE types. And there is NO remedy for that!




I cannot see Gillard winning. But you never know. Especially with someone like HER!!(She is VERY resourceful mind!!)






And Rudd, well I don’t rate his chances. Even if he got back as leader.(As many ministers are threatening to walk out if he returns!)(Gillard can muster 60 ministers. Rudd can only muster 30, if that!! No chance for him AT PRESENT!! I cannot see it improving for him either!!)




Pressure is on to get a new leader via Ballot. But Julia has refused. Not buying THAT!!






With pressure mounting – as the country goes more and more DOWN THE DRAIN, because nation PARALYZED, growing danger of physical assault on Gillard! If she were a man, I think would have come already. She COULD be assassinated!!


The choice is “Lose Labour AND wreck nation under Gillard” OR – “Force a new leader via Ballot!”.


The Nation, AND Labour, are under increasing pressure via The Backbenchers, over one third now against Gillard, to deal with Gillard AT ALL COSTS!!(Ballot, get Kevin(Rudd)popular again, PRESSURE Julia to resign or call an election OR a ballot for leadership. On pain of increasing PENALTY!!!!(Labour AND THE NATION HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!!!!)




Something has to bust. The country or Gillard. Which thinketh YOU, comrad??!!








Also if Rudd did get back, then the independents MIGHT not support him!




Bringing on an immediate election. Which The Coaltion would win on TODAY’S poll results.








Julia holds the whip hand. And is NOT likely to relinguish it.(Sorry, I don’t have an HYSTERICAL smiley, nor even a smiley!!)




No way will there be a ballot! No way will she resign!!




No, I don’t think that she will sack Rudd. She THINKS that Rudd will never get the numbers. So why sack him, risk him leaving, forcing a bye-election, and maybe lose to The Coalition. She is anything but stupid(for her own ends)!!








She has the trade unions on her side of course,being so PRO them.


But many back benchers, perhaps more than a third, SEE the likelihood of a loss if she remains in power.




So, they reason, she has to go! The only question is HOW??






She will fight TOOTH and NAIL!!!!(What else do you expect!!)






She has at least 60 ministers for her.(Or so she thinks.)(I think she rightly thinks.)






IF you force a change of leader, you risk the independents not supporting Labour further!(Even(ha ha, especially, perhaps!) if it is Rudd!!)






If you don’t force a change of leader, then little hope for Labour.(Or the country!!)






So what is the least evil??








All look pretty fatal!






For Labour.










But it is THE NATION that SHOULD be the concern. Surely?!)






So VOTE Coalition!(As Labour is a lost cause in all directions!! And not likely to improve. Short of REALLY squeezing Gillard! Yes, her mind COULD snap! I CANNOT see even Labor, let alone Nation, letting Gillard prevent Australia from going under!!(YES!! It IS THAT bad!!)


Call an IMMEDIATE Election(which should be obvious) – and vote Coalition. Tony is not THAT bad, is he?!(What EXACTLY is SO bad about him??!!(He cannot be anything else but be negative in HIS NECESSARILY DEFENSIVE POSITION!!) In any case, better a dubious(IF he is) Tony(Not Turnbull!) than a fatal Gillard or Rudd, – and none of the others are popular enough!!




MAYBE Labour’s best hope is one of the unpopular ones. It no doubt is.



The position is THIS:(Gillard, Labour’s worst hope, will lose for Labour(probably). Rudd is the best hope IF he can get back in.(Which is ALMOST impossible!)(And no other popular alternative!!) FORCE Gillard out via Ballot, Mental Pressure, or WHATEVER it takes – OR – Get Rudd popular again. OR train one of the unpopular ones!

Best line: CALL ANOTHR election!! Get Governor General to do it by PRESSURE.(As Julia not likely to!!)


Australia CANNOT afford to go on LIKE THIS!!


Which is WHY back benchers revolting!!




Clearly there is going to come one BIG bust-up!!




And Julia COULD get hurt. Even bumped off . Yes!!(Consider the PRESSURES. On The Nation. On The Coalition. And upon Labour!!!! The Back-benchers are the weak link!)


Rudd, smart, has shot off out of it – until a way forward is found!!








But by the time you got him(one of the UN-popular ones) in and trained him(or her) then it would be hard for that person to be in a position to defeat The Coalition.








HOW are you going to de-throne Julia??


She is definitely not the re-signing type!


I think that The Governor General should ENFORCE another election. She has the power!






Julia, were she nation devoted, should!(But not much hope of THAT!!)








No chance of either independent ceasing to support Julia!!




Nor The Greens, of course!!










And I can’t see Rudd ever making it back.(And if he got back, you face an immediate election via loss of independents.)(Plus, if you got around that, a walk out of many ministers, which would enforce an immediate election!)






I think ALL Labourites are supporting Julia now!








I hope SHE survives. So Labour loses!!








