TT7 WHAT is it??

Tuesday, 27th December, 2,011.

It is not Nibiru!
There is a large astronomical object approaching The Earth. It is a planet. I considered at first that it was probably Nibiru, Planet X. Named so by The Sumerians. After their god Nibiru.

The general view by those studying it is that it is Nibiru, Planet X. Which is the next planet out beyond Neptune(Pluto with its companion Charon is no longer considered a planet, being too small to be a major object in The Solar System, namely a planet.)
However! The large objects, planets, out past Neptune(Forget Pluto-Charon, I believe they are or were satellites of Neptune!), AND INCLUDING Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus – are GAS GIANTS.(Small hard cores with huge atmospheres.)(It may be that the later objects of the solar system STILL retain their original huge atmospheres. In which case Planet X may be expected to have a very deep atmosphere too. ))
Now if this approaching object CALLED(wrongly, I think) Nibiru is Planet X on a very elongated orbit around our sun, it should have a very deep atmosphere.
However, this large object, a planet, approaching Earth has no atmosphere(to speak of)!

For this reason, and on account of its very high mass to volume ratio, plus high electro-magnetic charge, PLUS the fact that it is approaching us from BELOW the ecliptic and at a quite sharp angle, aside from being very red – seems to be VERY out of character as an ultra Neptune planet and gas giant!

Presumably planets get created nearest sun first, and then next nearest – and so on. Atmospheres apparently getting blown off(perhaps by solar wind) over time. THEREFORE planets out past Mars should have huge atmospheres!

According to this rule, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune fit the bill. They all are gas giants.

Since the orbits of these gas giants are perturbed, it is reasonable to think that further gas giant/s exist out past Neptune! SOMETHING is tugging(though gravity actually PUSHES) at them!

The further out the deeper the atmosphere. But the basic rule depends upon the size and density of the inner core. Which might vary.
Mercury, Venus and Earth seem to have increasing mass outwards. Mars is smaller though. And Phaeton(where the asteroid belt is) presumably blew up, so do not know how big IT was.

As to WHAT this mysterious large object approaching us is – apparently Sol, our sun, is co-orbitting Sirius and/or Sirius B.(Sirius B, I understand.)
Now if the approaching object is not Planet X(or Nibiru,etc.(Names))then it being an outer planet of Sirius B is the most likely alternative!

Our sun has picked it up, and now drags it along after it – as it orbits Sirius B. So The Red Planet(not Mars!), a very deadly, ugly monster like a red dragon, seething with volcanic eruptions on its surface is coming. Centreing on the date of December 22nd, 2,012.A.D.

It is doing a weave between Sirius B and our sun.(Sol)
Along with its six or seven moons and many moonlets, plus a tremendous amount of debris.
The TAIL of this object is blowing out BEFORE it. Driven out by the solar wind!

Plus there is a lot of debris TRAILING BEHIND it.

The Red Planet is not expected to hit us(Though it did once, initially, when it struck pro-Earth Tiamat, creating our present Earth, asteroids and our moon.). But it should pass us VERY closely. On its first pass.

We should see it about a month before it passes.

As it approaches, TAIL FIRST, debris should INCREASINGLY fall to Earth.(We need shelters(Which is why I urge that we get The Authorities to organize a mass exodus evacuation of our best stock DOWN The North Geographical Pole!)(Just our best humans, as there is plenty to eat,etc.down there!)

Expect an increasing hail of boulders, dust, especially RED dust(Apparently the red planet is composed of much iron oxides(s).) (The red dust when mixed with water looks VERY MUCH like blood!)(A red dust has already been falling.(H.G.Wells spoke of a red dust in his short story “In The Wake of The Comet!”.)
The Red Planet(I will call it Red for short.), RED, will probably not hit us. But it has six or seven moons, and many moonlets, which might come uncomfortably close. We shall see.

I wish I could pin-point a date(of arrival, and of naked eye sighting due), – but because NASA,etc. are trying to kid us that it does not exist or is some innocuous something else(like a small minor planet), it is hard to determine exactly WHEN it will arrive. Or even appear!!
I guess April or May(Maybe 20th or 21st) for passing.(Naked eye sighting by all some time this coming April. But this may be a GUESS.)
I don’t know. I wish that I did.

It may not even arrive until early 2,013.

I only know that it is(and has been for many years!) TELESCOPICALLY visible.(Looking like a small yellowish SUN when sun is between it and us, and a black disc when it is between sun and us.)
It is definitely not a sun dog. And refractions,reflections,temperature inversions, lens flares,hoaxes,etc. seem to get ruled out by high clouds,ETC. hiding it at times. It DOES seem to be genuine. There are many videos of it. From various parts of the world.

Little doubt about it. It is THERE. And coming closer.

RED should be VERY destructive.


