Sunday, 1st January, 2,012.














Greeting all. 2012 here!


Disasters,etc. are still increasing. Why??










Six things:-


1. Sol, our sun, is rounding its spiral arm of the closed STELLAR cluster(found by me) that it is in.




2. A VERY large astronomical object is fast approaching The Earth. Coming straight for us, in fact. It COULD hit us. But probably not.(Earth is the result of a collision by IT and Tiamat, The Proto Earth, and which also created our moon.) However, even a close pass(Which we can expect(it is slated))will just about wipe out all life upon this planet!(Which IS what is coming!!…) Anything from about 70 to 100% destruction. So it will be PRETTY BAD!!)




This object(I am an amateur scientist, been studying this subject, among other subjects) for about 12 years. I.Q. of 94.8%.) is either Planet X(or some planet STILL farther out past Pluto-Charon). Or, it is a planet captured off Sirius B’s planetary field. I THINK the latter. In which case Planet X(Now 1X(Now that Pluto-Charon has been demoted as a planet – because too small)(It(Pluto,etc.) is probably a satellite of Neptune which got knocked or dragged back by The Red Planet, The Winged Horus of The Sumerians.)(Because Sol goes around Sirius B.)




Nibiru is the name given to Planet X. Therefore if this incoming object is not Nibiru, I will call it The Red Planet(But NOT Mars!), meaning NOT Nibiru! I think this is probable. And that Planet X(Nibiru) is STILL way out there at about 80 A.U.(It seems to be a ball of iron,basically. With many iron oxides in it!)




The Oort Cloud and The Kuiper Belt are asteroid belts, like the asteroid belt where Phaeton once was! All three, I suspect, werer the result of direct hits from The Red Planet(Which we are wrongly calling Nibiru!), Shall we say planets Oort, Kuiper and Phaeton got destroyed by The Red Planet, The Winged Horus WRONGLY called Nibiru.(Neptune MAY have got hit and knocked back.(By The Red Planet.)


What we are about to experience is a once in 26,000,000 years event.(After once around the GALAXY!!)(The biggest event EVER to hit Man on this Earth!! EARTH-men!!)




I do not think that the 57,000 mile wide astronomical planet NOW nearing The Earth can be Planet X(Nibiru) BECAUSE it would almost certainly have to be a gas giant, which The Red Planet is not. And would need to orbit the sun on the planetary plane, WHICH THE RED PLANET DOES NOT! Be far larger than seven times the size of The Earth(which(7x) it is NOT), Not be in the infra red, which The Red Planet is. Nor strangely resemble a brown or red dwarf. The fast approaching Red Planet lacks all the characteristics of some planet of our solar system out past Neptune! It does not fit. And is altogether STRANGE. (To be expected of a planet of Sirius.B!)




Furthermore, The Red Planet has no atmosphere(the gas giants have very deep atmospheres!).




The Red Planet is a hollowed out shell of a planet – used by The Galactic Space Federation as Flag Ship of The Fleet. A War Ship. Purpose, currently: To save planets that are in danger. Like Earth is now.(All these aliens in UFO’s now rapidly increasing in number – are not here to to take us over, but to evacuate and save us. In any case we are STUPID to fight them!!(Which we are doing!!))





Why can’t we SEE it? If it is so close, why cannot the general public see it? Good question!



The answers are simple:-



1. It is in the infra red.


2. It is in the glare of the sun.




3. It is a dark object.


4. Presumably it can hop around, because it is navigated by aliens.(It will not come apparently UNTIL we are ready for the leap-up in vibrations at The Ascension!)


5. It is approaching us at a sharp angle.


6. Visible best from down south.




7. Special filters are required to see it.


8. Only telescopically visible.


9. Looks like our sun or moon, and would be easily mistaken for either!!




10. Very few even SUSPECT its existence!!




11. It is surrounded by a big cloud of red dust!








So it is not exactly an object the average person would easily latch on to!!










It looks like an elongated V, an ugly red dragon,(having a surface seething with volcanic eruptions), a winged serpent.






