UU3 The World Situation now. 16.01.12.


Sunday, 15th January, 2,012.










The World Situation now.








The obvious big danger now of course is the vulnerability of The Straits of Homuz. Will Iran close The Straits?(It would be VERY easy to do – of course.)(The U.S. would be obliged to respond, – and would strike Iran, and not just the nuclear sites!)(So Iran should be VERY carefully considering before igniting what would become World War 3. They almost certainly are. Three of their nuclear scientists bumped off in three years.)(Iran is not the sort to let that ride…)(So WW3 looks imminent.)(A whole fast series of dominoes would be triggered if Iran does close The Straits.)


People are succeeding only too well at preventing me doing much to assist the world.


Those who do will have a LOT to answer for!!


Not accountable to me so much – as my Employer!!








Meanwhile The Red Planet draws closer. That large, red, volcanic lump of IRON.(About four times the size of The Earth.)




There are many huge dangers now threatening the world.






There are other amazing things,too, that the rulers of this world try to conceal from people:-




Of course we are being visited by aliens in their ships! There are billions of planets with life on them out there. Naturally some will want to explore us, even as we want to explore them!


The situation is rather like in the time of the colonists, when natives would debate whether the ships and the colonists were real or not.


Only this time The Islanders are visiting us!(Instead of us visiting the islanders!)


The visiting islands are other planets!


Yes, SOME of them experiment on us, abduct us, and so on.




I forgot to say that with Personal Time Travel, where you go back in time to not do something you did but wished you hadn’t, or do something you didn’t – but wished you had! It can be done. But from in the physical very few can do it. However, it is much easier in The Spirit World.


So put right your wrongs when you get there.




Succeeding now is VERY difficult.




I think it is because the physical body that we wear has to be lifted off(mentally) first, BEFORE we can move out of the old time track – and onto a new parallel one.




If you fail, it is because you haven’t lifted off the physical body blocking you from switching time tracks!


That requires TREMENDOUS will force. And few there be that have enough of that force – to do the job.








All things are possible to God.




And WITH God – to those that believe.








God has produced us to become like God!








We do that by evolving and developing our powers. Which takes many life-times.






Theoretically there is no reason why we cannot stay in The Spirit World after death.


However. Eventually we feel the need to evolve, and we evolve MUCH faster down here in the physical than we do in The Spirit World.






When we are finally ready, we plunge down into some chosen new foetus. But remember – once in, almost impossible to get back out!




Hopefully you will choose a human embryo! And not a dog, or even a budding tree!






You CAN enter a fully developed human. Like a WALK-IN.(You would be the walk in. Provided the previous owner vacates!)(Sharing would be difficult!)








However, the great(perhaps the greatest) thing is to unite your higher vehicles with God and the gods.


Not your lower vehicles with other humans.(Sex)






The Red Kachina is coming(The Red Planet).


But The Blue Kachina(A gigantic UFO) is coming to save us!(Laden with aliens who will evacuate the best half of their cattle, us humans!)







































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