XX5d Nibiru’s heat and light!!!!(Please pass on!! The article!!!!)

Sunday, 19th February, 2,012.





Nibiru’s HEAT!! AND Light!!!!(PLEASE pass on!! The article!!!!)




Here is an aspect of Nibiru’s approach you need to consider:-


Nibiru is visible now from Earth, to THE NAKED EYE. It looks CURRENTLY like a red dot.(But it is gonna GROW, and

GROW … and …. )



You may have heard of “the second sun” and the “black silhouette against the sun” reports. That was Nibiru.(It is CLOSER NOW…)


Many TELESCOPIC videos have been done. MANY good ones on U-Tube.


This object is very bright(when close) and very HOT!!

So! As it approaches us, naturally light and heat will increase. It will be interesting to watch the light and heat increase on Earth!!

It should more than counter The Global Cooling, EVENTUALLY!!


Are you ready for nights turning into days? And days turning into SUPER days??

May I suggest you get ready for this!!




The other thing is its HEAT. (Plus gravity,magnetism,electricity,etc. Plus the increasing hail of stuff from above. AND its seven moons. Plus giant bearded aliens.)

Expect,later on, for IT and The SUN to be arcing electric BOLTS at each other.(Which will eventually knock out satellites, and EMP the whole world. That MEANS no electronic devices working, and perhaps no electricity(finally). Unless you create your own PROTECTED SPECIAL ones!!)


At times it is going to look like a second SUN in the sky. Even at night. With ADDITIONAL heat(and light) comparable to that from our sun!!

So it is going to be sun TIMES TWO. Per light and heat!!!!


So hot at peak that the seas will BOIL!!


And nights become ADDITIONAL days, whilst the days become SUPER days!!!!


Finally, when the gravity from Nibiru STOPS our Earth from rotating(For two to three days), and THEN reversing its spin vector, so that the Earth INVERTS. (PHYSICALLY!! GEOGRAPHICALLY!!!!) And the sun rises in The West, and sets in THE EAST – PERMANENTLY!!!! Just some things you need to prepare for!!)


The HEAT could become the Number One killer. Expect to be FRIED!!

The Annunaki aliens won’t be landing EN MASSE soon for NO THING!!


But to evacuate the best of us – to safety. So DO NOT fight them!!



Australia and New Zealand,etc. should be at or near their peak summer heat now

Normally, temperatures would now fall. Or very soon.


HOWEVER!! With Nibiru getting close for the next few years, we shall need to unzip a bit. QUITE a bit!!


So get your COOLERS in NOW!!(Before stocks run out.)


Take it all VERY seriously now! Or bite your lip(and later gnash your teeth!!) in deep REGRET later on!! Just WARNING you. As many as I can reach. Which is pitifully few. Thanks to the work done to stop me telling ANY ONE!!!! Stupid, of course.


Temps. in Australia hitting low 40’s currently(at the hottest places). Up to 43 degrees Celsius now!(In the shade!)

The cooling down, AND the cold from The New Maunder Minimum,etc. should protect us a lot.


So while The Northern Hemisphere DEEPLY freezes and snow and ice ups, The Southern Hemisphere will soon start to FRY. Best word for it, as temps may reach 50 and 60 Celsius later this year. THEN rise higher!!


You all ready??

Of course many will die off like flies.

Heat stroke, and sun stroke.

So expect the season fall, PLUS the incoming Ice Era(And Ice Age,later)!! To be followed by (world wide) a rise in temps. Therefore as The Northern Hem enters its warm season, it should get TERRIBLY hot there!!(Quite a change from Minus 40(C and F) they ALMOST reached recently!!)


Naturally many fish and marine and coastal life will die.


Sun bathing will get too hot and dangerous!!


The object(Nibiru(Planet X(Actually 1X,now, now that Pluto-Charon demoted from planetary status.) is going to get very close, then a year or two later than 2,012/3.(We only have a few months grace,MIND!!)Then things will start to get unbearable…




Of course the infirm,the elderly,the very young,etc. are going to cop it. At first, then finally everyone!!

Stock up sun cream,etc. NOW!!



