Friday, 20th January, 2,012.





The Co-ordinates of North Geographical Pole!!

And other matters.





More than one person has asked me for the co-ordinates of The Entrance to The Great Within at The North Geographical Pole.


The Earth is hollow. And there are entrances near the poles. Plus other entrances which are too obscure for me to include here.

AND there are 4D entrances.


The point is this: The Red Planet is closing in on us. And very little will survive its(Not likely to hit us, though it MIGHT!!) gravity,magnetic,electric,etc. TIDES.




The best refuge I know is WITHIN The Earth!(But not underground!)(Bit dangerous down there!!)


The Earth only APPEARS to be round(spherical). Actually it is a Double Reverse Helix.(Meaning that it has a DOUBLE surface, back to back, hinged around – near to the GEOGRAPHICAL poles.)(It is doubled back upon itself.)


If you can GET WITHIN there, you will be a lot safer. No bombardment from space(coming!). Hopefully fewer earthquakes.


You are not likely to be one of the chosen few to be given refuge in the man-made shelters being built. And only about HALF of humans will be evacuated by the aliens. So I do urge you ALL to GET BELOW!! Pronto! As the date for the passage of The Red Planet is May 21st, 2,012!(But we should start to feel its horrific effects well before then.(It should appear to naked eye view by all some time in April(this year)(Possibly March, 2,012.).(Or some time up to May 21st, 2,013.A.D!!))



It is VERY important we get the best specimens of everything down below! In order to re-start life on Earth AFTER The Red Planet has gone by – shot back out into space on its 3,600 year orbit. A sort of figure eight between and around Sol, our sun(Care! It should swing past Mars, and then return to the sun, passing us again(but more distant second time, I think), and Sirius B.(Seems our sun picked it up, and has been STUCK with this SKITTLE bowler for a million years or more. And, of course, indefinitely into the future.(So warn the future folk by time capscule!)(En route we also go around Alycone. Which I think is on the stellar spiral we are on.)


It does much damage to The Solar System each time it comes through. And I think has destroyed at least two planets.(Via collisions.)(Iron should win every time.)(The Red Planet is not only four times the size of The Earth(voluminar), but its pro rata MASS is VERY high. Thus it is the equivalent say of Jupiter or Saturn!!)





One of its titles is THE DESTROYER.

It does not need to hit a planet to wreck its life forms.


It is not Nibiru(Planet X). Planet X is a gas giant, one of our outer planets, nearly four times the size of Jupiter.




The Red Planet is an iron ball, VERY volcanic, NOT a gas giant, nor with ANY of the characteristics of our planets. It has two plumes of particles of iron oxides streaming off it. Which gives it its distinguishing appearance (Winged Horus) of a VERY elongated V.

We should all see it soon. Within about 3 months. Its naked eye appearance precedes the PASSING of The Red Planet by a month or two. So once seen, know that The Great Tribulation has BEGUN!! It takes a few months to get by completely.



It will look like a large RED MOON. Visible in daylight too. It will strike terror and horror into just about all humans and animals,etc. on Earth.


It is The Red Kachina!



Alien, foreign.


The Blue Kachina(a friendly alien space ship) hopefully – will save us from it.(Called Comet Elenin. Which was SUPPOSEDLY destroyed when it was believed to have hit our sun.)





Some of us PURPOSELY got born at this time EXPRESSLY to SEE and EXPERIENCE this MONSTER. The Red Planet.(NOT Mars!)




Those who see it can expect to DIE!! Terribly and horribly. Within a month or two of sighting it.(No. I am not mincing words!!)(If anything – UNDERS-STATING THINGS!!)





It destroys continents and civilizations. At the very least!!(Atlantis, Lemuria and Poseidon are some its last victims.)



So when I REPEATEDLY urge all to GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE, I am thinking not only of every life form upon this planet. But the very FUTURE existence of ANY FUTURE LIFE ON EARTH!!




2,012.A.D. IS the year! Yes, that is THIS year!!






Strange sounds are being reported from various parts of The Earth, of The Globe.

It is being asked: WHAT is the cause of these strange unusual noises?



I can tell you: It is due to the ROCKS being STRETCHED!! It is due to The Lithosphere being STRETCHED!! (The Lithosphere is the UPPER CRUST of The Earth.)