It IS visible telescopically. And has been for many years!!








However, astronomers, professional and amateur, are required to report ALL astronomical findings through NASA.(Which has a policy of DENIAL about it! Which is WHY no or little news of it gets out!)(Kept secret mainly so as to keep us,the people,firmly in THEIR power!)






Little, if anything, will survive its passing.






Which will probably be THIS year, 2,012! POSSIBLY not pass until early 2,013.






Some people speak of 2,014., but probably not that late.






That is when our woes SERIOUSLY begin.(Centred upon December 22nd, 2,012.A.D.) After that they proceed to diminish, and should be died right down by about 2,018 or 2,019 A.D.






The next big event is The Alignment with The Centre of our galaxy.






And the fourth big ASTRONOMICAL event is the start of The Age of Aquarius!(With the ending of The current Age of Pisces.)






All four events are centred upon 21/22. December, 2,012.A.D.












Nature and Man will REBEL most strongly against the new incoming rising vibrations, which they HATE.(But CANNOT stop.)








SOME people, some life-forms, will survive.




Mostly those who escaped into bunkers and shelters.






Little chance for any who do not find shelter!(Best WITHIN The Earth!!(The Earth IS hollow!))






So get DOWN The North Geographical Pole PRONTO!(Huge entrance near there. Just proceed dead due north BY GYROSCOPE(!!) for hundreds of miles past the MARKED North(Or South) GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!)(There are three known entrances to The Great (temperate and lush) WITHIN.)










This coming event is as sure as that the sun will rise tomorrow! In FACT, MORE SURE, as the sun is going to STOP rising for a while, VERY soon!!








PLEASE, folks, LISTEN and HEED what I say!!








Good idea to stock up and/or grow your own. But trouble is roving gangs will soon sniff out any valuables and STEAL. By force if necessary!!






EXPECT to die suddenly, terribly, horribly SOME TIME this year. POSSIBLY in 2,013, probably early on.








Thank you for listening, those that did.






All the VERY best. WE are going to NEED it!!








Expect increasing rains, hails, floods, winds, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions,etc.ETC. Peaking for December 22nd, 2,012.A.D.






As one age finishes – and the next begins.




Of COURSE time will continue!!(But we, as a civilization WON’T!!)






Prepare to meet our genetic modifiers!! The Annunaki giant beared humanoid aliens!!






The THING is HUGE, is near now, coming straight for us FAST. WHY wouldn’t it happen? Been SEEN and studied FOR MANY YEARS!!!!









So there you have it, chaps.



Let us make the most of our LAST YEAR or so as a civilized(??) UNIT!!




The END is JUST beginning!!




Finishing up with Ice Era, and then the next ICE AGE!! Before we return a The Stone Age!!




We ALL need to co-operate. But we shall do the opposite,little doubt!!




The hour IS at hand!!




WATCH now for increasing disasters,ETC.





Do I MAKE my point? Or MUST Nature make it FOR me??!!





Stop doing evil! Repent, and do NO MORE wrong against GOD, OR Man!!


Accept CHRIST into your heart. WHY would you go to a CHRISTLESS Eternity??!!



The VERY Grim Reaper IS AT THE GATES!!!!




Behold, I COME, and I COME QUICKLY(Said CHRIST through Jesus!)




Only a FOOL would reject SO GREAT a salvation!!


Alas!! Fools ABOUND!!!!




The sceptics shall VERY soon have to eat their vicious abusive words so hastily and SPITEFULLY issued!!




Be WARNED, fellahs!

















All the BEST, comrades, all of you who like me embrace GOD and CHRIST!!






And STRIVE to save those who do not!!








We NEED God and CHRIST,ETC. to enter our crowns and hearts(chakras).


NOT lower entities exchanging their POTTAGE for our TREASURES UP IN HEAVEN ABOVE!! Via the lower!!








THERE IS the challenge!!








That we DENY ourselves these lower temptations!




As it is SO hard to have both!!



























































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