XX6b Why Nibiru not recognized.


Monday, 20th February, 2,012.










How many now believe in Nibiru?








Not enough, o men of Planet Earth! NOT ENOUGH!!




This jolly old morning, I commenced looking to the south, to see if I could spot a red dot in the sky. That SHOULD be FRONT PAGE BANNER HEADLINES, comrads. FRONT PAGE!! Of course.(Australian spots red dot in sky! THINK of it!!)(Mars looks like that!!)




But I don’t have too clear a view. What with trees and houses on the sky-line. However, eyes down(south)looking, eh?!




Fellow men of The Earth planet: You all be looking?? Well, shouldn’t you be?!






There are still an awful lot of folk out there who think that Nibiru is baloney. Do you think I (of high intelligence, and astronomical knowledge), could be FOOLED – after TEN YEARS of close INTENSE study. Come,come, fellahs. COME,COME!!!!


The story began when scientists searched for what was responsible for the perturbations in the orbits of the outer gas giants.(Pluto-Charon was too small.) Then NASA found it. Planet X, alias Nibiru! But upon discovering its size, did drop it like a(the proverbial!) hot potato(crash!)!(four times the size of Earth)(Another reason for it not being one of ours! As gas giants are far larger. Nibiru is portrayed as four times Jupiter’s size)(WHY? If it is only FOUR times the size of The Earth??!!)(I gather that the object is four times Earth size. But 20 times Earth’s mass. Which would roughly correspond with an object four times the size of Jupiter.(Hence the two very different sizes portrayed!) The size of the object is SHOWN as being about four times the size of Jupiter.) Blaming faulty equipment and forbidding all to speak of it! But The Russians took up tracking Nibiru. A number of countries now building shelters and bunkers,…(On a rumour? I think NOT!!)


Such a massive object would account for the perturbations in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune.


Orthodox scientists deny its existence.(NASA found a huge object in 1983. Planet X. Nibiru. But within a week denied it!)


I do NOT buy that the scenes(so common on U-Tube,etc.) of a second sun are lens flares and reflections,etc!(SOME of them are, of course!) But in GENERAL, this object is genuine! It is REAL!!


Why aren’t the inner planets affected if Nibiru is now so close. Because it is being covered up!


Why are they covering it up? Because to keep control of us. Also to avoid panic.


Besides, The Western World always hides anything weird and wonderful! It is one of The West’s occupational hazards!!




So you won’t hear much, if anything, about these things in The Mainstream Media!!


It is STRICTLY taboo!!








The Powers that be would rather we all perish horribly and terribly VERY SOON – than that they break their stupid tradition of Cover-Up!!






However, once Nibiru REALLY looms large, they will find it impossible to continue their lies.


We can imagine the intensity of the public anger THEN!! And the terrible damage that the public will do! In frustrated REVENGE!!(Nibiru should loom large to the naked eye by about September to November, 2,012!)(And pass us around 21.12.12.(British notation.))






So expect this silence farce to continue for some months yet. Also on UFO’s and aliens, abductions,the creating of a hybrid race,etc.






Yes, they ARE lying!!








Careful study of these pictures of the second sun, and the black silhouette quickly show genuineness!!(Though no doubt there are quite a number of hoaxes and genuine lens flares and reflections, also mock suns,etc. OUT THERE!!(Those DO exist. I do not deny it. But IN GENERAL, this second sun and black silhouette is genuine, real. It is in so many cases – Nibiru!! Similarly with the strange SOUND now being heard world-wide. It is the rock of the crust of The Earth straining apart as The Earth’s INNARDS heave upwards – creating an increase in the surface length!!(Producing sink holes, cracks in the ground, strange sounds,etc.)(But THAT is being caused by The Earth’s WOBBLE. Not Nibiru!!)






The Powers that be are trying SO hard to fool the public that Nibiru is a hoax.


Closer scrutiny quickly reveals that IT IS NOT(A HOAX)!!








Many hoaxes DO exist of course. But Nibiru is NO hoax!! It is genuine. REAL!!




It is VERY easy for people to get taken in by these orthodox LIES.


The foolish argument goes that because SOME of these things are phoney, then they ALL are!!


Don’t buy it!!






As with ghosts,etc. MANY hoaxes DO exist. But it by no means follows THAT ALL ARE!!






Alas many fools get deceived by these rogues!!






To distinguish who is telling the truth you need to study both sides of the argment VERY closely – for some time.




Fake coins do exist! But to have fakes, you needed genuine coins in the first place!!


The facile lie is that because SOME,EVEN MANY, coins are phoney, then THEY ALL ARE(PHONEY)!!




THAT is the bait that deceives many fools!








The trouble is that it is not quick and easy to ascertain false from genunine!!(In general)






There are LOTS of red dots and other dubious phenomena out there of course. So one needs to be VERY discriminatory!!








Do not confuse Xena minor planet, now called Eris – with Nibiru.(There are a number of minor planets and asteroids and comets,etc. Which also EXIST, and is easy to confuse with Nibiru!!)




No! It is NOT a brown dwarf! Nibiru is a captured ALIEN planet from Sirius B’s outer planets!!(THAT, I think, is what is most evident. Which IS WHY it is not a gas giant, and has NONE of the characteristics of our outer planets!!)(It is not giant, has no atmosphere, is volcanic(very), comes in at a sharp angle to the ecliptic, and carries aliens(bearded giants, The Annunaki). It has unusually great mass. Emits many red oxides’ particles. It is RED, and INFRA-RED, very DARK red. These features are NOT the usual outer planet gas giant ones!! We failed to see it because so DARK, so infra red, at such an unusual angle of approach to the ecliptic, in an area of sky not frequently observed(So far off the ecliptic.). Of course it is affecting the inner planets! But it has ONLY JUST begun to, and VERY carefully screened data is not going to SUDDENLY hit the headlines!! VERY MUCH the reverse!!)(It has been seen since 1983, but is ONLY NOW entering our inner solar system!)




VERY hard to pin down a date of arrival – because it has its unusual trajectory, and The Earth is IN ORBIT around the sun. So we have the two trajectories to compute.


THIS YEAR, 2,012.(And into early 2,013) IS the year of TERRIBLE destruction on Planet Earth!! When it STARTS.


The greatest danger is when Earth lies between IT(Nibiru) and The Sun. As any arc bolts of electricity between Sun and Nibiru – will naturally impinge upon us!!


No thing much should happen until towards the end of the year. The date of December 22nd, 2,012 IS the great key. As The Mayans and Incas,etc. knew.


So we have some months yet before much of note occurs.


The trouble is – that BY THEN, it will be






So since the orthodox won’t tell you, I will TRY!!




As to leave The Public in ignorance until it is too late IS JUST NOT ON – in my book!!




Now note this: The world is SO afraid of having its ego hurt, that it tends to play safe and DISBELIEVE EVERYTHING marvellous and wonderful! But if you go that path, then you will also MISS many revelations!!


Better to believe all you are told, and not miss the revelations, getting hurt a lot, than to disbelieve everything, and protect your precious ego!!













































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