XX2 How close will Nibiru come?


Friday, 17th February, 2,012.










How close will Nibiru come?












Just a brief post scriptum,(longer than expected) which should have gone in with XX1 actually.




Some say the SIZE of Nibiru – is about four times that of Jupiter. Others, four times size of Earth, but either way – huge.




Expect the disturbed sun’s flares,etc. to EMP the world FIRST. That is knock out all electronic appliances, and maybe electricity too.




As I say, FOUR cataclysms(occurring more or less simultaneously…) are slated for this year/early next. To START firing then. To proceed several years, followed by an Ice Era and then an ICE AGE(a thousand years long).


The FOUR cataclysms are:-(It is strictly incorrect, but MUCH SIMPLER to attribute the lot to NIBIRU.)(Just say Nibiru and perspire BLOOD. Much briefer than trying to detail out what I am saying here. But what I am saying is the truth – as closely as I can get it…)




1. The Wobble of The Earth.(THIS is the cataclysm that is JUST STARTING up.(The one that caused a slight tilt of The Earth earlier this year.)(Nibiru being far too far away AS YET – to disturb sun and solar system much.)(Nibiru is a planet OF The Solar System. It has seven moons(satellites).)


2. Nibiru.(Named after The Sumerian god, Nibiru.)(Relayed by Zecheria Sitchin(now passed).)(He got out of it.)


3. The Alignment with The Centre of The Galaxy.(Earth-Sun-Dark Rift at Centre of Milky-Way Galaxy.)(Unknown results from this.)




4. The Re-action by Nature and Man to The Age of Aquarius.








Nibiru will pass us twice. First, very close. Second time, rather more distant.(As it heads back out of the solar system. Though it is itself a member of the solar system(Planet X, The TENTH, now ninth, planet.)(Pluto-Charon got demoted because too small for planet status.)








It COULD hit us. But probably not. Some say it will approach to “a few hundred kilometers”, others have said “about a million miles distant”. In any event it should be DEVASTATING.(There was a film(forgot name) that showed a planet coming VERY close to Earth. It will be like that. So it will be VERY disturbing! Sending many out of their minds.)(That film Hollywood’s 2,012. – Gives a faint bent adumbration of what we may expect…)




The thing I find odd about (Great Within details!) Nibiru – is that it does not resemble A GAS GIANT. As are all the other members of the solar system from Jupiter out.(It is a huge round rock belching volcanoes(The planet is mostly iron, apparently.)(More like an alien monster from Sirius B, but all say it is the planet way out past Neptune(and Pluto-Charon)(Which seems to have been a satellite of Neptune.), very ugly, and streaming off(like wings)two columns of red particles(iron oxides) into space.(One of its names is “The Winged Horus”. Or winged serpent or dragon.)(I think this is where they got the description of The Devil from!)


3. The Galactic Alignment.


4. And The RE-ACTION to The Age of Aquarius.(By Nature and Man.)












ALL events are centred upon the date of December 22nd, 2,012.A.D.(I say A.D. because this year is of SUCH SIGNIFICANCE!!)(It is THE END of this current AGE. Of thousands of years.)(I think it is the end of much more than that! I believe of a 26,000,000(TWENTY-SIX MILLION) years. Or one circuit of The Milky-Way Galaxy.






Folks, this is a VERY important year. And will be our last…(As few will live but not far into 2,013.)(Note that The Calendar will continue.(It is NOT The End of TIME. Only of this civilization(if that is the right word!) But we,as a civilization, WON’T!! The Great Terrible YEAR of THE LORD, 2,012.A.D. Is THIS YEAR!!)(Millions no doubt will survive(unless it HITS us), but I don’t rate trying to live in an icy cave for the rest of one’s VERY deprived days… How many could survive long(in a SMASHED world)??)(How are you at hunting mammoths, except that no mammoths to hunt this time! Nor anything else much!!)(It would be a return to the Stone Age,etc. Though for a while, due to global EMPING, it would be back to pre Industrial Revolution Days. Until Nibiru REALLY got going!!(Oceans flooding across continents,etc. Tsunami thousands of feet high.And the FULL CATALOGUE of horrors and terrors IN EXTREMO!! All words will FAIL…)


The Annunaki Bearded Giant aliens will evacuate the best half of humanity(and leave the rest).(Give the wife a beard to wear if you are worried…)(And hope they mistake her for one of their children. Just a jest folks, just a joke…)


Our own folk will take their blue-eyed ones into their underground chambers(miles deep) – but that has dangers too – from earthquakes,etc.




End of the world as we know it ALL RIGHT!!(We shall be lucky if it is not the end of the world, period!)(But millions will no doubt continue – in UTMOST icy, snowy MISERY!!)(This happens every 3,600 years or so. But most people forget, drat it…)(We NEED to leave a TIME CAPSULE for the people of 3,600(or whatever it is now) years hence!)


What I am saying is about as certain – AS YOU CAN GET!!








The surface of The Earth will be re-shaped.(As will more than a few MINDS!!…)








Down WITHIN(The Earth), there is this inner surface, back to back with ours, with an 800 mile crust IN BETWEEN.(That would protect against the HAIL of boulders and fall of deadly red dust,etc.)(If you can follow that. There is but ONE surface, but it doubles back upon itself. A double reverse helix(not spherical strictly) is The Earth’s shape. Same for all the heavenly bodies and fields!!)




Nibiru is a long way off yet. But as it closes, disasters will naturally leap up increasingly. So MANY will perish LONG before Nibiru gets really close.(If only of heart attacks,etc.born of extreme TERROR.)




Any of you remember that film(“When worlds collide”?!) back in the fifties or thereabouts? Where a planet looms ever closer to The Earth. And everyone is absolutely TERRIFIED of course!!




THAT is what we may expect. Only FAR worse!!










So if you want to visit The North Pole, may I suggest a boat, and sail WITHIN!!(HUGE tunnelled entrances at each end of The Earth!!)




These are our options for from now on:-






1. Flee down North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole.(Strongly recommended…)(But you will need a boat,etc.)(They laughed Noah to SCORN. How am I doing??)(Yep. GIGANTIC new GLOBAL DELUGE coming!!)(RATHER worse than at present!!)


2. Hope you can get on to some friendly(IF any!) bearded Annunaki Alien Giant’s list of humans approved for evacuation!(To another planet – for a while…)(Only the best half to be taken.)


3. Tough it out.(Live in iced-up cave/s,etc.)(Picture yourself spearing fish through a hole in the ice(IF you can break through it!!)(Gonna get VERY thick!!).)(Provided any fish survive,of course..)(No more Welfare,ETC…)(The Government would be a band of SAVAGES…)(MUCH worse than now!)(I see current continents sinking to ocean floor, and ocean floor rising. The smell would be awful…).




4, Suicide(or Euthanasia).(NOT recommended. Awful penalties in Spirit World,etc.)




5. Wait for THAT boulder…or whatever will take you off…What(Which) will happen to SO MANY.


6. Unless you can persuade the shelter builders to take you in!(Not much chance.)






Just condensing options…






Don’t hang about, fellahs…



























One Response to XX2 How close will Nibiru come?

  1. Richard says:

    The global elite descend from the Anunnaki.. Malevolent aliens. Hopefully the other benevolent races out there are preventing the
    Anunnaki’s return.and helping mankind to be released from slavery. What the Anunannaki has done by creating us to serve them was fundementally wrong……It is time for mankind to takes it’s rightful place amongst the stars…TIME FOR THE TRUTH

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