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Thursday, 12th January, 2,012.






More on The Red Planet,etc.





1. You have heard the name Nibiru. It is the name given by The Sumerians for and to The Tenth Planet. The one we call Planet X. Made popular I believe by Zecheria Sitchin.

The Planet X business arose when perturbations were found in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune. Which indicated that there was another planet out there somewhere affecting inner planets to it via gravitation,etc.



At first they found Pluto(conjoint with Charon, its close “twin”). But that is far too small to be a planet, and is now discarded.

Planet X, now Planet 1X(Planet 9) lies out there at 80 A.U.(Astronomical Units. 80x the distance of Earth from the sun.)


It is a faint dark brown dwarf star looking object, surround by a number of satellites. THAT is Planet X(now 1X). Called Nibiru.


Titius-Bode’s Law is a good way to get the original distances of the planets!(Or, APPROXIMATELY, double up the distances of the gas giants, from each preceding one.)

Phaeton is merely the planet which used to orbit the sun between Mars and Jupiter. But its surface blew off in an inter-city thermo-nuclear war(incidentally where we humans originated, via Mars).

What is left of Phaeton(its sort of “core” – except that it is the original planet LESS its surface(hardly a core!), – is out there somewhere.



Now if you have asteroids, then I maintain you also had a planet, originally. And we have THREE asteroid belts. Draw your own conclusions.(THE RED PLANET is not called THE DESTROYER for nothing!!)(And it is within 5 months of us now!)



Nearly everyone thinks that the huge object now approaching us – is Nibiru(Planet X), but I think,and say, that it is THE RED PLANET! Now CALLED Nibiru, but it is not Nibiru(Planet X).


I think that it one of the planets of Sirius B which Sol, our sun picked up.(Our sun, I understand, goes around Sirius B!)


THE RED PLANET simply does not fit the characteristics of gas giants!


And Planet X(the true Nibiru) is VISIBLE now telescopically as a faint brown dwarf type object, along with its satellites. An entirely different object!



Phaeton(its “core”) is too small to be this incoming object.



And it is not Nemesis, Sol’s twin binary!(Which is too far away.(Two light years about.))




We have these FOUR objects, you see: Phaeton, Planet X(Nibiru), THE RED PLANET(Not Mars!) and Nemesis.



By elimination it has to be a planet captured from Sirius B!(Only reasonable explanation left.)





The other three objects have to be out there somewhere on their new trajectories.



Phaeton got blown off course(minus its surface).



Nibiru(Planet X) is now telescopically visible. Perhaps it is approaching us, possibly on a very elongated orbit.(Outer planets often have elongated orbits. Don’t know why.)(Unless knocked off course by captured rogue alien planets?!)



THE RED PLANET(Not Mars.) is on its new trajectory, after succoming to the sun’s gravitation, of doing a figure eight around Sol and Sirius.B.


Orbital period, 3,600 years.




I do not know why Planet X,Nibiru AND Phaeton have 3,600 year orbits too. Could they all have been drawn into the orbital period of Planet X over the ages?


And does this mean we face the arrival of THREE objects?! One after the other.



THE RED PLANET, Planet X and Phaeton.




Take care. Nibiru is the name being given to all three.(Anything approaching us has to be Nibiru??)



It seems we have become obsessed with the name of Nibiru. But it is only the name of Planet X!



Of course, people think that all three objects are one, Having heard ONLY of the one – Planet X.




WHO has said that the incoming object is Nibiru?


It is not.




The Sumerians said, and some aliens still show us(via the crop circles!) that Nibiru is the last of the gas giants. (Neptune being next in)



We(or many of us) have jumped to the conclusion – that the incoming large object – IS Nibiru(Planet X). When it isn’t.




I say that it isn’t.



It just doesn’t fit the gas giant category!





I am not saying that The Sumerians are wrong. I am simply saying that THOUGH Nibiru(Planet X) is the outermost gas giant(now telescopically visible)


That the object NOW closing on Earth is not Planet X.




NASA found Planet X back in 1983. But within a week DENIED the find. Saying it was a mistake!



Rather clearly, when they found out its size(four times the size of The Earth), they dropped it like a hot potato. But then The Russians took up tracking it. Others did, later.


NASA keeps on denying it.




Avoiding panic? And/or avoiding LOSING CONTROL OF US!!




The Western World is being told a lot that is not true.




What Planet X is, is one of them.




It is strange though that The Sumerians(and the crop circles) do not differentiate between Planet X and THE RED PLANET.




The Red Planet is like an elongated V in the sky(when closer). This is the description we are given. By The Sumerians. Winged Horus.



Now they may not have realized that this object was not a gas giant.(Gas giants may not have been an idea familiar to them.)


And most all since have assumed that the incoming object IS Planet X.






Nor are we in The Milky Way Galaxy.(We are in Sagittarius.A Dwarf Galaxy!)




Another confusion is: Are we orbitting Alycone on the stellar spiral arm OR Sirius.B. Or BOTH!!




Any ideas, anyone??



All these confusions are unrelated.




Made a mistake? Then go back in time and change it.








Also possible, besides we are all on different time tracks.



Is Parallel Universes. And hopping between them!!


























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