This STRETCHING is also causing SINK HOLES and CRACKS in the ground.


You should find that these phenomena roughly follow THE RING OF FIRE.(That is where most of the volcanic eruptions and earthquakes also occur.)


Why this STRETCHING of The Earth’s surface? It is due to The Wobble of The Earth PEAKING. Creating Centrifugal Force centred about The Hawaian Islands. And SPRAY-LIKE creating a RING of MAXIMUM STRETCHING, roughly around THE RING OF FIRE.(Centrifugal Force centred from Hawai – THROUGH The Earth – will HEAVE everything UPWARDS. Thus obliging The Earth to STRETCH – to accommodate! (Got it??))


It is getting worse, and should SOON leap up PARABOLICALLY. Until December 22nd, 2,012.(This year.)



Note that the cause is NOT The Red Planet!(THAT is an ADDITIONAL horror and terror!!)




And DO remember that the cause is not Planet X(Nibiru) either!!




Planet X looks like a red or brown dwarf star. It has satellites. (7, I think.)(Plus huge ufo’s. Comet Elenin is the biggest. And apparently is hexagonal shaped.)The Annunaki aliens live on Homeward, one of its planets(sixth out, I believe). They USE Nibiru as a warship. It is The Flag Ship of The Fleet of The Galactic Federation(The Milky Way Galaxy.)



I am telling you what I have learned from about 12 years of close intense study of this subject.





We are just entering THE WORST TIME EVER to hit Man on Earth!(FUTURE included!)


THIS is The Great Tribulation.(The Bible of Christendom warns us of.)(And MANY other reputable groups and parties.)






Four GREAT EVENTS are to occur! 1. The devastation caused by The Earth’s WOBBLE.,PEAKING. 2. The at least as bad damage caused by The

Red Planet.



3. The Alignment of Earth,Sun and The Great Dark Rift at The Centre of The Milky Way Galaxy. This may cut off energy,etc. flow to us – for some days. With dire results.(Like the sun going black. The moon red. Earth’s rotation stopped. And many other horrific things.)(Ice Era and ICE AGE to follow all this!!)(Every 6,500(sic)years THERE IS A NEW LOCAL CREATION) you see! Though The Earth was created 4 to 5 BILLION years ago.)



4. Finally, a new Golden Age will struggle to dawn when The Aquarius Age begins(December 22nd, 2,012.).



Struggle – because the dominant Earth folk HATE the higher vibrations this will produce, and do the most APPALLING DAMAGE – trying to stop it.



Earth folk are VERY unevolved spiritually.


But SOME are trying to raise their vibrations. The ASCENSION of The Earth and its inhabitants will occur.(A raising of our spiritual vibrations.)(So there is this WAR. And the fighting of the good fight – with all our might!!)


Those who can bear it(the intense joy,etc.) – will enter THE RAPTURE. And enter a Higher(Vibrationally) Earth.(The Earth will split in to Two Earths VIBRATIONALLY.)


Those who cannot bear the higher vibrations will enter The Lower Earth. So GET READY NOW!!



The Sheep(The GOOD folk. The better half of humanity.) will be separated from The Goats.(They who are too fond of DESTROYING things!!) during this Great CLEANSING.(Of the lower elements of humanity.)(The choice will be made by EACH AND EVERY INDIVIDUAL!!)




TERRIBLE will be the re-actions of those not making the grade!! They will go UTTERLY BESERK – and cause TERRIBLE damage – in their FRENETIC ANGER!!(As they realize their fate!!)






BEWARE, NOW!! As the FIRST vibration raising is occurring. Just starting to.


One half of humans will vanish. Into the other (higher vibrationed) Earth.


So each half will experience the other half vanishing!




Many weird things are going to happen. Like floating into the air. And the departed appearing among us!! To just name two.




Expect a HUGE REVIVAL of spiritual and religious faith. Inter-religious.





This should occur after about a year hence.


Meanwhile the AWFUL Red Planet will pass us. And destroy a

TREMENDOUS LOT!!(Oceans will sweep over continents. Air will catch fire. A Polar Shift, two crustal dispacements and a rock-back will occur.(Can be expected to.)





My job is to apprise you of these things. TO GIVE YOU A CHANCE.




It is SO important to get that 800,plus, mile thick EARTH’S CRUST over your head!


Cruise ships preceded by Ice-Breakers – would be IDEAL.



