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Saturday, 28th January, 2,012.






The Truth News.(A New Letter.)
















The people are not being told the truth! Powerful factions are preventing the truth from getting out – other than very slowly. Their purpose is CONTROL. Plus to avoid panic. (Some of)Those revealing key important truths are being bumped off – or otherwise prevented from telling the world the truth!!






1. We will survive physical death. FOR EVER!!

The lie being put out is that we do not survive physical death, ever!



2. The universe, the omni-verse is TEEMING with life. Including human. And human-like – usually far more advanced than us spiritually and technologically. Teeming with human, humanoid, animal, plant, sea, insect,reptilean,etc. life!


The lie being put out is that there is no life anywhere – except on The Earth.




Unfortunately some of Christendom’s believers are largely responsible for that lie.(In Christendom countries.)





3. God EXISTS. Is loving and will do ALMOST anything and everything we ask PROVIDED we work for IT(all out)(I mean work for GOD AND our goal.)!!(GOD is infinite. Is male,female, both and neither, as well as other.)

The lie is that there is no god.




Which is stupid. Because if there was no god, then NO THING could exist – since one of God’s functions it Creator. God in the sense of Supreme Being.(Of course God exists. Such a beautiful, lovely, wonderful, marvellous,etc. universe could not exist did GOD not exist!)(We could not even breathe did God not be.)



God created us, and sustains us. Gave us all free will. Allows us to do what we like. Bad things happen to us ONLY when we MISUSE that free will. That is OUR fault, NOT God’s. Which should be obvious.(We thus punish ourselves!)(And should learn NOT to be foolish again!)(The punishment will fit the act, being neither more nor less than fitting.)


The idea of punishment is that we can learn from its suffering to be and do better, which surely is a good thing!




4. Man is very unevolved.

(The taught lie will be the opposite in every case.)






5. The EARTH is very beautiful, but the world is a mixture of good and evil. Much more evil than good.

6. We ALL(ALL creatures!) survive death, and live on in The Spirit World.(A MUCH finer material plane of existence.)


7. We live for ever. And have already.


8. Every good deed we do will be re-compensed many times over. in KIND. And so will our evil deeds, IN KIND.(Many times over.)(THEREFORE do NO evil!)




9. Many people make the mistake of preventing others from doing good, doing only good themselves. This is a ploy to gain POWER. It does not pay, because the bottom line is that though you may force your victim into a position where he does least good, but you maximal, THE FACT REMAINS – that you(by your superior strength and/or position, perhaps aided by others) obliged your victim to do less good than you. Which cancels out the lot. All the actions YOU do from such a FORCED position count for nothing. And you remain guilty.(We often encounter this. Where one person is weak, another strong. So that the weak person fails. Whilst the FORCER usually if not always wins. But though others, plus self may be fooled, THE LAW of recompense IS NOT! IT knows that the whole thing has been FORCED!! CONTRIVED!!)






10. We CAN change the past! We can go back in time and do the better thing!(This is very hard to do in the physical. But in The Spirit World it is much easier.)(Just go back IN YOUR MIND to that point in time, and VISUALIZE yourself doing the better act! Then BELIEVE that you have done it(you may need to do this a few times)(Keep AT IT!!). Until finally it is accomplished, you have CHANGED your route through time. You are now on a DIFFERENT time track. Take care not to MERELY KID YOURSELF that you have change time-tracks. You will know by THE FEEL(and JOY). Keep on doing it UNTIL you have ESTABLISHED the new desired route through!!


For a while, even perhaps a long time, you will be KIDDING YOURSELF that you are on a new and better time track when in fact you aren’t! You have to REALLY BELIEVE it! And you may need many repetitions.


We cannot alter the fact that we have done the bad thing(I will call it bad for convenience.).


But we can by our new decision create a new time track, and ON that time track, the old wrong action will NOT exist!


Our victim will still suffer.


But WE shall be freed from it.


If we murdered someone, on our new time track we shall have a past where we did not murder.


But on the victim’s time track he remains dead.




All we need do then is forgive ourselves, and there will be no come-back.






11. It is possible to switch to a parallel universe – where natural laws may be different. Weaker gravity for example!






12. We naturally miss loved ones who have died. And may think that we can never see them again.(We may visualize their corpse rotting in its grave.)(The old body rots away. But their being goes on!)(It is merely the discarding of an overcoat. Nothing more!)


They have died PHYSICALLY. Since the physical body is only the lowest of a string of vehicles, the loved one lives on in The Spirit World. In a finer vehicle.


You can see them again, if you wish(and they do) AFTER YOU have passed on. Since you will THEN both be on the same plane!(PROVIDED they have not re-incarnated. AND that you are able to reach them.)






13. You can even see them again BEFORE you pass on. IF they will materialize to you. AND you go to the rendez-vous.(Which might be a seance.)(They sometimes do APPEAR, though seldom materialize.)






14. The way to Heaven(And Paradise.) is through doing good deeds. The converse is true, also.




15. If we have done evil, then we can get forgiven by repentance. And it be as if we had not done that evil deed.(Repentance is burning the wrong act out of our conscience.)(Note! It is not just saying or even being sorry.)








