TT14 Improving the Nibiru picture!


Saturday, 7th January, 2,012.










What IS this huge object approaching us?








Is it Phaeton, Nibiru(Planet X) or The Red Planet?(I do not mean Mars!)


Phaeton was a planet which orbitted the sun where the asteroids now are. It either got completely destroyed or had its surface blown off and the remains still wander the solar system.


Nibiru, the name given by The Sumerians to Planet X. Which might still be way out past Neptune – at about 80 A.U’s.


The Red Planet is, I believe a planet of Sirius B(Which Sol our sun is orbitting), which got gravitationally picked up.




I think it is The Red Planet, a planet of Sirius B, about four times the size of The Earth, but with a disproportionately high mass!






Planet X(Nibiru) is almost four times the size of Jupiter.






It is probably one of these three objects. I rule out Planet X(Nibiru) because it does not have the characteristics of a gas giant! It just doesn’t FIT one of our outer planets!




I think too big to be Phaeton.






Which leaves The Red Planet.






The Sumerians only said that Nibiru was Planet X.


Who was it that said that Planet X IS this strange planet object NOW closing in on us?


That is an ASSUMPTION! Which may not be correct.




On the other hand it MAY be that all three of these objects(Phaeton,Nibiru AND The Red Planet pass Earth closely.)




Nibiru is The Flagship of The Galactic Federation’s fleet.


Expect a shift from Fifth Sun to sixth.


And from 3 and 4d to 5D!!


Amongst other immense changes. For SOME, anyway!!






Was Phaeton destroyed by a pass of The Red Planet long ago(millions of years back)?


Or was was there a thermo-nuclear war between two city states which ignited Phaeton’s ocean – blowing off its surface?






My guess is that both Planet X(and any to come!(out past there)) AND Phaeton are OUT THERE somewhere orbitting the sun.






Our minds should be focussing on Ascension,Rapture,Revival,Evacuation and Transition rather than the negative aspects of this coming close pass by The Red Planet.(Also The Separation of The Sheep from The Goats(The Wheat from The Tares)(The good folk from the bad.)(Some of us may end up on lower planets, and some on higher. Earth just won’t be too habitable for about a thousand years or so!)(As folk on it go back to The Stone Age!)


Only those of us that are in the better half of humanity can even hope to escape the coming woes.




I understand that there is going to be a SUPER-IMPOSITION of CROSSES as Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy(which we are in!) crashes into The Milky Way’s Centre!




Plus there is the fact that(were we a member of The Milky Way Galaxy(which we are BECOMING), that we are just completing one complete circuit of The Galaxy!(Which takes about 30,000,000 years.)






What is coming are about FOUR CATACLYSMS simultaneously! All centred upon December 21st, 2,012.A.D.(Actually May 21st, 2,012 is the date given for The Red Planet’s passing(of us)(and this current Aryan Civilization OUT of existence). It seems that preacher who was wrong was only out by ONE YEAR(too previous)!






The key date is 21/22 of December, 2,012.A.D. Which ends The Mayan Long Count Calendar.


But the date for the passing of The Red Planet is May 21st, 2,012.A.D.(About a month BEFORE that, it should become visible by naked eye to ALL.)






This is what we can EXPECT THIS YEAR(2012):-




A worsening of the disasters AND of the heat from now until December 22nd., 2,012.(On December 22nd; all cycles end and new ones start) PARABOLICALLY!!




The WOBBLE(Of the solar system) via Centrifugal Force is what is CURRENTLY causing our increasing disasters.(Note increasing exponentially per either an hyperbola or a parabola(I am not sure which.).)(We are being fooled at present as the early stage of such an increase is VERY deceptively slow!)


But either will produce a VERY sudden sharp increase in the rate of growth of the disasters besetting us!






The Red Planet will be joining the disasters’s increase SOON.




Then to be FURTHER accentuated by gravity waves or gravitons from The Centre of The Milky Way Galaxy disturbing the sun and producing savage FLARES,ETC.(Which should REALLY warm things up for us.(We are looking at the sea,etc.getting too hot to bathe in!)) Also producing EMP all over the globe! Meaning that our electronic systems will go defunct!!








Finally The Bombardment by comets, asteroids, meteors, debris, dust, gases,etc.(BOULDERS,ETC. crashing right down to the ground!!)(A steady HAIL of them – as we enter THE TAIL of The Red Planet!!)(We need REALLY STRONG shelters to survive THAT LOT!!)






All four factors at work conjointly.


