TT15 Evolution.

Sunday, 8th January, 2,012.





Still improving Nibiru,etc.




What IS the huge object approaching us?


Whatever it is, it must surely do us much harm. Four times the size of Earth, slated to pass us closely, VERY massive,etc.

Now because the incoming object is clearly not a gas giant, nor bears any of the hall marks of an outer planet, I considered the possibility that it was a capture of a planet from Sirius B.(I am told that Sol, our sun, orbits Sirius B, and picked up one of its planets!)(This is a clever idea, but now I think there is one better: In the early days of the formation of our galaxy, Sol picked up an object in space. PERHAPS it was a planet of Sirius B’s!)

I am currently into Lloyd Pye’s Origin of Humans theory. From The Sumerians. Whereby The Annunaki, needing slaves to mine gold for them, developed modern humans by modifiying the genes of homo-sapiens. Joining their genes to ours.


A big question is: Where did Human Beings come from? Because they do not appear to be descendants of The Primates.

Two theories existed originally: The Creationists and The Evolutionists. In particular, Darwinism.

The Creationists go by The Old Testament of Christendom. Which is an atempt to re-write Sumerian history.(Sumeria is the oldest civilzation we know of.)

Darwinism is basically evolution via The Primates.


Since Sumeria is the way to go, The Creationists are nearer to the truth!


We appear to be a sort of hybrid with The Annunaki from the planet Nibiru, which apparently is Planet X.














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