UU1b. Improve your Past! AND try to go to a better universe!!

Friday, 13th January, 2,012.





Personal Time Travel and Switching Universes!





Even God cannot change The Past? Even humans can!

Also it is possible to switch universes.



You can find yourself on a time track that has been fouled up. By others and/or yourself.

You can shunt back out of that time track, and enter a new one. No one can stop you doing this – as we all have different time tracks. So all win – in their ways. So if your enemies find ways to mess your life up, – you can simply change to another time track.(We have this theme in The Back To The Future Series. Where Biff moves onto a different parallel Time Track. They used machines. Special cars – at fast enough speeds. To break out of one time track – and enter another. However, it can be done without machines. By simply JUMPING conciousness. There is no danger of anyone using this against you, as even if they did, it would only apply on THEIR time track, not yours or anyone else’s. Simply go back in time to where you went wrong. Where you did something you wished you hadn’t. Or, you failed to do something you wished you had. So go BACK – and put it right!! For instance, supposing you robbed a bank, but wish you hadn’t.(You might find yourself rotting in a prison cell.)(Would you suddenly find yourself out of it??!!) Just go back to that point in time where you robbed the bank, and NOT do it! In your mind. But you have to DROP all memories of the bank robbery line that you took, and cling to the new line! It may take a few shots. As the wrong memories may come back. Just keep on trying!(You have to COMPLETLY IGNORE the old memories!!)



Or you may wish you had proposed to some girl, but didn’t. Just go back in your memory to that point in time, and propose! But you will need to DROP all the memories ensuing from the point in time on the time track where you DIDN’T propose! Got it?


Just keep on TRYING. Until one morning you wake up in bed – and find her alongside of you!!

O.K. But this can be used in reverse, too. An enemy who failed to kill you, can go back in time, – and kill you. So how do you prevent that? You can’t! But no need to worry, as the time track where he kills you perhaps, is HIS, not yours. HE has a new memory of having killed you, but it is ONLY on HIS time track! You will be on a different one – where he does not kill you!


You can do this for ALL of the things you made a wrong move on! Now this is handy, as it can save your life-time!


On HIS time track you will have been shot dead. But on YOUR time-track, that doesn’t happen. Because when you get to that point IN YOUR MEMORY, where he is about to fire the fatal bullet, you switch your conciousness onto a DIFFERENT time track, where you get out of the wrong room where he shot you. And thus you don’t encounter him!(He has it his way on HIS time track. YOU escape his evil ON YOURS!)


People think that we all live in ONE WORLD, on the same ONE time track! And that what happens to one – happens to all.


All right. You don’t, can’t perhaps, believe that.(Time track switching and parallel universe jumping.) But I hold that it is possible. It is true. I mean that it CAN be. It CAN be done!!


You can only do it in retrospect of course. The nasty thing has to happen first. And THEN, afterwards, you go back – and change to another time track! You CANNOT prevent it happening! What has happened(by you and others) CANNOT be cancelled. But (I say) you CAN go back to THAT point in your memory AFTER it has happened, and dodge the error(On another time track!!)! You dodge your own, by simply making a better move. And you dodge ANOTHER’S nasty move, by going back to before that point in time, and avoiding it. Not getting on that bus,etc! As NOW you know HE will be on it. With a gun!!




I know it sounds crazy. But I claim that it CAN be done!



Employ it now with THE RED PLANET approaching us! We are all on Death Row. Awaiting a terrible,horrible death. Falling boulder landing on your head or something horrific.

In this case avoid it BEFORE it happens! Via THE ASCENSION!(Care: Time Track jumping and ASCENSION are two quite different things.)


We cannot avoid being killed. But we can(Instead of being paralyzed in abject TERROR and HORROR.) take The Ascension route! Raise our conciousness,thus raising our vibrations!(It is the low vibrations that do us the harm. So just avoid them!)



We ascend in conciousness OUT of that about to die situation, into the fifth dimension(which is where you go when you die,anyway)(but you avoid the terror and horror this way)

You can try this way, or just die terribly and horribly in utter TERROR and HORROR!!


There is no parallel time route out, because ALL time routes will have THE RED PLANET in them.

So it is a SPECIAL case of ascending in conciousness BEFORE the AWFUL event, which your Subconcious Mind might make you do anyway.(As it often does in such situations!) Going into 5D is good. But Ascension avoids the painful way!!(And goes into 6d?)




In the case of switching to a Parallel UNIVERSE. If you prefer an Earth with a weaker gravity, for example, then switch by conciousness jump to such a place!



It CAN be done. ONLY believe! And you are half way to doing it!


It sounds lame I know. But I am on to something BIG here.



How wonderful to change your past for the better! We can ALL do it!!


How many have no regrets about their past actions, or that of others??

Not too many.

Well, just go back in memory, and change your action! Then HANG ON to THAT action, repeating it if necessary, until it become your new route through!!


Worth a try!!



It won’t work if there are items from the wrong time track visible! The secret to success lies in taking you mind OFF OF the old wrong move. As I say , it may be necessary to repeat the new move a number of times. It CANNOT work if items from the wrong move are around. You HAVE TO remove ALL of those.(I think it is ESSENTIAL that all that we do is aimed to be the MOST PLEASING to ALL MIGHTY GOD!! As it is GOD that will bring it to pass!!)



If you fail, you won’t know otherwise IF none of the items from the wrong move are visible!



The point is this: It may only work on THE MENTAL consequences of the wrong move, which hopefully you have now corrected!!


And if it doesn’t you won’t know the difference anyway!!



But how to distinguish between succeeding and kidding yourself that you succeeded?

And will it matter too much??


The amount of JOY you feel should give you your answer!



And even if you feel miserable you STILL might have succeeded!!





And likewise with Parallel Universes!!






Knowledge is a great key. But you need to know, AND BELIEVE!!




Now if I can get enough people to do this, then we can improve our whole world!!

With this intention – I MASS send out!!




To bring PEACE – and ALL good things – to this unhappy world!!




With THE RED PLANET coming, we need to UTILIZE it, not be paralyzed in dread!!



You will know if you have acted successfully by the feeling of GREAT JOY entering your heart!

Because, as a rule, what other way is there of knowing if you have succeeded.


By the time you DO make the better move, things will be so entirely different with you, that it will be hard to tell if you have succeeded or not!



In The Spirit World MANY do this(Change their past for the better.).(Not many would want to change things for the worse. So I envisage a world where everyone is feverishly working away at improving their lives! Thus improving the whole world!!)



However, it is not necessary to wait until then! You can do it NOW!! RIGHT NOW!!


But you have to take you mind OFF OF the things that followed on the wrong move. Until they DROP AWAY!!



If you bought an oil painting, but wished you hadn’t, you must not have it visible! Hide it away somewhere. So that it cannot keep taking your mind back on to the wrong move’s line!

The trick lies in abandoning the wrong line completely. Until it finally does drop away!!



Otherwise you WILL be just kidding yourself!




Understand this is NOT self kidology! You ACTUALLY DO move on to another time track! PROVIDED you undo the wrong move. ANYTHING resulting from the wrong move has to be ignored.



Try it,and see!


At first do new things that do not let the consequences of the wrong move APPEAR!!


If you got married, but wished you hadn’t, – move to a private apartment!



You cannot change the fouled up time track. But you can leave it – and enter a new one!

It is like finding the enemy on one road, and getting on to a road that the enemy is not on.



You can also do the same if you do not like this parallel universe, – you can switch to one you prefer better. One where gravity is weaker, perhaps.





All the best!!



















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