TT6e Nibiru.

Monday, 26th December, 2,011.


Some are now saying that it will pass us at 12 million miles.
The thing about Nibiru is not so much its size(variously reported at being between slightly smaller than Mars – and four times the size of Jupiter), as its MASS. Because of its DENSITY. Due, I presume to it being a planet of Sirius B, which is a white dwarf. A dense star. It seems its planets are dense too. So its MASS is many times normal.(Its MASS seems to be the reason for it being suspected of being a brown or red dwarf.)
So if our sun, Sol, captured planet Nibiru from The Sirius B system, this might account for its very high mass!
Mass is more important than size! It is the MASS of an astronomical object that decrees its gravitational tide. It is also highly magnetic. And with high electric pulses. Therefore even at a 12 million miles distance it is going to be VERY troublesome!
Meanwhile Planet X, the perturber of the outer planets of our solar system, continues to elude!(Nibiru was found whilst astronomers were searching for Planet X!)(I believe a whole string of planets, all giants, once existed out beyond Pluto.)(But may be only one now. Perhaps due to being pulverized by near-by novae.)(I don’t know. Guessing. As the outermost planets of all stellar systems seem to have very oval(egg) shaped orbits.(It may just be a feature of outer planets.))

It is POSSIBLE that Nibiru is the cause of the disturbances in our solar system. And Planet X almost certainly the cause of the perturbations in the outer planets,sun and moons.(PERHAPS the sun is not circling its stellar spiral arm.)

Our solar system is VERY disturbed. The cause has to be centrifugal force from our sun rounding its stellar spiral arm OR Nibiru, or both.

Now not many know about Nibiru,etc. Although many know about 2012 being the alleged year of doom.(Ascension, Rapture, Revivals and the higher vibrations of The Aquarian Age are the good things about 2012.(It is not all gloom and doom. I only concentrate on doom to try to get as many as possible to get down The North Geographical Pole – to get better protection against Nibiru,etc.(Though that would only save against the bombardment from space. Which, THOUGH, – IS SOMETHING!!)))

The thing is: Despite all the talk about 2012 Doom, and Nibiru; when Nibiru DOES appear(SOON) to naked eye view in our sky, it is going to cause A MOST APPALLING SHOCK to the whole world!!(As more than a few disbelieve it, have doubts, or have not realized the full significance of a civilization destroyer(which it IS)!)
It is PURE INSANITY to not warn the public! As if the people were warned in advance the could ADAPT and ADJUST to the idea even of a sudden terrible and horrible death some time in 2012.A.D!

Thus avoiding the MAIN PANDEMONIUM that must ensue when it is SUDDENLY AND TOO LATE apprised to the public!!
News of it SHOULD have been released to the world all along, since it was spotted(By NASA!) THIRTY years ago! (1982 or 3) This is NUTS. I mean this business of trying to avoid panic by delaying news of its coming!(Arriving UNWARNED and TOO LATE is obvious INSANITY!(Producing MASS PANDEMONIUM!! For which those responsible must be held accountable!!)

But I hold that the main reason for non-disclosure is to keep control of us(under THUMB!), rather than panic. And also to get the best seats for THEIR OWN!!(In bunkers and shelters,etc.)

The impact is going to be the equivalent of about 30,000 hydrogen bombs! Or a world plastered with nuclear devices!!(Which it could be anyway soon via world war/s!)
I believe that The U.S. is being driven to world war – by two threats: 1. The menace of Iran with the nuclear weapon. Especially blocking off the straits of Horuz. And also the threat of an EMP attack by North Korea. Knocking out North America. By simply exploding a nuclear weapon high enough above U.S. and Canada!!

Knocking out all electronic devices would cripple North America.(Or any other countries subject to such attack.)

Why destroy another country, allegedly enemy, when you can destroy his electronic appliances?(At least their functioning.)

That would throw them back 150 years, rendering them ineffective.

The sun,too,in 2012, is threatening to knock out electronics world-wide!(Via sub-cycle 24.)
Unless you are a sadist, you surely do not want to DESTROY an enemy nation. How much better to just render them incapable of attacking you!
West needed to knock out Iran and North Korea decades back. Instead they went for Iraq and Afghanistan, WEAK nations. And also via McArthur neutralizing RED China decades back! Instead, NOW, we have all these birds coming in to roost!!
Seems Obama is destroying Christmas!(No star on Christmas trees is like no icing on Christmas cake and no snow at Christmas time!)
What IDIOCY to not promote one’s own religion FOR FEAR OF POSSIBLY OFFENDING some others’ religion!(ESPECIALLY in one’s OWN country!!)(This is like not taking a step along the footpath in case you might hit someone! Daft!!)

Isn’t that what religion is all about. Having the best religion! It should be a battle of ideals’ competition. West is losing it! I would say LOST!!
Not stupidly not hoisting your OWN flag for fear of hurting ANOTHER’S flag being flown. You are INSANE, world!! That is IDIOCY!!

This is APOSTACY!!
You who do this have SOMETHING to ANSWER FOR,mind!(But Obama IS a Muslim!)(Come on U.S! WHAT is the MATTER with you??!!)
Next move take down THE CROSS, and hoist THE CRESCENT??!! IDIOTS!!

And the move after that, have the United States flag taken down, and The Hammer and SICKLE put up?!!
How STUPID can you get??!!
There is no limit I’m afraid!!



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