And with the heat will come INSECTS,ETC. And growing PLAGUES. Like of locusts,etc. And diseases.(Much like what happened(read in Exodus what happened LAST TIME Nibiru came along(Reed Sea dividing, that sort of thing. Yep, it was Nibiru that caused that lot!!)))


Animals and PETS are going to suffer…


And children – of course.


The elderly will start to die LIKE FLIES!!



The sea is going to get TOO HOT to enter!!

I don’t think it will boil off.(Entirely) But of course an AWFUL lot of evaporation is going to occur, which will LATER come down as rain,snow,hail,sleet,etc!! Creating growing FLOODS.


It will be LIKE having our sun hop down and come close!! THINK OF IT and ABOUT it!!!!

Two suns in sky. And two moons(one red, and spitting FIRE), or a sun and a moon AT NIGHT!!!!


For some years, starting SOON…



We shall need refrigerators to GET IN TO!!



And Air Conditioning. Plus fans,etc.

Unbearably hot nights – and this sort of thing. PREPARE NOW!!


Send this e mail OUT to as many others as you can. Because the main line media will poo poo it for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!! The People NEED WARNING.



Eventually Nibiru will get UNBEARABLE.


Remember that all of this will be occurring SIMULTANEOUSLY with the growing cataclysm produced by Earth’s WOBBLE!!(Don’t forget THAT!!)(Following up will be The Galactic Alignment and The Re-action to The Age of AQUARIUS!!!! Don’t be foolish NOW and ignore me, but TAKE HEED – comrades…)



It(The Growing WOBBLE!!) ALONE could produce a Polar Shift!!(AND Earth INVERSION!!)


And Antarctica TO SLIDE INTO THE SEA. Yes,the lot.(Which melting and heading for the equator will create growing terrible problems.)


Yes, The Northern ices and all glaciers will melt too.


Of COURSE the seas will rise. Ultimately about 440 feet!! So many coastal places go DEEP under. And all this is only for starters…



But THE IMPORTANT thing to remember IS, that all this EXTRA heat has NO THING to do with ORDINARY Global Warming. And certainly NOT with Man-made global warming(which is RUBBISH).

You see all those belching industrial stacks,etc? They produce about 0.004 % of the TOTAL heat NOW being produced. Which is LUDICROUSLY small. And that by Nature – ex volcanic eruptions(undersea too)(and ocean floor vents!), is about 0.016%.) Get RID of The Carbon Tax,ETC. A VERY UN-NECESSARY BURDEN on people already suffering!! HEAR ME!!!!



No! The menace is coming not from the sun, but from THE EARTH’S WOBBLE – via its Centrifugal Force pushing up the MAGMA below!!(Not Nibiru YET!!(Which is STILL far too far off…))




The strange noises(Earth’s crust being STRETCHED!! Yes, the rocks strained apart!), the cracks in the ground, the growing disasters and the sink holes,etc. are all caused by this Centrifugal Force – ex Earth’s increasing wobble!(It will grow EXPONENTIALLY up until 21.12.12!!)(British notation.))




So many animals are going to die. And more than a few HUMANS!!(In the EARLY stages of The Nibiru Cataclysm.(Current growing cataclysm is The Wobble one!!)




The parties who are REFUSING to warn us, have their deep shelters, air-conditioned, to escape into REMEMBER!!!!


Yes! If you haven’t got air-conditioning yourself, find places that HAVE. Which you can escape into at times!! O.K??


I am your friendly adviser,


Vic, or Vicon.






V.(V is for Victory too(We hope). And also the SHAPE of the approaching






Until next time, comrades(if any), – IF there is one!!!!… .. .



Message received?




AND understood??!!




Yes, I know the MANY sceptics are going to poo poo all this.

Be VERY wise – and ignore them!!





Still friends??



Ascend! Via raising your vibrations.

By Meditation, Prayer, Lovely Things,etc.ETCS.



They laughed Noah to scorn(last time it came!)


Not going to make that mistake again, ARE YOU??!!








V.(Noah 2!!)(In fact I might even be Noah RE-INCARNATED!!…)


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