Magnetic compasses do not work at the poles. So use GYROSCOPES from about 70 to 75 degrees north, and aim dead north due for and from The MARKED North Geographical Pole! And KEEP ON GOING…AND GOING. Do not deviate.



Take arms.




The Magnetic Poles are simply CIRCUMFERENCES!! A thousand miles in diameter. They are in fact THE RIM edges of THE HOLES. The TUBULAR ENTRANCES into The Hollow Earth.



You won’t fall or anything like that. As GRAVITY will ALWAYS point perpendicularly to the ground!




And the change over from Outer Surface to Inner Surface is too gradual to feel or visually notice!! So it will SEEM flat all the way!! But WON’T BE!!





There IS NO North(Or South) Geographical Pole!!(Not on land, nor on sea!!)

It is 400 miles up in space!!



So expect FOUR great cataclysms. Three by Nature. And one by Man – as he re-acts more and more to the rising vibrations!!



My job is to inform you.





Prepare to die. Prepare to meet our genetical engineering “makers”.


No suicide! No Euthanasia!(Terrible penalties after death!!)



Death ITSELF is nothing. You will simply find yourself in The Spirit World. In a FINER vehicle(body).


HOW you die – will be the question!!



I expect many to die from the terrible heat. As The Red Planet is VERY hot.



Where our heat is coming from.



The Spirit World could get damaged,too!!


In fact we may need a new planet. Spirit World and all!!







Why cannot we SEE The Red Planet? You can TELESCOPICALLY!!



It has been looking like A Second Sun when on far side of sun, and like a black spot when on near side of sun.(And VERY SOON will look like a SECOND (AND RED) MOON!!)





WHY don’t The Authorities tell us about it? Because they want to keep CONTROL of us!!


And to avoid panic.




The danger of World War 3 grows. As Iran via Ahmad scares The West off attacking Iran.(It would lead to troubles so severe, that it may be better to let Iran make the first bad move.)





The danger is this: That Israel will attack Iran on ITS OWN.


Iran re-acts ferociously.


And The U.S. and The Rest of The West,etc. are obliged to try to save Israel.





It is a war The U.S. will lose. All will be losers ultimately!!



Martial Law, Police State, Emergencies and Curfews will be the order of the day.




And, of course, the MASSES will go mad.



And MANY indulge in sprees of destruction TO EVERYTHING to make all preceding rebellions PALE in comparison!!




I simply report what I SEE.


And what I EXPECT!!







Numerous other horrific and terrible dangers exist, and are descending upon us:-(To name a FEW:-)





Haarp,etc. Contagious Swine Fever Flu. Dengue Fever. World Civil War. The Worst Inquisition EVER.

Europe becoming a terrible MONSTER. Under Germany!


Britain leaves The EU,etc.





All is comparatively SO PEACEFUL now.






The Collapse of The Economic and Financial System. As first EU, and then U.S. – go down. Dragging the whole world down with them!!





Money to be thrown onto the streets.(I don’t know which streets.)



Gold and silver to rocket in price.




A time to remember all right!!


So fitting for those who CHOSE to get born now!!



And here we are, folks. – AT THE THRESH-HOLD!!






The challeng is – to get your minds OFF of the coming terrors and horrors, – and ONTO RAISING OUR VIBRATIONS. SPIRITUAL.





Via Meditation, Prayer, Beautiful Music, Lovely Things, Preferably EN MASSE!! Some excellent VIDEOS on The Net.





I paint it AS I SEE IT!!




You don’t want me to do anything less – DO YOU??!!




MASS prayer, meditation,etc. will be best. I say MASS in The Group sense.



All religions, and none, can(expectedly will) raise their vibrations, especially the spiritual ones.






The basic GREAT idea is to SHUN(like the plague!) uniting lower vehicles(bodies) with humans, and unite our higher vehicles with GOD!!


Let the GLANDS, and THE CHAKRAS guide you!



Focus on the higher CHAKRAS. From The Heart up. Heart, Throat, Head and CROWN!!








ALL depends upon it!!










Do you understand?




AM I registering?



AM I coming ACROSS??




Then TALLY-HO, – and




















I am Vic.




You ARE being TOLD!!





As the year,this year, 2,012.A.D. advances,



















You either rise with it, – or get LEFT BEHIND.













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