Bunkers and shelters are being built in many countries.

But only a tiny few are going to find refuge within!
What do the rest of us do??

I expect a JOLT of The Entire Globe as our sun rounds its stellar arm. That should level things on Earth QUITE a lot!(This is a phenomenon quite DIFFERENT to RED’s coming!!)(But we have RED,TOO!!)

We have TWO sets of cataclysm series. The sun rounding its stellar spiral arm every 6,500 years.
And the passing close by of RED every 3,600 years.
These two series are CO-INCIDING this time!!

That date of December 22nd, 2,012.A.D. IS the key.

That is when The Great Alignment with The Centre of our galaxy also occurs(with unknown results).
AND the start of The Age of Aquarius. Which(higher vibrations) I expect Nature and Man to RE-ACT VERY BADLY against.
These four horrors PLUS a rising to a crescendo of all the “ordinary” things!!

Therefore, folks, I see a TERRIBLE year or so ahead! Worst EVER for Man on this Earth(FUTURE included!!)!!

Keep your minds FOCUSSED on GOD and CHRIST. Raise your vibrations(spiritual) as high as you possibly can, this WHOLE next year or so, and for the years following!(Though we should ALWAYS focus on GOD and CHRIST!!)
Meditate! Pray. Yoga(Mental yogas!) and The Sutras.

Yes, I expect aliens to evacuate the best half of us.
I think many more will just expire as the PRESSURE of the strain and also the growing HEAT(and cold!) occur.(Planet RED is VERY hot.)
My point in this article is to point out that the incoming object(I NOW think wrongly called Nibiru) – is probably not Planet X, but an outer planet of Sirius B – captured by our sun!(Because RED is not a gas giant!!)(Which Planet X(Nibiru)almost certainly is.)

It may even be a planet of Sirius(itself).

Any ideas anyone?!(

We all need to unite on this, to further our knowledge on this MYSTERIOUS OBJECT – and how to escape it!

Not pleasant sitting under your roof waiting for a boulder to crash through!!
I have come a long way in 12 years on this. Have I got a better picture now??
I have an I.Q. of 94.8%. At least I HAD that!

And have studied this matter closely and intensely for about 12 years.
Found out much. – But IS IT enough??

Am I as wise as ever?!

It is not Nemesis.(Sol’s twin.)(Which is 2 light-years away!) Nor is it(I think) a brown or red dwarf.
My forte has been cracking big nuts like this.

But THIS particular riddle takes a bit of beating!!

WHY are we not being better informed by the authorities?
NASA long back ORDERED that ALL reports from astronomers(professional and amateur) be channelled THROUGH NASA.
But THEY are ridiculing the idea!
It was THEY who found it!
They denied their own marvellous find WITHIN ONE WEEK!!

I think because the object is so BIG!(But note that its MASS,ETC. are even more frightening!!)
Folks, I regard it as my duty to inform you of my thoughts. To make life easier for us all.
I DON’T KNOW(for SURE, about this one)

I only know that I am 90% convinced of RED’s reality!
AND that we can EXPECT it to inflict between 30% and 90% destruction(of EVERYTHING) right across the face of The Earth.
Which it DOES, every few thousand years.

We have about a dozen very reliable sources.
And we have many video pictures and reports of it(RED(a mysterious planet rapidly approaching us).

The Authorities are VERY STRANGELY SILENT!!(Odd in the face of such CLAMOUR!!)

The Internet,etc. is increasingLY abuzz with “Nibiru”(which I don’t think is Nibiru!)!
Some of the best minds acknowledge its coming!

Shelters and bunkers being built.
Warnings issued.
Advices to TAKE precautions, stock up,etc!!
WHY are some being “removed” for trying to provide more information on this THING??
I expect it to appear to the naked eye some time over the next about 16 months.(More like FOUR!)

And I expect it to pass us about a month or two after naked eye sighting.

Comet Elenin seems to have been a huge alien space ship. Which seems to have dimmed its lights!

Even some crop circles warn us about Nibiru.

It is VERY intriguing.
Note that the perturbations to our outer planets(Are our outer planets STILL perturbed slightly?)(OR is RED ex Sirius B responsible for them(the perturbations. AND the disturbances to our solar system??!!)?)
Ideas, anyone??!!
I only know that IT IS coming!!
The sceptics scornful denials are psychological! They are REALLY saying “I don’t WANT to believe this!” – “So I will deny it, and kid myself that my WANTING it to not be EQUALS it not being be!”.

King Canute did something like that when he commanded the TIDE to stop coming in!
But he STILL got his feet wet!(I believe he said Bah!)
And I expect its many sceptics to go increasingly strangely silent from SOON!!

Vic.(Your call, folks!!)(Is it Planet X or a planet of Sirius B??!!)


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