XX1 The latest true important news.


Friday, 17th February, 2,012.












The latest TRUE IMPORTANT news!!










1. Nibiru has been sighted! To the NAKED EYE!! By The Russians. As a red dot! Batten down all hatches!! It is slated to be in naked eye sight from South Pole in APRIL(THIS YEAR. 2,012.). Can ANY of you see it yet? To naked eye view…(Orion area I believe.)


If Russians can see it, surely I(In Queensland, Australia) can! So on my morning walks, I shall be looking to the south, – straining my eyes to see if I can see this red dot, Nibiru. I will let you know as soon as I see it! (ER,…will you look,too??!!))




THIS is The Destroyer. Possibly already shattered Phaeton(And also erstwhile planets Oort and another one(forgotten name of other asteroid belt now)), the planet which used to orbit the sun between Mars and Jupiter. – Where The Asteroid Belt now is!(Asteroids are bits of land. Comets are masses of frozen sea water.)


It should become REALLY visible September-November, 2,012.(Er,..this year…). It is slated to wipe out this civilization. Nearly all of it.(It destroyed Poseidon(Huge island was, in North Atlantic) wrongly called Atlantis.(Antarctica was Atlantis!)(That got biffed much earlier.))


Advise you PREPARE, folks. Become a PREPPER(as they call them)!!


You are not likely to hear of it on our Western News UNTIL IT IS UPON US!!(To keep control of us. And to avoid panic.)(The Russians are reporting on it. DO CHECK via U-Tube videos,etc!!)(Punch in Nibiru and 2,012.)(Remember the boy who cried wolf? Well this is the wolf! Only it is less a wolf than TYRANNOSAURUS REX, KING of THE DINOSAURS!! WITH its children!!(Satellites of Nibiru(Planet X.)(It orbits The Solar System every 3,600 years(or that was the ORIGINAL orbital period).(Expect 30 to 90 per cent destruction.)(THIS is WHY I am urging AS MANY AS I CAN REACH – to GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE, WHERE there is an entrance to THE GREAT WITHIN, wherein lies COMPARATIVE safety. At least from the HAIL of falling boulders,etc.and deadly red dust(already starting to fall!)(Mixed with water it LOOKS like blood.)(This is what will make our waters BITTER!!)(Nibiru was the planet WORMWOOD(Bible!!).). Coming from THE TAIL of this gigantic comet, Nibiru. Actually A PLANET(It is PLANET X!!)(The planet NASA found, and then(when they calculated its size)RENOUNCED and FORBADE ALL reporting on it!!, four times size of Earth, five times its mass. (MANY will think that is is THE END OF THE WORLD!!) Yes, folks, it is THE END – of This Age!(THIS is why so many countries are hastily building underground shelters and bunkers!!)(COME ON!! This is not a story, this is A FACT!!)(I am TRYING to save as MANY as I possibly can!! COME ON!!)(Just head for North GEOGRAPHICAL POLE by Gyroscope, and KEEP ON GOING!! For at least 600 miles!! COME ON!! No good you all panicking when it is TOO LATE!!)(I been doing this about TEN YEARS,now. Not just for the good of MY health I CAN ASSURE YOU!! Get WITH IT NOW. Before it gets WITH YOU!!

THIS is a FACT, folks!!)(You HEAR me all right????)(But people HATE ME for TRYING to warn them!!)













2. Israel will probably attack Iran some time during the next nine months!(Iran will counter attack. U.S. will come to Israel’s aid. And Russia, China and North Korea will go to Iran’s aid! Starting World War Three(which will be ALL IN)(ALL weapons, nuclear, thermo-nuclear, chemical and biological – AS WELL AS CONVENTIONAL.)








3. Greece is still STRUGGLING to get another HUGE bail out aid package. Despite terrible protests!! This should eventually fail, and whole world plunged into dreadful world destroying economic and financial crisis.(GET gold and SILVER!! Bullion coins. As bank notes will become OF NO VALUE!!)(Just TRYING to help you…)








4. Meanwhile AUSTRALIA under Labour plunges down and down, and the asylum boats pour in – on top of the legitimate entrants, mostly by air.


We are watching the painful event of Julia Gillard(Australia’s P.M.)(Though you might not think so the way they DRAG her around!) making her last stand. As she valiantly and well fights all comers… But the strain is beginning to tell…


Yes, of course they are moving up Kevin Rudd, Labour’s only hope(As Gillard can hardly be expected to win the election about a year hence.)(If only there was a world left to win it in!!)(But Kevin might be an even worse bet!)(And there is no one else popular!)


So The Coalition are preparing to down Labour federally – and in Queensland.








Bring it ON??








Just letting you KNOW, guys!! Just letting you know!!…(I constantly study the news.)












Your friendly adviser,










Vic.(Gonna be a bad year fellahs. Actually a good one. Because excitement can promote your Ascension(Via Meditation and Prayer,ETC.). With transition more than an EVENS bet!!




Now,then! Would you PREFER to KNOW – or not??


Death is no thing. Another world beyond this.


It won’t be much fun that’s all – not knowing manner of horrible terrible death…


Many urging stock up essentials. BUT! I say why bother as packs of animals and GANGS or RAVING lunatics will be going around SMASHING their ways into ALL homes – to get what the wise got earlier…(Then FIRE them, AND YOU!! They will eat human flesh, drink human blood. And DO ALL MANNER of evils. So GET READY!!(People will be RIGHT OUT OF THEIR MINDS, MIND!!)




As Nibiru as it passes us will look like a big red ugly MOON!!






It is due to pass us towards end of year.(2,012…)(Maybe September-November. Maybe around December 22nd, 2,012.A.D…(THIS IS The Terrible Year of The LORD. THIS year, 2,012.A.D!! Aye!!)






Then PASS US AGAIN in 2,014!(But do less damage then.)






5. Aliens will land en masse. Bearded giants – who fancy our women. And can be expected to turn us into gold miner slaves for them!!




THIS is what Jesus,ET AL, have been on about these past 2,000 years! HEAR ME!!

HEAR ME!!!!Those who know me, know I speak true…
































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