TT5d Merry Christmas, ALL!

Sunday, 25th December, 2,011.

Merry Christmas, ALL!!

AND as Happy A NEW YEAR, as is possible under
the circumstances and conditions!!


As usual the old world goes from bad to worse.

My FRANTIC DESPERATE urge and motive – IS to get as many as possible DOWN The North Geographical Pole. That we might at least escape the horrific deluge of nasty stuff to increasingly fall from above – from now on. Or from up to a few months to a year hence. And for the next several YEARS!!

We can EXPECT EVERY IMAGINABLE unpleasant thing!!

Basically, the trouble is Nibiru. And YET, what is causing our growing disasters and heat(and cold!),ETC. is not Nibiru, but the simple fact that The Solar System is rounding the STELLAR spiral arm it is on, via Centrifugal Force. Causing HEAVE UP of the upper Earth to occur!(But from now on Nibiru will TAKE OVER!!)
It is NOT true that there is nothing we can do about it. THAT is a cop-out!
We can do our BEST to get The Authorities to ORGANIZE that the best of everything we have, from humans to seeds, gets sent down THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!! Pronto!!
Down The one thousand mile wide TUBULAR entrance to THE GREAT WITHIN near to there!

Best way, I think, is go in on Cruise Ships, preceded by Ice Breakers!!
Down there, but NOT underground, nor EVEN below(!!), it is temperate and with ocean and land!(Take ARMS!!)

Otherwise we have to take our chances with humanoid ALIENS!!


The authorities know what is coming. And have for many years.
They do not tell us(but deny it all)to KEEP CONTROL of us! And to avoid mass panic. And so that they may save their own chosen ones!!


Their conspiracy of silence and lies in the face of THE INCREASINGLY OBVIOUS!!

What is coming is not JUST Planet NIBIRU, but ON TOP OF our current woes from the centrifugal HEAVE UP(causing earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, growing heat, sink holes and cracks in the ground,ETC.ETC.) – BUT whatever results from The Great Alignment with the centre of THE GALAXY!!

Plus the RE-ACTION by Nature AND MAN – to The Start of The Aquarian Age.(All cycles CENTRED UPON December 22nd, 2,012.A.D. Yes! 2,013,etc. WILL come. But! WE will be going! SO MANY of us!! OUT of PHYSICAL existence. And THAT will be THE LEAST evil OUTCOME!!)

On TOP OF all the usual increasing horrors and terrors!!

The aliens are coming to try and save the best of us!(But some are fighting them! Which is DAFT!! They are so superior to us!!)

Nibiru, apparently, is NOT Planet X(Now Planet 1X)! But is a planet captured by Sol, our sun, from the star Sirius B,(Which Sol ORBITS!!) a white dwarf, a red volcanic erupting ugly thing of about four times size of Earth. But VERY massive, and with VERY powerful ELECTRO-MAGNETIC PULSES.(Look towards Orion, in the southern sky. But our best hope is from The Pleiades!)
Plus expect from sun, various discharges which should knock out nearly all electronic and electric appliances, AND SATELLITES!!


Sending us back about 150 years FOR STARTERS!!

I say what I am saying so you might at least say your prayers!!


Do NOT say there is nothing we can do about it! THAT is SIMPLY NOT TRUE!!

We can band together and AT LEAST TRY to get The Authorities to ORGANIZE a MASS EVACUATION down The North Geographical Pole!!(To which head DEAD DUE NORTH by GYROSCOPE!!)


One or two have asked me WHERE The North Geographical Pole is(There are about three known entrances into The Hollow Interior. One(South Geographical Pole) is too hard, I think. One is small and hard to locate. Best is The North Geographical Pole. The Tubular entrance NEAR TO THERE!(Go in there and KEEP GOING for MANY HUNDREDS of miles!)).
EVENTUALLY you will come through to TEMPERATE LUSH lands!!(But MUCH life down there! Humans,etc. Animals and Plants!!)(Take ARMS!!)
A friendly race of GIANTS down there!
The North Geographical Pole is NOT the MARKED pole(Nor is the south one!). But is actually 400 miles up in space!
There IS NO geographical pole, north or south, you see!!
Cannot give co-ordinates!! To something WHICH DOES NOT exist!!

There is SIMPLY a thousand mile WIDE tube-way extending MANY HUNDREDS of miles, down(Yet not underground, NOR BELOW(!!), into THE GREAT WITHIN!!)


Just HEAD NORTH – and KEEP ON GOING!! By gyroscope!!
Compasses do not work near to the poles!!


Failing that you can only hope to be evacuated by HUMANOID ALIENS!!

Few will survive. Few life-forms. And for those that do, FAR better – had they DIED!! It will be SO AWFUL everywhere upon the surface of The Earth!!


