UU9 Patterns of the strange noises.



Monday, 23rd January, 2,012.





Patterns of the strange noises.





Strange noises are being reported all over the world. Reports are escalating. I mean and refer to the strange hum, booms, screeching noises,etc.(Not necessarily supernatural!)(WHY would they be supernatural?)(THAT comes later!)

Reports have markedly escalated this last about three weeks. But reports of strange noises globally have been coming in all through 2,011. And before. One report goes back a hundred years. But I think that could have been similar, but not the same.(I mean a different thing.)(Similar,maybe.)

Last few years, reports have come in of strange noises globally.(Also of earthquakes, sink-holes and cracks in the ground. I think all for the same reason.)



Here is my explanation: The Earth’s WOBBLE is peaking. This is producing Centrifugal Force. Which is creating The Ring of Fire around the globe. Via causing the ground to HEAVE UP.

That causes the surface of the ground to STRETCH – to accommodate the greater space.

Which makes the ROCK in the ground strain apart. The noise from this is what we hear.(I aver.)(So gaps are forced to occur in the ground. Because matter having to fill more space!)


The noise is sometimes accompanied by a vibration of the ground, windows,etc.



I read a very clever answer somewhere yesterday. It stated that a satellite above is sending out electro-magnetic waves which are translating into audio waves via some current anomaly which is not usually present. So whenever the anomaly occurs, so do the sounds.


The report is no doubt true. Except that I do not think that there is some anomaly allowing the electro-magnetic waves to convert into sound.


The sound is far too loud.


Also we have strong vibrating. Some times at least.Of ground and windows,etc.




The number of reports, globally, makes hoax unlikely.



The source is evidently from The Earth itself.

Caused by Nature via Centrifugal Force, ex The Wobble.


This is producing earthquakes,sink holes,cracks in the ground and the strange noises plus the vibration.

It is happening. It is real. FACE it!!


Studying the shape of the pattern of the strange noises(and of the sink holes,earth-quakes and cracks in the ground) shows a broad band across the centre of The Earth on Mercador maps.

But Earth is not flat 2d! We need to see what pattern is produced on a SPHERICAL(a globe) map of the world!

I checked. It is a rough circumference.

The Ring of Fire.


It extends down from Canada and U.S. Through Mexico, Brazil, Venezula and Chile. Then right down and around – and back up to Australia, The Phillipines, Indonesia, China, India, Russia. Northern Europe – and back around to The U.S.


This about splits the world in half. With The Hawai Islands at the centre of one half.


Note that The Centrifugal Force produced by The Wobble has nothing to do with Nibiru,Planet X, or The Red Planet,etc. The Red Planet wrongly called Nibiru will join the party later!



A Pole Shift and a complete Inversion of The Globe could result from The Earth Wobble’s Centrifugal Force.



Liquifaction by the way is caused by the vibration from the rocks being stretched. Liquifaction of earth and sand,etc.(Note! Not mixing of earth and sand with water, but reduction of the PARTICLES of earth and sand etc.into much finer particles.)(As can happen to rock,too.)(Also rocks can bend.)



According to my estimates, this weired business will soon parabolically increase – and proceed up until 22.12.12. Then it should die back down.

Leaving a wrecked Earth.


This is The First Cataclysm I spoke of. Via Centrifugal Force ex The Wobble. Centred on The Hawaian Island it goes right through The Earth – and forms a gigantic ring(The Ring of Fire,etc.) forming two equal halves. Hawai is at the centre of The Pacific half.



This is a VERY serious busniness. Many are laughing now, but I don’t think many will laugh for long…



As these things develop – and escalate!!


North America could vanish!!


So DO take it seriously folks!!



As I say, this is The First Cataclysm.(We are JUST NOW starting to enter.)





The Red Planet can be expected to cause Cataclysm Two!


Then a third(gigantic disaster) possible by The Galactic Alignment with The Great Dark Rift at The Centre of The Milky Way Galaxy.


That makes three by Nature – all in the space of the next year or two.(Then proceeding for years,…)(Ending in Ice Era and ICE AGE…)




And then a fourth cataclysm – caused by Nature and Man(Re-acting against The Aquarian Age!!)(Which via CHRIST will win and bring in The Next Golden Age. To those who qualify for it….





Cut it how you like folks, that is The Picture I see!!




A number of great cycles are coming to an end. We have The 6,500 year cycle from The Wobble.


Then we have The Red Planet, wrongly called Nibiru – coming around every 3,600 years.


