XX4b Some home truths.

February 18, 2012

Sunday, 19th February, 2,012.





Surrender, – or die!!






Another reason why Nibiru not seen earlier, it is DARK(too dark to see at first) red, and was in the infra red. Coming in at an unusual angle to the ecliptic, because NOT ONE OF OURS!!

We are in a bowling alley.Skittles. This huge iron ball, Nibiru, a captured alien planet, ploughs through the solar system every 3,600 years. It takes out entire planets, and smashes the remaining stuff in the solar system. Because it is not lined up with OUR trajectories!

Do you all get the picture. We,Earth, are A SKITTLE ALLEY, and it(Nibiru) is shooting for us. It might hit Mars. Or Earth. Perhaps both.

It is an alien planet, captured by Sol our sun, off Sirius B. Taking one of its outer planets. This is the most likely diagnosis.

Orthodox scientists are far too careful. You do need to take pot shots now and again.(But too scared of losing your jobs!)

Because it is not one of ours, its passage through our solar system is like that of a blind drunk man. It just careers around and from side to side. Causing horrific damage.

Planet X, Nibiru, but not like the other outer gas giants. It has seven satellites, moons. And alien races.

Sirius B is a white dwarf. A dying star I believe. We cannot expect much of the inhabitants of its solar system.


Nibiru, is in fact, The Devil, A fire breathing monstrous DRAGON. Playing as I say, SKITTLES with our solar system.


Now a red dot(to the naked eye), next an elongated V, then a fiery red ball, – as it whizzes by us.(Unless it is WHAM!!)


It doesn’t need to hit us(which is possible – but not likely), but this monster iron ball, four times size of Earth, and possibly four time size of Jupiter.(Though this puzzles me. Are we talking about TWO objects here? )

It has a VERY high MASS(In other words it is DENSE.). So not just big, but DENSE as well.

THEREFORE, its gravity,magnetic,electric,etc.TIDES will be huge. Especially if it is four times Jupiter size!

Just how close it will come, no one seems sure. A million miles? 750 kilometres?

The trajectory of this thing is to loop LONG around the sun, probably up to the asteroid belt, and then back out, past Mars and Earth again, and on out of the solar system, back into black empty space. Not to return for 3,600 years.


Have you not heard of Lemuria, Atlantis, Poseidon? Great civilizations on huge continents. Which suffered a TERRIBLE cataclysm, sinking their continents far down into ocean and magma!!

These disasters occurred at thousands of years intervals.


3,600 years.



And now we have this red dot, seen by the Russians. to the NAKED eye!



WITHIN about a year or so we shall know what suffering IS!!



As disasters increase, exponentially in the end!!



As flaming flaring Nibiru draws near.




Those who cannot bear the prospect – go into denial – of course.




Do NOT be deceived by the coming, perhaps quiet next few months!




Wolves SLINK up, they don’t BARGE.



So they can SLAUGHTER their astonished prey! Ripping it to pieces, before devouring it FEVERISHLY!!


Global warming? Tell that to the frozen North. The people of N.E.Europe for example. And now the South East.


How many of you have seen through the GW RUBBISH?(Global Warming WAS true. MAN MADE Global Warming is an Al Gore LUNATIC idea. For quick easy dough, and ratings!! Warm and cool spells come and go. Some big, some small.)



Temperature rises PRECEDE carbon dioxide, not the other way about, and by hundred of years!

We don’t live in a world of fools! WE ARE the fools. We live in a world of FOUL NEGATIVE IDIOTS!!

HELL bent on gratifying their STINKING low egos! YES!!




Who make out to be angels AS THEY DEVOUR us.



The two halves you see, the LYING, CHEATING wolves, and the STUPID sheep who REALLY think that the moon is made of green cheese!!

The wolves PRETEND to be angels.

As they close in on the blind as bats sheep!!




No,folks, not global warming. (There has been no warming increase since 1997.) It is GLOBAL COOLING we can expect!!


First an Ice Era.

Later, an ICE AGE!!

We had a paucity of sun spots some time back. Remember?

So then comes a Maunder Minimum!!



With utter astonishment(along with many others no doubt) I watch the Australia FARCE CIRCUS unfold!


