TT9/2 Nibiru and Planet X.

Thursday, 29th December, 2,011.





Nibiru AND Planet X!



Peasant report: Nibiru, him heap big fellow. She come!

Titius Bode’s Law can tell us where Planet X is. Neptune is Pluto-Charon marks the spot where Neptune WAS. Until knocked back.(Perhaps by Nibiru.)(Leaving Pluto-Charon satellite behind!) It was at 40 A.U’s out from the sun.

The REMNANT of Phaeton, the planet that used to orbit the sun between Jupiter and Mars may have got struck by Nibiru, Asteroids now mark the spot.

Nibiru may have struck Tiamat, the proto-Earth, leaving The Earth we have now(About 18 million years ago.), and our moon.


Mars and Venus damaged by Nibiru.



I think now that we have TWO planets. 1. Planet X, about 80 A.U’s out from our sun.(There may be more planets out beyond Planet X,too.) Planet X is a gas giant. And 2. Nibiru which seems to be a planet captured by Sol – and dragged onto possibly a figure eight loop between Sirius.B. and Sol(our sun). Doomed to shoot past us every 3,600 years – wiping out the current civilization every 2nd(or is it 4th?) trip!



Nibiru is real. A hollowed out planet. Used by many alien races. Flagship of the fleet. Galactic Federation Council. On mission to save threatened planets. Like our is now! Four times size of Planet Earth. Is now approaching us. Should pass us VERY closely between 2,012 to 2,014 A.D. And just about wipe out ALL life on Planet Earth.


Planet X is perhaps the planet that is four times Jupiter’s size.(Voluminar size.)(Nibiru is only four times Earth’s size!)(But it has very high MASS and electro-magnetism! Etc. Plus its moons and moonlets and very much debris and dust.(We are right NOW entering its TAIL!!(Which is pointing straight at us.))



Some say it won’t arrive until late 2,014.A.D. About 2 years hence.

The Russians(Shame on The West!) are releasing news of it. THEY have been tracking it for nearly 30 years.(NASA,etc. are lying to us about it.)


Nibiru comes around every 3,600 years, and either destroys or seriously damages some planet or other during some of its trips.


In direction of Orion. In infra red, perhaps. Deep south. Best seen telescopically near sun-set or sun-rise. Nancy Leider gave out the co-ordinates.


It is real all right!!


After more than 12 years close study, I can assure you all!!


This is NO crack-pot notion! Be WARNED. And be READY!!


Many sceptics constantly sneer and deride it. But this only reveals its truth. THEY don’t WANT to believe it! So they ridicule it!


They are really saying OMG! This is true! But I don’t WANT to believe it. So I will DENY it, and then poof – it has gone(Out of his mind, but NOT out of existence!)









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