PP3 Sink holes and cracks in the ground better explained.


Monday, 10th October, 2011.










Sink holes and cracks in the ground better explained.










In PP2 I did not bring out exactly why the centrifugal force produced by our sun rounding the spiral arm of the closed stellar cluster it is in produces polar shift, disasters, sink holes and now cracks opening up in the ground all over the world in many countries.


The sun is rounding its spiral arm, and this circular motion is producing centrifugal force – which is driving the magma up harder AND HARDER against the tectonic plates causing more and stronger volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, via the increasing pressure. That explains the growing disasters. The HEAVE from C.F.(Centrifugal Force) moving along as the sun goes around(Because as it goes around the HEAVE force moves around too!) the spiral arm causes the Earth to physically tilt more. A real PHYSICAL tilt, not JUST a magnetic one. A real physical, geographical, geological polar shift. Changing the axial tilt of The Earth.


Disasters have been increasing these past 6,500 years.


There is a rapidly growing polar shift.


Sink holes are forming all over the world.


And NOW we have CRACKS appearing in many parts of the world! Cracks in the surface ground.




Centrifugal Force WILL hurl the contents of a spun object to the sides, even as a much lesser Centripedal Force will throw a small amount of stuff to the centre. Plus create two tubular double funnels connecting the inner and outer surfaces. Such spun objects are hollow.(Including The Earth.) They HAVE to be! Or the laws of physics are abrogated!


C.F. is cause by the spin. Explaining WHY The Earth,etc.(All the heavenly bodies and fields) is HOLLOW.(It is SOLID Earth which is absurd, not hollow Earth!)


When that C.F. is increased by the solar system rounding its spiral arm, then that force(which originally caused the molten Earth to congeal in the hollow shape), then greater HEAVE, puts pressure upon the tectonic plates, causing worse and WORSE volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.




I can understand why this upwards’ heave causes the ground to rise up in places, globally. Then when such ground gets stretched, it HAS TO crack! To accommodate the decreased amount of surface. That is easy to follow.


What I find hard is SINK HOLES! WHY would sink holes form? Perhaps the heave- up from the increased centrifuge is not the cause of THEM!


And why so often such circular shapes?(I incline to think that sink holes have another cause. Like The Hadron Particle Accelerator at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. Creating HUNDREDS of small black holes EVERY day(And they are now building a bigger and better one! Mad!!)(What I am suggesting is that these small black holes get created – and then burn holes going increasingly downwards into The Earth. I don’t know. Just speculating(That sink holes is not caused by C.F.).)




The North Magnetic Pole is moving faster and faster towards Siberia. Currently about 150 miles per year. I calculate from that that a full inversion of The Earth is still up to 8 years off.


Though some say February 6th, 2,012 is the date of the final inversion.(Which will be fatal for ALMOST all life upon Earth.(And other planets of our solar system.))




Now, because The Magnetic Pole is simply the EDGE of the tubular double funnel entrance to The Great Hollow Within, then it is not only a magnetic shift, but a PHYSICAL one,too! The rims cannot move unless the Geographical Pole also moves.(If a circumference moves then the circle moves,too!)(Centre of circle is Geographical Pole. Circumference is magnetic pole!)




This is a bit of a relief. Because I had feared we only have about 3 months to doom. Now it could be as much as 6 to 8 years!


The Nibiru Complex and Phaeton are not the cause of this growing polar shift.(Our sun going around its STELLAR CLUSTER(sic) spiral arm is!) Nor do I think that Sun Earth Northern Winter Solstice Alignment(Of December 22nd, 2,012.A.D.) with The Great Rift at The Centre of our Milky Way Galaxy is.


Nibiru Complex and Phaeton are I think too far away as yet to be affecting The Earth. ONLY JUST starting to! And I believe The Great Rift, Centre of Milky Way is FAR too far away to be affecting us much.


So! Since SOMETHING has to be causing Increasing disasters, Polar Shift and THE CRACKS opening up in the ground ALL OVER The Earth. Plus POSSIBLY the sink holes. Then(And it HAS TO BE something ASTRONOMICAL – because of the enormous effects!) WHAT astronomical objects/s could be causing it?


People all over the world are asking WHAT is causing these cracks opening up in the ground! (In about ten to twelve countries now well scattered globally!)I think I have provided the answer. Centrifugal Force! Heaving the ground up! Making it shatter due to the increased surface to stretch over!




There appears to be a bit of a conflict on as to whether the (NOW) reported 150 mile North polar increase towards Siberia is per year OR PER DAY!!


Now this Polar Shift became noticeable back in March, 2,011. Just over 6 months ago, as of writing.(It now is October 10th, 2,011.)




If 150 miles(but doubling and some), then, if daily, we should all be dead by now. So I THINK it has to be every YEAR. As in fact officialdom claims.


Had it been DAILY, then in about 8 days, FULL physical inversion would have occurred. But up to 8 years gives us a bit of BREATHING SPACE!!




The Earth is wobbling. And this wobble is growing EXPONENTIALLY!!






I am SUGGESTING that with Nibiru Complex and Phaeton being perhaps years off, AND The Polar PHYSICAL shift, that we have a LITTLE more time to play with!! I hope so! So we can perhaps ORGANIZE the moving of the best specimens of everything down WITHIN!!(The North Geographical Pole.)




