Tuesday, 10th January, 2,012.










My immediate task was to bring to the attention of as many as possible(a pitiful TINY few!)the fact that a planet- sized object(four times the size of The Earth) was heading straight for Earth. And would destroy its civilizations. As it does each time it pass us, every 3,600 years!


Purpose: To avoid this fate by getting the authorities to organize a mass exodus of our best specimens of everything down The North Geographical Pole, the ONLY place where we would be safest.(The Earth being hollow(but this is NOT underground!)(There are three entrances into The Great Within. The Entrance(A thousand miles wide)near to The North Geographical Pole is the easiest one(in my opinion).(Let the experts decide.))


For the sake of all future life upon this planet!




I am not interested in the VIOLENT aspect of this IMMINENT event. Only in respect of saving our best specimens FROM it!(Thus to preserve the future of all life upon this planet!)(I do not understand why ANYONE would resist and oppose this!!(Nevertheless many DO oppose! And it is ALL I can do to get ANYONE to get this news!!))(But THIS WORLD is SO low – you see!!)



OTHERWISE,yes, it is more important to take the opportunity afforded by the approach of this destroying monster, in order to raise our conciousness! (Via our excited emotions!!)Via The MASS ASCENSION,Rapture,Revival(and Evacuation by aliens)and even The MASS Transition of humans,etc.(Via physical death)


I hear of PORTALS,Stargates,Walk-ins,etc.(I am completely ignorant of all that side.)(Be glad of ALL possible HELP in that direction!!)


I am ALL for raising conciousness. Of myself AND as many others – as possible!! Of course.



The spiritual and divine,etc.aspects are the most important. Obviously.




1. Marriage was instituted – to best ensure that every male would have his own female, and every female her own male. Best thus to avoid promiscuity and immorality. And to avoid unwanted pregnancies and diseases. And jealousy and envy,etc.(At that time also to provide an outlet for the biological urge – and to increase the population!!)(Too much for ME. I avoided it!!)(I should have married(by right), but DID NOT!!)(To do THE WORK I NEEDED to be free of ALL interfering factors. Which Marriage would have imposed. But I ACTUALLY did so – out of lazines and to avoid all the hastles,etc!! YES!!!!)(Hurt many a poor woman.ETC!! YES. AND HOW!!)



IS orgasm a sin? How HARD to avoid! (Best outlet then is in marriage.)



Marry UNLESS you can avoid orgasms!(How HARD!)(I think PROMISCUITY is the sin. Some become enuchs to avoid orgasm!)(I found THAT course FAR too hard!! Yes, I DID!!)



Marriage seems to be in order PROVIDED with one you like and love of THE OPPOSITE GENDER!(How anyone could want one of the same gender – is beyond me!)(But today, in Australia,anyway, same gender marriage is IN!!)(Yet, in ancient times, TERRIBLE was The Lord’s RETRIBUTION upon those who had physical relations with their OWN gender!! Homos do not enter The Kingdom of Heaven!!)(I don’t think that THE LORD has changed policy!!)



Certain unfortunate sins are committed by MANY humans. And this is extremely bad AND SAD!!



1. Men who have sex with a female in order to bring about marriage(Via making them pregnant!).(This disgrace is so serious in many minds – as to warrant marriage to the villain!)(Which seems to me a DOUBLE SIN!!)

2. Women who lure males into marriage by dangling sex before them!(But taking care not to give it!)(That USED TO BE the case. Not much these days,of course!!)(As Marriage is going out of the window!)(And PROMISCUITY is not only VERY MUCH in, but no longer regarded as a sin! I wonder what The Lord thinks about THAT!!)(Men, the majority or many, go with women for sex. And women get men to marry them FOR STUD, so that they can have children TO DOTE on!(How I HATE THAT!!)(Though I may hate SPORT more!! Yes!!)(This OBSESSION with chasing a ball into a hole!!)(Or GETTING a ball into a hole!!)



3. Bullies, usually male, who enforce their will by HURTING the victim. “If you don’t associate with me, I will torture you! Or kill,even!!”.(I do not think that THAT is the way to go!)(Not to Heaven, ANYWAY!!)



(What many humans fail to realize is that all sin gets PUNISHED by THE LORD!)(So do NOT do it!!)(Do GOOD(and to THE VERY MAXIMUM, not evil, to ALL others. No matter WHAT the provocation!!)



There are those who INSIST that if you do not accept CHRIST into your heart – that you will go to Hell(for ever)(after death). Join our club – or THAT is your fate!!

I believe that the important thing is that we do more good THAN EVIL!! Otherwise, THEN(if we do more evil than good)we WILL go down(after death)to more unpleasant levels of The Spirit World – where we will pay back the debt that way, as well as by future bad karma(bad births,etc.)(In future lives.)!!


Jesus CHRIST was the best human – and by SO VERY far, I know of, but those who don’t vote for Jesus, but STILL do more good than evil, will not, I believe go to HELL!!(The Religious Hell(Though THE REAL HELL,especially one of COLD is FAR worse!!) is rubbish anyway, invented by psychotic paranoid NUTS to enlarge THEIR CLAN!!)(CHRIST is GOD MANIFEST. THAT is the VITALLY IMPORTANT SPIRIT to have IN you!!(Some PARTICULAR champion of this way is not(in my opinion)important!)

