TT1b More on 2,012,Nibiru,Doom,ETC.

Friday, 23rd December, 2,011.


Some fine points.


1. There is a large object approaching The Earth. That is for sure! As sure as can be.

2. I gather now that it is slightly smaller than Jupiter.

3. It is either Planet X or a Brown or Red Dwarf star. I think the former most likely.

4. It looks like an elongated V in the sky.(Due to volcanic dust streaming out on both sides of it as it speeds through space.)

5. This elongated V shape is the VERY shape given to Nibiru(The most popular name now given to Planet X or whatever IT is.)by The Sumerians so long ago.

6. Planet X(Now better known as Nibiru) is the next planet out in our solar system, past Pluto-Charon. It has an orbital period around our sun of 3,600 years.

7. Each time it passes The Earth – it causes horrific damage. Such as to end whatever civilization exists(e.g. Atlantis, Lemuria,…), levelling the entire surface of The Earth. Wiping out anything from about a third of all life – to around 90%. So we DO have something to think about! A sudden terrible horrible death.

8. Now The Earth is hollow. The Earth’s shape is that of a double reverse helix. That is its surface BENDS back around upon itself AT THE POLES. And,thus, if we push past either the MARKED north or south pole – we shall enter THE GREAT WITHIN – via a THOUSAND MILE WIDE TUBULAR entrance. Down there, we shall be under the 800 plus mile wide SHELL of The Earth. And safe from everything pounding down from above. Of which there will be plenty.(True, we can expect earthquakes and volcanic eruptions down below,too. But chances should be better down there!(Which, by the way, is NOT underground!!))(Therefore I appeal to ALL to get The Authorities to get the best humans DOWN WITHIN.(But NOT underground!)(I suggest Cruise ships preceded by Ice Breakers. North Geographical Pole, as South is too difficult. North Geographical Pole best. Enterable by sea or air. Dangers down there,too. So do take arms.)(It will SEEM to be on the outer surface!)(Head DEAD DUE GEOGRAPHICAL NORTH, by Gyroscope, and KEEP GOING, even for MANY HUNDREDS OF MILES, – until you reach lush warm land!!)

9. Head dead due North by Gyroscope. Proceed for many hundreds of miles past MARKED North Pole, and you should then find yourself WITHIN. Which will seem like the outer surface! Much land down there! Temperate. Lush. Plenty to live on.(I just said that. Won’t hurt to say it twice!!)
10. SOME of The Authorities KNOW that this huge object is approaching and will cause terrific damage all over The Earth. So they are building shelters and bunkers,etc. Storing seeds,etc.

11. There is tremendous opposition and resistance to all who even TRY to warn the world of what is coming!(Sudden horrible terrible death!) Even assassination!

12. NASA searched for the astronomical object responsible for the perturbations caused to the outer planets. And they found Planet X! But within a week denied their own marvellous find! I believe because of its SIZE.
13. The Russians, and others, took up tracking it,etc. It exists ALL RIGHT!! And is coming straight for us.(ALMOST straight. It is a curving orbital trajectory actually as it sweeps around the sun – and the inner planets, including The Earth.)

14. Now expected to pass Earth at 14,000,000 miles. And look like a second and large red moon.

15. Aliens are massing in their ships high above. Their purpose(I believe) is to EVACUATE the best half of humanity to another planet until the devastation has passed. However, U.S. etc. are actually fighting them! Which is STUPID. As they are far in advance of us!(They genetically modified us long ago, and us being their cattle, they intend(I believe) to EVACUATE us to safety. Hence the growing numbers above!!(Expect them to land soon – and begin proceedings. Taking us aboard UFO’s, and then whisking us off to a safe planet – at least until the devastation ends.)
16. This object is not only large, but is dense, with a high MASS. Plus it has, in addition to its gravity tides, – powerful magnetic tides AND electro-magnetic pulses,ETC.(The Annunaki use it as a ship. Their planet is called Homeward.)