As trade union led Labour take this once good country to DESTRUCTION!!



TWO classes you see. Masters, and slaves.


The slaves naturally HATE the masters. HELL! They ARE human – aren’t they! Poor things WALLOWING in booze, drugs, smokes, and VOMIT!! The product of the(licence is NOT liberty!!) DON’T SPANK THEM IDIOTS!!

A hundred year ago, and more, YES, the workers WERE down-trodden!

But NOW it is the employers who are down-trodden. But the slaves just LOVE power. And won’t give it up easily. Not before burning the entire world down!! NO!!!!(Of course not. We have mind-LESS against the BLOATED RICH!!


Under Labour we have THE SLAVES ruling. And we can increasingly SEE the fruits of their STILL continuing UTTER HATRED of those desperately struggling to keep law and order!! But losing. I mean the squares are losing to the rounds.


Obama needs a world war to get U.S. back on its feet. But KNOWS letting Israel attack Iran will lead to it.

Attacking Iran will be SUICIDE!! For the WHOLE world!!

On the other hand, failing to knock out Iran NOW(Some time before the end of the year.), will mean Iran knocking out THE WORLD, a little later!!

So take your pick folks!

Suicide NOW. Or YOUR murder later. Which shall it be?? Yuk,yuk!!




Australian Politics:-



Gillard is on the ropes. But not QUITE through them!!

She battles on. Has the numbers still – on her side. All she has to do – is sit tight. Which is PRECISELY what she is doing. While RUDD does his best performance yet of A MONKEY!!


He hasn’t got the numbers to challenge! Nor is likely to get them.


THAT is why he is mad(angry). Of course.


Labour’s best bet is Gillard!(Who is ALSO Labour’s WORST HOPE!!)




The choice(For Labour) is simple, which is WHY The Trade Unions are backing Gillard! If ANYONE else gets to be Labour leader, then Labour faces the prospect of the two independents not backing Labour. Which will mean an immediate election. And an almost certain Coalition win!

On the other hand, keep Gillard in power, and then a year hence watch the electorate long, draw and quarter her!!

She isn’t a promise breaker! Be fair,now. She is a DEEP, crafty, power mad naive simpleton who plays to the GULLIBLE fools.

She is a quick change artist and conner. A master at leading people up the garden.

A VERY accomplished person. UTTERLY ruthless. No pity whatsoever.

She should hold course. While Rudd dances.(And waves his arms.)(As he illustrates the F word.)




No, she is not a false promiser. It is just that she changes course suddenly as she sees it serves her best!

Don’t we all??!!


Come on,now.


People go by their perceptions you see. Instead of THE TRUTH!!



Ah,so, cried The King. But The Queen just laughed – AND LAUGHED…





Australia, that so short-sighted country, with its head in the clouds, – unsinkable? – is heading for DESTRUCTION!!



WHY did you forsake Britain, Australia?


Your OWN Mother!


It was of course Britain(sinking in its own mire) that FIRST forsook YOU!!


No wonder you hate The Poms! Britain failed to look after its empire. But listened instead to Left Wing FOOLS.


Obama is a Kenyan! Born in Kenya. Faked the birth certificate. Only the COPYING is genuine.


Yes, he is a Muslim.(And I think A Socialist and a COMMUNIST.) And could be trying to sink U.S. But he will play his games first! How NICE to be king of the world!!(Mind you, Obama may be our best way to die!!)



China is now in his sights.



And The Middle East is in NATO’s sights.



Arab Spring – and all that.



We live in a world of SHOW.

Underneath, the hearts are BLACK!!



Every man NATURALLY seeks his own ends!!


A world of HUMBUG and HYPOCRITES!!



But NIBIRU will sort us ALL out. VERY SOON!!







Ha ha.

But not hee hee.

Only haw haw!!






Bring it on,then,Blair.

What you need now – is another FLOOD. Right??!!



Another year of GILLARD, folks. ANOTHER YEAR,at least. She might swing the vote!





Vic,boy. WHAT a PANTOMIME!!(World, Australia, Queensland, THE LOT!!)(PLEASE come back, LORD, and rule us all!!)(But first the MUCK needs sweeping away!!)(Better take this failure, me, FIRST, Lord!!)





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