We have the ending of a great Mayan Cycle of 5,125 years.



Then there is the ending of a 26,000 year cycle as our sun completes one revolution around the STELLAR spiral arm of the closed stellar cluster that it is on.

And we have the completing of the 26,000,000 year cycle – meaning one complete revolution of The Milky Way Galaxy.



There are I believe other cycles ending,too.




They ALL converge – to start new cycles commencing 22.12.2,012.



The End of The Age. Not of the world. Unless by world you mean Earth, and The Red Planet HITS us.(Which it might.)



It is not likely to hit us. But it should wreck The Earth!(In The SECOND cataclysm.)




By 22.12.12? I see May 21st, 2,012. as a date to watch. But MAY BE not until anything UP TO about a year later!! Actually, I do not know. I only know that that preacher said that May 21st, 2,011 was Doomsday. Just an idea that he may have been a year too previous!



Are we all ready? At least MENTALLY!!







As I say, – Get DOWN The North Geographical Pole PRONTO!!

Or take a 50-50 chance with the aliens!


Otherwise, unless you qualify to be one of the world’s blue boys and whisked deep underground.



– You had better find a VERY deep cave somewhere!!




– or die!!






The best hope is ASCENSION(Raise your vibrations to the maximum.)(So that you might escape into the higher vibrating Earth – as it splits into two different VIBRATIONAL Earths!!).






My job is to warn you and point out the escape lines.




Do NOT commit suicide or go for euthanasia!!(Penalties after death are TERRIBLE!!)






I speak straight and sincerely to you all.(As many as I can reach, which is a VERY TINY PITIFUL few.)





The world PREFERS the negative ways, and so stops me warning you all ONLY TOO WELL!!




That is HOW it is, folks.(We live in a world that prefers to see a world perish than than have their hubris(false pride) hurt!)





Cut it HOW you LIKE!!





And THERE we have it!






The Annunaki aliens are bearded giants.(They fancy our women.)




They are coming to rescue THE BEST OF their cattle(us).




We are their slaves.



They genetically engineered us, merging their genes with ours, to mine gold for them.




And NOW are engaged in creating a HYBRID race, via progressive alien abductions. Carrying out experiments at the same time WITHOUT ANAESTHETICS.




I speak as I see.



So our little spree of indulgence(of the lower desires) is about over.





Expect soon(unless a lucky escaper)to find yourself in The Spirit World.(Where all go after physical death.)(All CREATURES. Not just humans.)


However, it might not be The Spirit World we left to get born into this difficult physical plane.




As it might get destroyed,too. Or too badly damaged.





Hopefully the gods will arrange for our despatch not only to another physical planet, but also to a NEW Spirit World!



“And there shall be a new Heaven, and a new Earth”.



That is a Scriptural Prophetic quote. Ex The Christian Bible, I believe.




That HAPPENS to fit what I am saying. I did not arrange that fit!





I hope all this provides you with a better and clearer picture of the difficult years ahead…





The End of The World as we know it? You can say that AGAIN,…




REMOTE possibly the end of dear old Earth.(In for QUITE a battering.)


And maybe EVEN OF The old Heaven.(Spirit World,etc.)(The Spirit World is better because of finer material. Though only the upper half is pleasant.)





My eye has been on getting as many as possible to flee WITHIN The Earth. So to re-start best of life forms after THE GREAT TRIAL is over.





No. It is NOT B.S!!




We believe what we WANT to believe,(most of us do). And take ILLUSORY refuge there.




How we go into denial via the minds many dodge ’em tricks!!





Yes, you might say that The Boss has HAD ENOUGH!!





Improve, – or…and I look at you significantly!!…




The CHOP!!






I address all, including myself.



The gods are looking at us. As we face TWO DOORS.








Behind one door lies a beautiful princess. With wide open arms.(And a bowl of the best fruit.)




Behind the OTHER? – A PACK of STARVING lions and tigers!!





Each door opens slowly – in response to our behaviour(conduct)…





We have until May 21st, 2,012. maybe a BIT later.




To pass our exams!!







And the first god stepped forward – with a VERY long WHIP…















Your friendly adviser, Vic.(Note: It is not me(I) that is holding the whip… I look upwards – as far as I dare…)





Believe me. I,too, am at the wrong end of that VERY long whip,…(So I address myself with the rest of you!)




Chew it over.






Death is the friend!





It is WHAT comes after-wards that we need to look more closely












Aye, Vic.







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