16. The great thing to do is to OBEY GOD. And do MAXIMUM good. MINIMUM evil.


DENY our self the lower joys and pleasures(like sex and drugs). In order that we may(especially in The Spirit World) enjoy merging our HIGHER vehicles with those we like and love.


The more we indulge the lower unions, the harder we make it to enjoy the higher later!!






17. We can stay in The Spirit World for as long as we like. But comes a time,perhaps,when we want to evolve. And evolving is best accomplished in the physical, where it is harder. So then we RE-INCARNATE. We do this by entering some foeutus we may choose.(But once in we can’t get out!)(So be SURE you have chosen WELL!!)(As it will be your physical body for its whole life-time!)(If we choose to occupy TWO(or more) foetuses, then it will be IDENTICAL TWINS(or whatever).)(Or if two or more of us enter one foetus – then we have SHIZOPHRENIA!!)(Multiple Personalities. Tricky, as we may not always agree on some act!)






18. It does not have to be a foeutus, or even a human. But wise not to choose anything less than a human!


We can permanently enter an adult.(It will be necessary for them to agree to this. That is then called a WALK-IN.)




Of course people, or animals,etc. can be possessed WITHOUT their having vacated. In which case we have the sharing of the same body. Which can be disconcerting!


Many shizophrenics are in fact these!








19. The converse is also true. Other entities can possess us. At any level of being. From physical to soul. This is the key to mediumship.








20. The End of The World IS coming! It is coming THIS year!(By next at the latest. And will take a few years to start up.)


Actually it is The End of The AGE.


This planet, or this civilization, may end.






The agent for this ending is multiple this time. But The Red Planet is the MAIN agent. Due some time THIS year, 2012. Or by early,next. That is the START of the end.(THAT Preacher said May 21st 2,011. It MAY be that he was wrongly a year too early!)




The Earth MAY get destroyed(by impact).


Or the surface of The Earth be re-arranged, and many or nearly all life-forms be extinguished.








20. Aliens will land en masse – and save many.








21. Though The Earth was created about five billion years ago, there is a re-creation of life upon its surface every few thousand years!






22. Our present personality will go for a few rounds(eight,perhaps), returning to the year of your birth each time. Until you live a satisfactory life.


Then a new personality gets put down from the soul.






23. The soul lives for ever. And already has!!(Like, to a lesser extent, the personality, you, the soul, goes on without end, or beginning.)








24. After you die physically, you may not immediately enter The Spirit World PROPER, but spend a time in the spirit original of the physical plane!(A condition called Earthbound.)(You do eventually come out of it. If not into The Spirit World PROPER, then into a new physical vehicle(re-incarnation).)








25. The important currency is LOVE(and Divine Will)(I mean your divine will.), not money.








26. And your highest assets friends, not shares!








27. I have lived a long time and am very intelligent. After long close study I reached these conclusions. It is very likely then that they are correct.








28. Dreams are penetrations by our conciousness into our auras.(Going deeper into our etheric bodies.)




But when we pass on,we come out of our bodies.


Permanently at SO CALLED death.






Or temporarily – as in projections and excursions.










29. The After-life is thus no dream! Being the very REVERSE of what a dream is. An expansion beyond our self, not an interiorization INTO our auras!








30. Ghosts exist. A ghost is actually the energy double of the physical body.


But we call apparitions ghosts.








31. A Materialization is an appartion that is FILLED OUT with matter.






32. God is not just good, but PERFECT.






And ITS vehicle(!), the universe, the OMNI-verse, is God’s Playground.


We are simply extensions of God, for God to use or occupy.








33. I simply wished to share with you, as many as I can reach, some of the wonderful things(some are terrible) that I have found out.










34. Peace be with you.


And LOVE and Good Will to ALL!!!!






35. Why does God allow evil?




Why do you?




God does not allow evil. Evil exists ONLY to the person who creates it!


We all look out upon the world, but not all see evil in it!




There is no evil, but thinking it MAKES it so!




You see the trick catch is this: God does not allow evil. But IN THE WORLD OF THE PERSON who chooses to see it, then it exists. But only to that person.


The error is – to assume that what WE see, all see!




We all see the same PICTURE of course. But the evaluation of that picture differs from person to person.




One party may be hurting another. But that action may be a punishment that the victim deserves. And the doing of it is a cleansing from some guilt that warranted that action.


Thus it is good!






Things are not simple, you see.




But get seen differently per the viewer. Not in terms of PICTURE, but in terms of evaluation.




We all see a horse leaping a fence. But the tiny creatures trodden on by the horse may have qualified for release from the physical! Too sudden to have hurt more than they can bear, they find themselves in a better world.








I just hope that our doom will be sudden and swift. So that we find ourselves in a better world so fast that any pain gets quickly blotted out!!




God does not allow evil. We do!(If and when, but only in our own views – or worlds!!)






There is no evil! – But THINKING – makes it so!!








The worlds we live in are exactly the same.




But our ANGLES of view differ!!








My aim is to try to let others have a better chance at improving their lives!!




Via knowledge of the truth.(So far as I can get to it.)(Hopefully I am near enough to warrant the expression I give!)






I am TRYING to leave the world a better place than I have found it.




That is what I am striving for.(I hope no one objects.)



































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