TT4 Still more upon Nibiru,etc.

Saturday, 24th December, 2,011.

Still more upon Nibiru,etc.

There are four key things: Phaeton, the fifth planet(between Mars and Jupiter it was, where the asteroids are now). Earth. Planet X(Now 1X). And Nibiru.(Five key things if we count Mars.)(Phaeton, Mars and Earth were in some cultural federation.)
Apparently during a war(scuffles between Draco/Reptileans and humanoids, two city states), Phaeton had its surface blown off(thermo-nuclear war). Either it is off on some irregular orbit somewhere, or was later destroyed by Nibiru.

Mars got badly damaged in a Nibiru pass. And had its population all but destroyed.(To this day the remnants survive, struggling, in huge cities.)

Earth, which it seems was formerly Tiamat(which got hit by Phaeton and split in two, one half what we have now(Moon created in process.), and the other half asteroids.

Planet X(and possibly more beyond that) is out there somewhere, STILL undiscovered. Causing the perturbations to Uranus and Pluto.
Nibiru,now almost upon us(Earth), was a planet of Sirius.B. – which got caught by Sol, our sun.(So Nibiru now swings between Sirius B and Sol. In a 3,600 year orbit.)

Sol and Sirius B orbit each other(fact).
Orion’s Belt has a much larger counterpart farther back. Found on my map.

Apparently the Orion lot are unfriendly(towards us). So are The Andromedans. And of course the Draco’s and Reptileans.
Pleiadians are friendly. As I hope are the Ultra Pleiadians(farther out).

Sol is our Sun’s name.

Some time during the next few months(And certainly within the next few years), Nibiru will cause horrific damage to The Earth.(Wiping out anything from 30% to nine tenths of our planet.)

The authorities, ruled by NASA and NSA,etc. are engaged in a conspiracy of silence or denial.(Wishing to look after their own, keep control, AND avoid mass pandemonium.)
The sceptics are in denial.(In denial of the increasingly obvious.)
The perturbations to the outer planets are caused by Planet X(perhaps more) STILL undiscovered.
The disturbances(much more than perturbations!) are caused by Sol, our sun rounding the spiral arm of the stellar cluster it is in(upon which apparently is Alycone). Plus being at the extreme end of some sort of giant wobble by the solar system. Of The Earth, anyway. Dubious about the solar system. Apparently only the rounding of the spiral arm,then.
We also have The Great Alignment near.(I doubt this is the cause of the disturbances.)
And the approaching start of The Aquarian Age.(Which is not the cause of the disturbances!)
So the disturbances seem to be due solely to our sun, Sol, rounding its stellar spiral arm.



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