So we are looking at FOUR Atlantises in ONE!!


EXPECT it to be THE WORST EVENT(Called THE EVENT.)(Many got born especially at this time – to experience it!!) EVER to hit Mankind on Earth(Future INCLUDED!!)




So THIS year should be QUITE eventful!


HELL ON EARTH is the ONLY description I can SLATE for the next year! And then it fades away.(But WE(nearly all of us!) will ALREADY be GONE!!)






Up to 90% of EVERYTHING upon the surface of The Earth will get destroyed. Right across THE ENTIRE GLOBE. Not much will survive it!!






In fact, it will be better NOT to survive it. So bad will conditions be AFTERWARDS!!






Everything bad(you name it). Unto the MAXIMUM!! For YEARS!!








Followed by an ICE AGE!!






I have whittled it down to the picture just given. After 12 years study of it.






The Red Planet is not likely to hit us(It did FIRST time, when we were Tiamat, The Proto Earth.)


It does not need to hit us to cause HORRIFIC damage.










Can I improve (for accuracy) this picture any further??

I KEEP plugging this IN THE HOPE that we can get The Authorities to organize cruise ships led by ice-breakers to take the best specimens of everything DOWN The North Geographical Pole(3 entrances to The Great WITHIN, but North GEOGRAPHICAL POLE best, I think.)



The IMPORTANT thing is to get down WITHIN The Hollow Earth.(Unless you care to take your chances with the aliens!(Half of humans will be left.))(So they are not going to save ALL of us!!)








We have some shelters and bunkers, but FAR FAR from enough to accommodate 7 BILLION of us!!




And, if left to our own resources – we would stand VERY LITTLE chance indeed!!


And of the TINY few who did survive independently, how many would relish life in caves,etc. With NONE of the amenties we NOW have!!






At the VERY least, we can expect to be EMP’ted!




That is have ALL our electronic appliances DISABLED!!






With NO ONE to replace or repair such!!








I would think (AT LEAST) electricity to go down too. Permanently!!








Personally I think it hardly worth the while TRYING to survive it, so SEVERE will it be!


About one in ten of us will live.


Hard odds!




And for those one in ten, how much better had we died!!






The entire Earth will be UTTER devastation!!








Many still disbelieve.






But the evidence,etc. is simply too great to ignore!!








We have had the prophecies. We HAVE the increasing disasters,etc. And we have telescopic pictures of the incoming MONSTER!


We have the reports of PREVIOUS passings.




We have The Sumerian description of THE THING. Like a Winged Serpent. An ugly RED DRAGON!!




Which is PRECISELY what is NOW being reported SEEN TELESCOPICALLY from various parts of the world.




AND there is my amazing PROOF and CONFIRMATION!!






It is LUDICROUS to deny it!!






Claims of jokes and hoaxes JUST DON’T CUT IT!!








It IS coming!!










The fierce denials by the sceptics indicate its truth!!






How strange not a word about it in The Media!




Which smells to High Heaven!




Clearly news of it is being DELIBERATELY banned!!






We have the MANY blockings out of items in space by NASA,etc.




WHAT are they hiding?!(Or TRYING to!!)








All this for MANY years now!!




Top GREATS (Like Jesus, Nostradamus, Einstein, Hawkings, Sagan, ETC.ETC. have indicated its coming!)






There is NO WAY all this SMOKE and DUST is indicative of ANYTHING but SOMETHING HORRIFIC descending upon us!!






The INDICATORS are too numerous and heavy!!








THIS is NO crank idea being foised upon us all by nuts!!








This is GENUINE!!








And in DENIAL!!









Proofs other than mine ALSO EXIST!!







NO!! It is

LUDICROUS to SUGGEST that this is some little boy wrongly crying WOLF!!





THIS wolf is REAL!!








One doesn’t need to be a psychologist to pick the FALSE denial element!!








Sceptics are FRANTICALLY trying to poo poo it.




But FEW in their RIGHT MINDS would fail to see THE TRUTH of it!!












Vic.(It is NOT a nice prospect to sit down and await a BOULDER crashing through the roof onto your head, but WHAT ELSE can one do?!)










For WHAT!!






For SOMEONE to throw THE SWITCH on our












Vic.(It is and it is not a judgement. The Last or Final JUDGEMENT!!)(It is an astronomical event, or set of them.)






Centred UPON December 21st/22nd; 2,012.

But SPREAD OVER several years,


Followed by Ice Era.




And then last of all






































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