TT12b World to be destroyed by fire??


Wednesday, 4th January, 2,012.










Please go to: http//




World to be destroyed by fire?!










(In connection with 2,012A.D.And especially The Mayan Long Count Calendar.))In there, on that site, you will learn of a claim that we(Earth and Solar System) are NOT in The Milky-Way Galaxy!)(But are in a dwarf galaxy called Sattigarius Dwarf Galaxy! Which is colliding with The Milky-Way Galaxy – at an angle to the solar ecliptic – hence the angled view of The Milky-Way Centre.)




If you view The Milky Way Centre, that fine dust like haze of stars, you will notice that it is at AN ANGLE to us.(Also that(Solar cycle 24)sun-spot activity was recently at a very low point. But that a tiny sun spot – which only lasted a few hours! – appeared(and vanished) – which had a reversed magnetic field!(Heralding the change over point from Solar cycle 23 to Solar cycle 24)(Also keep in mind that The Lord told Noah that the third time that the world would be destroyed it would be by FIRE!!(Fire ex solar flares,etc. coming from the sun?!))




We are BECOMING part of The Milky-Way Galaxy!!








Galaxies apparently grow by swallowing adjoining smaller galaxies.








It could be that Planet X and Nibiru are TWO different objects!!








2,012.A.D. has FINALLY arrived!








WHERE will we be when it(2,012.A.D.) LEAVES??!!




My point in this article is that the MAIN agent of destruction THIS TIME may be by FIRE!!




Ex the sun!!(Will The Great Alignment with the centre of The Milky Way Galaxy cause the sun to emit mega flares,etc??)








FOUR great events to come, come December 21st, 2,012.A.D.




1. The solar system, including Earth, reaching the EXTREME of its current WOBBLE. THIS is what is causing the CURRENT disturbances to the solar system.


2. NEXT, will be Nibiru’s arrival – with its collosal gravity,magnetism,electro-magnetism,etc.


3. The Galactic Alignment.




4 The Age of Aquarius.






5. EVERYTHING that Man can throw at Man!!












All five will occur CENTRED UPON 21/22nd December, 2,012.A.D!!








EACH ONE(of ALL FIVE) could produce a CATACLYSM!











































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