Thursday, 12th January, 2,012.










Our best route forward!




Our hearts and minds,etc. should be on ASCENSION,prayer,meditation,Peace,Altruism,Philanthropy,Love,etc., NOT war,etc!!








1. The Red Planet(Note it is not Nibiru, Planet X!)(That is a different planet!)should be seen in April by naked eye. And pass Earth May 20/ 21st. Or some time within the following year. Then colossal damage to Earth and some other parts of The Solar System. As THE RED PLANET continues its game of SKITTLES with our solar system!




This incoming object SHOULD take our minds off attacking each other, and other things.(Unfortunately a conspiracy of silence concerning the incoming object(four times size of Earth) is fooling the people!)(Immense SECRECY organized by NASA,ETC!!)(Controlling all astronomy reports. Have to be channelled through them(NASA), to be immediately denied!)




2. Expect aliens to land en masse soon! Not to take us over, but to evacuate us(the best half(of their cattle))off Earth temporarily – to escape the coming devastation!




3. Economic and Financial Collapse threatening from EU and US. Via debt and deficit, over-spending,and failure to get back on GOLD STANDARD! Or, better still, a SILVER standard!!(Coming off Gold Standard and removal of PROMISE from bank-notes is basic reason for World Financial System collapsing.(U.S. Dollar is falling!))(Power and money passing into hands of increasing FEW.(My RATINGS SYSTEM (the money one) has the best answer!!))




4. Humanity is too unevolved SPIRITUALLY. Is unbalanced with a technology given to us mainly by aliens! Earth is over-populated. And with too much traffic. We cannot long continue like this!




5. Man is indulging in vibration lowering pursuits, when he SO NEEDS vibration RAISING pursuits! Not sex,drugs,violence,alcohol,smoking,fear,war,etc. but

MEDITATION, PRAYER, ASCENSION(Mass raising of conciousness via emotional excitement occasioned by the incoming Red Planet!)(Instead of going into a state of abject terror, raise your conciousness in mass groups.)(Transition(death)will be a good thing UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES. Ignore it IF YOU CAN, and ascend in conciousness.)





6. We NEED to get into The Great WITHIN(The Earth)(The Earth is hollow!)(Lush vegetation down below!)(Best way is down The North Geographical Pole(One thousand mile entrance near there. Just head DEAD STRAIGHT by Gyro-compass for The North Geographical Pole, and after several hundred miles BEYOND MARKED geographical pole you will find a temperate, open to INNER red sun sky WORLD!(The Earth is a double reverse helix!(The surface doubles back upon itself at both poles!)(Bermuda Triangle and Devil’s Triangle off Japan are 4D entrances to The Great Within. Dangerous.))(It IS





Down WITHIN(but NOT underground!) we shall have 800 plus mile deep CRUST of Earth over the heads, and maybe less chance of earthquakes,etc. Because THE RED PLANET causes immense global DEVASTATION as it passes us!






7. Take your chances with aliens(mass evacuation)if you like, but only HALF of Humanity will be taken!




8. Little chance of being whisked into underground bunkers,shelters, deep cities and hollowed out mountains!(By The Authorities.) Because can only hold a comparative FEW!!


9. Left to our own devices – would need to get into caves,deep undersea or underground,etc. And would be hard going! Almost impossible.






10. Raise your SPIRITUAL VIBRATIONS! As low vibrations caused by pursuing worldly things cause let-in of evils!(Not only in this life, but in the after-life and in future lives,etc!!!!)








11. Even without THE RED PLANET, it is going to become Hell on Earth increasingly from this year on!










12. Please understand that we simply CANNOT go the ways we are


going and survive happily, IF AT ALL!!







13. Also my proof of 2012.(My article LM7,etc.)



14. AND, – My incredible Astronomy(Astro-Physics)FINDS!!(Find in WordPress.vicon2000)


15. My spread the wealth RATINGS system!



16. And much much else that would save us all spiritually and materially. Besides WordPress.vicon2000(Or vicon2000.Wordpress). Go to



Those are my sites!!




Best to save ourselves!!













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