These religious FANATICS have VERY GREATLY distorted and EXAGGERATED the consequences of not promoting Jesus!(It is TRUE that if you do not have GOD(or CHRIST) in your heart, then you MUST have something less – and thus not go to so high a plane in The Spirit World AFTER DEATH, but losing Heaven and Paradise is NOT equal to going to Hell and Hades!! Do you see what I mean??(Failure to enter Heaven DOES NOT equal entry into Hell!!)(I may not qualify for The LOUNGE, but that need not NECESSARILY mean despatch into THE CELLARS or DUNGEONS!!) (But as Jesus(CHRIST) is so well known, and so OBVIOUSLY good, that very few who promote GOODNESS,etc. would not also promote Jesus!!)(God is GOOD! Of COURSE those who reject GOD, MUST lose that goodness. But they won’t ON THAT account – be cast into HELL!!)(THAT, I think, is MORE an indication of the HATRED in some-one’s heart against those who reject that particular viewer!!)(“I HATE YOU for rejecting my view! Therefore it is my wish, hope and fervent belief THAT YOU, YOU HORRID PERSON(in HIS view!!) will go to HELL, THE DEEPEST – AND FOR EVER – for rejecting MY VIEW!!”(That I THINK is the basis, NOT that you ACTUALLY WILL(Go to DEEPEST HELL FOR EVER) for rejecting that particular fanatical nut case’s VIEW!!)(At least I HOPE THAT THAT IS SO!!)(But it is clear enough I THINK where the greatest guilt lies!!)




This is my opinion anyway. For what THAT is worth, of course!!




NOW, Nibiru has been added to our list of FEARS! Global destruction,or near so!!



These things needlessly make people miserable of course!


“Hey, Jack! If you don’t believe me, then HELL is where I wish you, the DEEPEST – and FOR EVER MORE!!”.(That is a common human sentiment! Hardly the way of GOD who loves all!!)(But CERTAINLY the sentiment of many a human!)



3, The Evil Eye is a most HORRID thing that more than a few humans do!(Trapping you to them for ever!)(So that they can hurt you for ever!!)(At least THAT is their intent.)



4. Yes, BEWARE of he who has power to continue hurting you after death IN THE SPIRIT WORLD. Be VERY afraid of that type!!




5. There is,too, THE EYE(of EVIL). Noticed it? Creeping into our experience?! It is the eye of some low person or animal. And the idea is to get you to get en rapport with it – so that you may be obliged to get EVIL, LIKE IT!!


6. And all the OTHER things, LIKE this,etc!!




7. GOD is wonderful and marvellous. It is MAN that is HORRID. In the EXTREMO!!




8. I refer ESPECIALLY to those who hate you BECAUSE you are good(morally or efficiency-wise), or are not like them. THAT IS UTTERLY STUPID!!!!(THEY are the ones who NEED to BEWARE!!)(You are better than I am, so I HATE YOU!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!)




9. Do NOT touch sex, drugs, sin, crime, wrong-doing,violence, alcohol, smoking, and avoid the seven(and MANY MORE)DEADLY sins!! They lower your vibrations – and spoil your happiness in this and future lives AND in The Spirit World after death!!!!




10. Preventing others from doing good is UTTERLY DESPICABLE!!(I find an AWFUL LOT of it WHERE I AM!!)


11. And also doing good to others, but making VERY sure that they do not do good to you! Thus to put them in YOUR DEBT!!(How UTTERLY FOUL!!)(They do this to gain CONTROL of you!! So that THEN they can wreak their evil will upon you.)(You have NO IDEA just how bad humans can get!!) (But GOD is NOT mocked, and all who do wrong – WILL pay. MUST do!!)




12. Mockers(of the good, and of truth,etc.), abusers,foul language folk, sceptics and cynics, – these are all LOW humans. How HARD for such to stay happy!!




13. Dwell on Meditation, Prayer, Doing good, Mental yogas. Sutras. Etc. ALL things of Beauty and LOVELINESS!!!!








15, It must NEEDS BE that offences come. But WOE be to those THROUGH WHOM they come!!





16. SOME despicable types: Those who get you to masturbate,(though I fell of myself,not others!!) or otherwise abuse yourself sexually. Those who get you hooked on SEX. (Especially with your own gender, or corpses,or animals, ETC. And into FILTH!! Those who get you hooked on DRUGS. Especially ALCOHOL!! And VIOLENCE,ETC!!(You know the type? “Come on, have another drink! One for the road! GO ON(But it is NOT ON, is it!!(But VERY MUCH

BACK!!)”/ Don’t let your “mates” down.(Apparently SUCH DESERTION is the height of evil(in THEIR fouled up eyes!!) Go to the PUB and go in for DISSIPATION!! BOOZE!!(Join us in our misery, you wretches who avoid such!!)/Have a cigarette. Smoke!(They LOVE you to join them in their weak failure!! Keep them company in THEIR MISERY!!). Know them?? They fail themselves and CANNOT BEAR YOU TO SUCCEED WHERE THEY FAILED!! So they drag you down too!! But THEY will LOSE OUT!!/ THIS is how THE FORCES OF NEGATION work!! Often only too successfully!!/And so on and SO ON… …





SPORT is another low line!(And Skiffle!!)




War, of course. And Terrorism.


And being co-erced into joining Street Gangs, Black Magic and Dark Arts cults. But of course these are ways to HELL all right!!



I LOVE to please ALL MIGHTY GOD!! And NOT go the OBVIOUSLY bad ways!!





THAT is the way to Heaven and Happiness. In this and future lives. And in the Interregnums(Between Lives)!!!!





Some go in for the highest vibrations.


And some – for the lowest!



We all need TO LEARN!!




Out of PURE ENVY,many HATE those who haven’t fallen LIKE THEM!!



Avoid THAT type – LIKE THE PLAGUE!!(Unless you are SURE you can help them UP!!)





How AWFUL to be FORCED to be STUPID!!






How GREAT to please GOD!!




THAT is what it is ALL about you see!

Raising one’s vibrations(and that of OTHERS!!) – TO THE

VERY highest!!(The WORLD hates THAT!!) Aye!!







ALL the BEST!!




























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