TT.19b. Nibiru continued.


Wednesday, 11th January, 2,012.





Nibiru, continued.





I think I have the picture now.


There are four objects: Phaeton, Planet X(Nibiru), Nemesis and The Red Planet.


Phaeton was the planet that orbitted between Jupiter and Mars.(Phaeton’s core, if it still exists, would be about the size of Mars – or a bit smaller.)(It had its surface blown off. In a thermo-nucler war between two city states.)

Planet X(Nibiru) is a gas giant with several satellites way out past Neptune. About 80.A.U’s distant from our sun. Very faint. This is the alleged brown or red dwarf star. It is almost four times the size of Jupiter.

Nemesis is Sol(our sun)’s twin. It is about 2 light years distant. We are, like all other stellar systems a binary system!(These will be IDENTICAL twins.)



The Red Planet is, I THINK, a planet captured by our sun, Sol, from Sirius B’s retinue.(Apparently Sol orbits Sirius B.)



Phaeton may still be out there somewhere.


Planet X COULD be approaching us on a very elongated orbit around the sun.

Nemesis is two light years away.




The Red Planet will pass us very closely. I understand the date of the passing is 20/21st May, 2,012.A.D.


The whole world should see it by naked eye about a month before then. In April, 2,012.


It will cause IMMENSE damage.


About 30% to 70% damage to The Earth.


Flattening The Earth’s surface.


It is called THE DESTROYER. I believe it has destroyed three planets already: Oort, Kuiper and POSSIBLY Phaeton.(Where asteroid belts now are. Comets being masses of sea-water, asteroids – chunks of rock.)(It shouldn’t hit Earth, but pass very closely.)




Many will die a terrible horrible death.

Death is loss of the outermost physical vehicle. This rots away.


We have about another seven finer vehicles, within the physical. So we will find ourselves in The Spirit World.(In The Physical we walk,etc. In The Spirit World we can fly,etc.)(Zoom through Space, travel in Time and Vibration,ETC. ETC.)(There are four element planes out beyond Air, which element we live in. When we go out far enough beyond air, we enter Aether One! Which is as much superior to Air, as Air is to Water!)

It is MOST important that we go to the higher pleasant half, not the lower unpleasant half!


That depends upon how high our vibrations are. And that is controlled by our behaviour.(Word, deed, thought and omission.)



Things like smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, having sex, even maaturbation and other forms of self-abuse. – Lower our vibrations.

Sin and crime and all forms of wrong-doing,etc. VERY much lower our vibrations.

Avoid MOST STRENUOUSLY shun the seven(and MANY more) DEADLY sins.


Low types work so hard and long at trying to get good and nice folk to indulge in vibration lowering activities.



We know them: Drink! Have a cigarette. Drugs. Even dope.



These things LOWER our vibrations, spoiling our chances of happiness and pleasure and joys in life, lead to a bad end, Hell after death – AND bad births in future lives!


So shun LIKE THE PLAGUE these things. Including(ESPECIALLY)(Sex, self abuse, masturbation,etc.)



We should aim for uniting our HIGHER VEHICLES with GOD and the higher beings!


NOT uniting our lower vehicles with other humans(or worse!).




Sport, Entertainment, Skiffle – and even Games – are not conducive to higher vibrations!




NO sex!(Even in marriage!) ESPECIALLY NOT with same gender!!




Is a little pleasure here now worth MORE than going to Heaven after death?!





There are many worse things than the above named of course! Which OBVIOUSLY do not touch. Crime. Terrorism.




Go for Altruism, Philanthropy, Love, Etc.


Enjoy Beauty and Loveliness. Etc.



Go for MASS Meditation, Prayer, Civilization, Culture, helping others, doing good, – to The MAXIMUM possible!!




(This is a second rendering from memory. As I made a mistake and wiped the far better FIRST LOT!!)


















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  1. jake says:

    i love you demi i wanna let you know that. i love you

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