I keep on I know. And there be some no doubt who are tired of my almost daily newsletters. But THE POINT IS, – we either GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE – or poor chance for future life on this planet! So it is VITALLY important!!(So the MAGNITUDE of the EVENT drives me on!)




I spell it out to you – to help you UNDERSTAND.




Many THINK that the cause of our woes is Nibiru.(Planet X.) The next planet out beyond Neptune.)(So long sought.)(Known to The Ancient Sumerians,etc.yet not know by our scientists, astronomers!) No! It is, I aver, SIMPLY the centrifugal force created by our sun rounding The STELLAR spiral arm of the group of stars it is IN!






We have MAYBE about 7 more years to doom.(Our Gregorian Calendar has been mucked about with!)(So we need to be VERY careful with our Doomsday dates!)




Nibiru, by the way, should soon be appearing. Like a small red moon at first.(I mean to the naked eye.)(And I think that because of this, NASA is confessing a few things it has been VERY reluctant to confess!)




It is true that there would be a mass panic by releasing such news, but I SAY that it is better to have a mass panic NOW(When we can do SOMETHING about it!)rather than MASS PANDEMONIUM further down the track!(When it will be TOO LATE!! Because people can adjust. But if you leave it until they see Nibiru for their selves, then you can EXPECT trouble!!(By then too late for them to do anything(Like get down The North Geographical Pole!)about it!)And how unlikely for people to trust NASA,etc. again!!


Nibiru is NOT the cause of our present woes! Though it will bring woes of its own(terrible ones) later.(Likewise with Phaeton.)




I think the real reason for the official secrecy(conspiracy of silence) is to have better control of us!




It is silly, I think, to hide all these things.


People are very adaptable!






But they DO need time!






So the great question surely must(or should be): How do I survive?!




We are not talking about a Katrina like disaster, let us give it a value of say 1. What is coming up is about 2 MILLION.(Two MILLION times worse than Katrina!) So it is colossal. Right off the map. Tsunami at least thousands of feet high. ETC.






Now, over our heads RIGHT NOW, AS I WRITE, there is an ARMADA of humanoid alien space craft! Perhaps up to 30 BILLION of humanoids.(Weird looking(to us) aliens.)




WHY are they MASSING over our heads??




Let us put 1 and 1 together: SOMETHING STUPENDOUS in the way of disasters is ABOUT TO HIT US. VERY SOON. Any time from now on!




Homo sapiens had their genes modified way back by The Annunaki aliens.(To create gold miners.)


In other words we are their CATTLE. And they are our farmers!






Now good farmers protect their cattle, when storm threatens.




I SUGGEST that the reason they are MASSED above – is to EVACUATE us. Or those chosen worthy to be evacuated.




I THINK they have come to save us, not to destroy us!(Being FAR FAR ahead of us technologically and mentally, had they wanted to destroy us, they could have done so WITH CONTEMPTUOUS EASE at any time over the aeons!)(We are STUPID to fight them!)(At present their rule seems to be: You kill one of ours, we will kill one of yours. But nothing more!)






Imagine a farmer going into a field to save his cattle. A few odd bulls charge him.


Would be stupid for the farmer to kill ALL the bulls!






And certainly INSANE for the bulls to even TRY to kill the farmer/s!




But,alas, THAT is what is happening. U.S. and Russia are actually fighting them up in space!!




We would not stand a chance!








It would be like natives in canoes hurling spears at powerful galleons! DAFT!!










We live in exciting times all right!






From now on things get REALLY interesting!






We need to stop fighting each other.




And TRY to deal with the IMPENDING disasters about to massacre just about ALL of us!!




I wonder if Julia Gillard knows how to handle it??!!(Get rid of Labor, not Gillard! If you just get rid of Gillard, they will simply put Rudd or someone in her place, and simply ensure MORE years of misery! How well do you think the Labor-Greens,and independents who keep that destructive combination in power, would handle our remaining years?!)(Trouble is the mob masses get fooled by empty words! And they keep on getting fooled! Which is FATAL for all of us!!)










Sun created CENTRIFUGE is causing disasters, polar shift AND pretty clearly – the cracks opening up in the ground! Though unsure about the sink holes.








I hope things are a bit clearer to you all now!








February 6th, 2,012 is a proffered date for Doom. But WHICH 2,012 are we looking at?!


The Gregorian Calendar could be as much as SIX years advanced!(Thanks to tampering by The Ecclesiastica(to stay in power).)(Thus making it only 2,005,now.)




It is 2,011,now. BUT! Is that Gregorian 2,011, or True Modern??




Do you see what I mean?




Yes, MAYBE February 6th spells doom for NEARLY all creatures on Earth, BUT – WHICH 2,012.A.D?? (Are we looking at!)


I put A.D. to distinguish from B.C.(The new nomenclature is too SAME looking!)











I was saying earlier that we had maybe 3 months to DOOM. But between Gregorian Calendar deliberate(and casual) error years AND the vagaries of about SIX major factors now converging to bring us DOOM, it is hard to be too exact!



There are VERY many different opinions out there.




However! Because I have PROVED and CONFIRMED 2,012,Doom, I can speak with some confidence.


If ONLY we knew WHICH 2,012 applied!!























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