She IS the worst choice.(Labour’s best hope!!(Rudd is still Labour’s BEST hope PROVIDED he could negotatiate the horrific obstacle course!) Because so UTTERLY inept! She has not got a clue. Except to keep herself in power!! (She is SUPERB at that!!)(As she boasts, she will go the distance!! But what will be the result of THAT election. Assuming we all survive The Big Red Planet,ETC!!!!)






We are stuck with Julia. Like it or not!!




Rudd could be worse, even if he negotiated all the obstacles I mentioned. Don’t forget WHY you got rid of him in the first place.(Because it LOOKED like he was losing.(But WAS HE actually??!! Aye. THAT is the rub.))




Even if he got back in and held course, his hopes are NOTHING like what they were!!(And you removed him THEN for such poor prospects!!)






No. I think Julia is Labour’s best under the circs. hope. Which, of course, is WHY The Trade Unionists support her – and urge we all support her!!




Short of Rudd, I see no way to enforce a Ballot!!


And Rudd, I think, is more risky than Gillard!!(An election being enforced en route,perhaps…)








If Turnbull replaces Abbot(I hope not!), or maybe Campbell Newman does! – Then polling for The Coalition would surely rise!(I expect a SUPER Coalition(Coalition-Government uniting.))






Negatives hate squares. So the mob will NOT support Abbot!






Which is where we came in.




AND where we go out!!






I see what is going on.




But HOW MANY see what is coming off??!!








Hee hee??(Hardly!!)




Maybe eek,eek.






ho ho(??)







It is an IMPASSE. An impossible situation.

Who will crack first? Power mad Gillard – OR the desperate growing Backbench revolt??!!


Expect The Grand-daddy of all RUMPUSES!!!!








I think it must be Julia!






She won’t be able to take the PRESSURE. Especially if fearing for her personal safety. Maybe her life!!




She will very quickly be driven to make a decision, her mind not being able to take the pressure.


1. Grant a ballot. 2. Resign. 3. Commit suicide. 4.Call an election. 5. Go BESERK.




She will be FORCED to grant a ballot!!(I think. Tough though she is. She HAS her limits. As is increasing(obvious signs of STRAIN)ly obvious!!




Tough Gillard will CRACK.




She COULD resign!!!!(In a fit of piqued RAGE.)


































XX7c Nibiru,continuing.

February 20, 2012


Tuesday, 21st February, 2,012.





Nibiru, etc.continuing.





To put the record right: Nibiru is four or five times the size of Earth.(Voluminar, presumably!) But its mass is 22 times that of The Earth! THIS is what makes it so DEADLY. Its MASS(That is, its density.)(It seems to be an iron ball.)(Possibly hollow, I don’t know. But seemingly not.)

It is the EQUIVALENT of an object four times the size of Jupiter, perhaps.

The Sumerians and The Crop Circles,etc. show Nibiru as a giant GAS GIANT, four times(voluminar) the size of Jupiter!

HOWEVER!! The size of this object NOW bearing down on The Earth – is about five times the size(voluminar)(not linear!) of The Earth.

So there is a mystery here. Is Nibiru a gas giant four times(voluminar) the size of Jupiter, OR is it an alien planet captured by our sun five times(voluminar)the size of The Earth?!

I would have thought that Sumerians and aliens not likely to be wrong!(Aliens via the crop circles – which depict the size of Nibiru.)


Now there is a simple explanation! – Which I venture: TWO different objects. One is four times Jupiter(voluminar). The other is five times(voluminar) Earth size, 22 times Earth’s mass!!(In other words 22 times as dense as The Earth.)(See NOW why this object so deadly!!))


We are talking about TWO different objects! Nibiru is a gas giant,etc. WAY OUT beyond Neptune(and Pluto-Charon), in orbit around the sun. It is Planet X. The mysterious object perturbing the orbits of Uranus and Neptune!! (Pluto-Charon too small. I believe satellites of Neptune.(Note that Pluto-Charon occupies one of Titius-Bode’s Law positions!)(A mathematical law based on Sun’s gravity influence on the planetary orbits!)(Neptune does not! My guess: The Big Red Planet hit Neptune – knocking it way back and OUT OF its Titius- Bode’s Law position, but leaving its satellite pair Pluto-Charon STILL IN Titius-Bodes’s Law position!!)



But THE RED PLANET is I THINK an alien planet captured by Sol, our sun from one of Sirius B(which sun goes around)(As it does a dance around both Alycone on the stellar spiral arm AND Sirius B!)’s outer planets!


The BIG RED PLANET(NOT the Mars red planet!) is evidently NOT Nibiru!


Nibiru has seven satellites. On Homeward will be found The Annunaki aliens. Nibiru is the flagship of The Galactic Fleet, which mainly goes on missions saving planets. Our turn is next.


However, The DESTROYER planet does not seem to be Nibiru.(Because it has NONE of the characteristics of a gas giant! And its angle of approach is about 30 degrees to the ecliptic. Not ON the ecliptic – as are the gas giants.)