Best hope of all is via what is called The Ascension. Which is a raising of the VIBRATIONS of The Earth AND its creatures!(Coming in now via The Start of The Aquarian Age, now less than a year away.)
In order to TRY to escape to a HIGHER VIBRATIONAL Earth!!(As Earth will separate into (VIBRATIONALLY!!) two!!)

Do NOT commit suicide! NOR turn to Euthanasia!! Heavy PENALTIES!!(After death in The Spirit World.)

What we have THIS TIME is a CONFLUENCE of ALL cycles, centreing upon December 22nd, 2,012.A.D!!
A once in about all time event. CALLED THE EVENT!!(Which many got born now ESPECIALLY to experience!!)

Principally TWO HUGE cycles are co-inciding. There is the 6,500 year cycle of The Earth rounding the stellar arm of the closed stellar group(found by me) it is in. AND the 3,600 year orbital cycle of NIBIRU!!
In ADDITION to these TWO horrors and terrors, we have THE GREAT ALIGNMENT with the centre of our galaxy.(I do not know what THAT will bring.)

PLUS the START of The Aquarian Age. Which is what brings the raising of the vibrations! BUT! Dominant Nature and Man HATE higher vibrations, and will RE-ACT VERY BADLY!!


Along with World Civil War and repression. Plus World Wars 3,etc. AND disease over-coming our anti-biotics,ETC.ETC!!

Of course we shall have Martial Law, Military Rule, Police States, and CURFEWS!!!!
No good me stuffing you all up with a lot of nonsense!! I put it to you STRAIGHT!!


We CAN expect the worst time EVER(FUTURE included!!)


Next year, 2,012.A.D. will be the WORST year EVER!!


For those who FAIL to escape the closing jaws of DOOM!!

It IS a FACT!!

I HAVE the PROOF and CONFIRMATION that 2,012.A.D. WILL BE The Year of DOOM. The Terrible YEAR of THE LORD. Centred upon December 22nd, 2,012.A.D.(Just under a year hence,now!)

I warn you, as many as I can reach, that you might have A CHANCE to save yourselves and your loved ones!!
NOT to scare you, but so that you might be able to DO something about it!!

I can ASSURE you all that I am speaking VERY TRUE INDEED!!


My conclusion after about TWELVE YEARS of close INTENSE study, checking and re-checking EVERYTHING. All of my calculations,etc.

Believe me, I am doing ALL that I can to TRY to find an alternative CONCLUSION!!

So I speak out the truth.

I hold that it is BETTER that the people KNOW. So that they can adapt and adjust TO THE IDEA

– so to get over the panic re-action, and as calmly AS POSSIBLE face the INEVITABLE!!(A sudden terrible HORRIBLE DEATH!!)

Now: AM I coming ACROSS clearly ENOUGH to those TINY FEW of you I can reach(As the world is resisting and opposing my(and others’) efforts ONLY TOO WELL!!)

The powers that be are LYING, you see!!

It ISN’T JUST to avoid panic!



Stock up, is wise. Though expect it to be FORCIBLY STOLEN off you!!
Safest place to flee to? Up on top of The Great Dividing Range in Queensland, AUSTRALIA!!


To avoid the tsunamis!

A thousand feet – and more!!
I expect a JOLT, – that will LEVEL EVERYTHING upon Earth. Down WITHIN,too.
Underground so dangerous!

Underwater best! In a submarine!

Nibiru, about four times size of Earth is slated to pass us very closely. Its GRAVITY,MAGNETIC,ELECTRIC,ETC. tides should just about tear The Earth in half!!


Yes, expect Pole Shift. The Earth should INVERT completely physically geographically!!
You can imagine the SLOSHING ABOUT that will cause of the oceans over the continents!!


Bunkers and underground shelters are being built(and have been for YEARS) in MANY countries. And seeds,etc.stored.


THEY know. But will NOT tell us!

Which is so VERY foolish!



ESPECIALLY as very soon now, Nibiru will spring into NAKED EYE view by ALL!!

Been telescopically visible for MANY YEARS!!

Looks like an elongated V in the sky. A great red dragon. A second sun. A second red big moon!! A DESTROYING MONSTER!!

HELP ME to alert The Authorities to take THE BEST COURSE!!

When will it arrive? Probably some time next year, or thereabouts.


Becoming visible to naked eye about one month beforehand.

Sun will go black. Moon,red. Earth stop rotating for 2 to 3 days. And the stars seem to FALL(all of them)! Followed by Ice Era. And then ICE AGE!!


As prophesied in Holy Bible.



We have two groups. Those who know. AND Those who don’t want to know(and go into very foolish DENIAL!!).

It is NOT some hare-brained notion by cranks!!


As we shall ALL very soon FIND OUT!! Within a few months, I expect.

Be READY for MANY humanoid aliens. The Nephelim and The Annunaki to LAND.

To rescue the BEST of their CATTLE(US!!).

ALL the very best,

Comrades. THOSE who are!



And GOD speed!





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