TT20 It is not Nibiru!


Wednesday, 11th January, 2,012.






The incoming object is not Nibiru. Not Planet X!






It is NOT Nibiru!


The incoming object DOES NOT FIT any of the characteristics of an outer planet. It is not a gas giant. It is more like its own volcano! And made of iron.(Iron oxides, which as two columns of particles are streaming off this object, one on each side.) RED. It is not called The Red Planet for nothing!!



It is a planet which plays skittles with our planets every time it comes around. Three down so far. (It also hit Pro-Earth, call Tiamat, creating present Earth and our moon.)(I do not think that it will hit again. But cannot rule out the possibility!)

And, if it doesn’t HIT, it causes immense damage.


I think it is an alien planet now in tow to our sun from Sirius B.
















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