So what is going on here?



I think an understandable CONFUSION has arisen. No one has said that Nibiru is The Destroyer. Apparently Sitchin(Zecheria) assumed that.

Have ALL assumed that?!


Yet The Sumerians well know the APPEARANCE of THE DESTROYER. An elongated V. It is The Winged Horus. A Serpent. A Dragon. POSSIBLY the origin of the idea that The Devil is a Serpent!


I hardly think that The Annunaki aliens would be using this flaming fiery volcanic ball as a flagship and warship!!



Nibiru is Planet X. But THE BIG RED PLANET is not Nibiru!(Nor is it Mars.)


The idea given by Sitchin and Leider is that Planet X(Nibiru) is doing a very elongated sweep through the solar system.

So are we to expect THE BIG RED PLANET, The Destroyer, to whizz by and then pass again in 2,014. (And THEN be followed by Nibiru, Flagship of The Galactic Federation?!)(Yes. Not followed, PRECEDED on a rescue evacuation mission . THAT would make sense!)



Comet Elenin apparently was just a small comet(with a big blue coma(halo)). Which crashed into the sun.



Comet Elenin was The Blue Kachina of The Hopi Indians. The Harbinger of Doom!!



THE BIG RED PLANET is The Red Kachina, The Destroyer, The Bearer of DOOM!! It has a RED halo!(Blue for peace, red for war.)


Nibiru, named after the Sumerian god Nibiru, is Planet X, Flagship of The Galactic Federation’s Fleet.


IT(Planet X, Nibiru) should PRECEDE The Big Red Planet(The DESTROYER), to evacuate the best half of humanity, BEFORE The Monstrous giant iron ball arrives to play skittles with The Solar System. An iron ball now racing DIRECTLY towards US!!(I doubt it is hollow.)(Because of its mass. 22 times that of The Earth.)(So it is 22/5 times the density of The Earth. Or 4.4 x.)




So let me try to clear up a few mysteries and confusions here:-





1. Comet Elenin. –

An ordinary sized comet but with a big halo.(Coma) Which crashed into the sun. GONE. The Blue Kachina. The Harbinger of Doom. Which precedes The Big Red Planet by about a year and a month or two, not just a month!(A YEAR!!)

2. Planet X, Nibiru.

This is a gas giant, our outermost planet, four times(voluminar)the size of Jupiter. It is used as a warship when necessary. But is The Flagship of The Galactic Federation’s Fleet, usually upon rescue missions to planets in trouble(like ours(Earth) is now).

3. The Red Planet.

This is Mars.

4. The Big Red Planet.

THIS is The Destroyer, The Red Kachina(Of The Hopi Indians,etc.)(Because of its red halo.). WRONGLY called Nibiru! THIS is the monstrous flaming red dragon, serpent, The Winged Horus. Which is about to devour our Aryan civilization IF NOT PLANET EARTH ITSELF!! It looks NOW like a red dot. But shall later be seen as an elongated V. Then later still as a monstrous flaring flaming(very volcanic) red ball.


5. The giant hexagonal alien UFO space(and time probably) craft.(This, I believe, is an Administrational Ship. Probably of The Annunaki. Directing operations.)


6. Homeward is the sixth satellite of Planet X, Nibiru. The home of The Annunaki aliens.


7. Phaeton was a planet which once orbitted the sun(our sun, Sol) between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars. But was hit by The Big Red Planet evidently – shattering it into asteroids and comets.(As it did too to create(I THINK) the asteroid belts of Kuiper and Oort!!)



8. Tamerat. This was a planet which was the Proto-Earth. But The Big Red Planet struck Tamerat, creating our Earth, our moon, and a number of asteroids!!!!


9. The Second Sun.

This is The Big Red Planet.


10. The Second Moon.

Will appear soon. It is The Big Red Planet.


The Big Red Planet is surrounded by a haze of red iron oxides particles. This causes it to appear as a whiteish second sun sometimes, and at other times like a red moon.



Pictures of both Nibiru, Planet X, our outermost planet,white, with its seven satellites AND

The Big Red Planet(red),which is NOT Nibiru, though WRONGLY CALLED that!! Which also has satellites. – Exist.




VERY confusing indeed!!









Get DOWN The North Geographical Pole, PRONTO!!








Or PROBABLY die a most horrible and terrible death, UNLESS The Annunaki aliens save you.(50-50) They are saving the best humans.








The Big Red Planet, THE DESTROYER, should appear huge about September – November, 2,012(THIS year!).




It should pass us(first time) around December 22nd, 2,012.A.D.






Then again(more distant) in 2,014.A.D.






Note: ORDINARY shelters will NOT suffice! You will REALLY need to get WITHIN The Earth, or hope that aliens evacuate you!!




This is why I keep TELLING YOU(Advising you.) to get DOWN The North Geographical Pole!!
































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