It is a very ugly volcanic erupting planet.(A seething mass of erupting volcanoes.) It COULD hit us. But I do not think so.(It has once I believe.)(Creating our moon.)

It seems to be associated with so called Comet Elenin. Which vanished some time back. But I do not think that it has gone. I believe Elenin is a huge UFO, which has now dimmed its lights.

Elenin was The Blue Katchina. Nibiru is The Red Katchina.


The Blue Katrina is said to precede the Nibiru horror by a month.

17. It is The Festive Season. I am terribly sorry to speak of such horrid things at this time especially.

However, we are facing possible EXTINCTION. And need to ACT as fast as possible!! This festive season may be an ideal time to draw the attention of many to THE HORROR that we are facing!!

IF we can get the best of everything(This is what Noah did! Remember the great FLOOD mentioned in The Bible?)(Also caused by Nibiru.)to WITHIN The Earth, we MAY be able to start life upon this planet again. Which is about to be VERY savagely curtailed!!
18. Alone, few of us could do much about it. But if we can get The Authorities to ACT – by ORGANIZING an EVACUATION of the BEST of everything WITHIN THE EARTH, then MAYBE we can re-start life upon Earth!! Which could end. Or at least be VERY SEVERELY stopped in its tracks!!
19. Last time this happened we had Santorini.(In Eastern Med.) Time before that, Joshua, The Exodus, and things like that.(Of The Israelis.) So we are facing something GIGANTIC.


20. Instead of admitting Nibiru’s approach – which is obvious. Being like a second sun when on far side of sun from us, and a black disc when between sun and us(as WE orbitting go around the sun); it(NASA,et al.) is DENYING it. And even persecuting those who try to warn the world of it!(Ostensibly to avoid mass panic. But I think actually to keep CONTROL of us.)
21. It is better, in my opinion, to warn the world asap, and have a mass panic NOW. Rather than face MASS PANDEMONIUM later!!

The People, in General, are a tough lot. They will adapt and adjust to the idea! They SHOULD compose themselves IN TIME. –

But if you say nothing about it, then naturally there is going to be MASS PANDEMONIUM – with all its horrors and terrors ONCE they SEE Nibiru with the naked eye. Any time soon!!(We can EXPECT to SEE it with the naked eye – SOON!!)
It is surely idiocy to try to conceal something that is SOON going to burst into NAKED EYE VIEW!!
I have to conclude that those who know what is coming, realize that only a FEW can be saved. And that naturally they are going to save their own! The rest of us can take our chances, which will be VERY slim indeed!!

22. If it hits us – FINIS. If it passes close by, then expect tremendous world wide destruction. That is the most likely event, a close pass.


23. It should be LIKE in the film 2,012. VERY rough and nasty!!

24. This is no asteroid or comet. (Though MANY comets and asteroids can be expected to precede Nibiru, AND follow it(and rain down upon us). So we are looking at something FAR FAR worse than in Deep Impact!)
25. Expect to see masses of humanoid aliens land soon. Especially The Annunaki. Long-headed bearded giants. Who fancy our women.
26. I keep on about this I well know. But it being so IMMENSE – I am obliged to, KNOWING what we can expect VERY SOON!!


27. Yes, it must be a problem for The Authorities! Because only A TINY FEW can be saved. Naturally you are going to save your OWN!!


28. However, The People are going to be VERY upset when they find out(See this thing.). EXTREMELY so!!
29. Nor is Nibiru the ONLY horror imminent!!
30. Consider World War Three(Putin mentioned lately), Economic and Financial global collapse. Rampant disease as anti-biotics overcome. World Civil War. Beserk humans and animals everywhere, committing worst things imaginable, ceaselessly to everything!! Invasions and Terrorism.Etc.ETCS.

31. We won’t be able to trust our NEIGHBOURS,even!! Perhaps ESPECIALY THEM!!
32. Go BUSH!! Live off the land as best you can. If ONLY there will be any viable land LEFT!!
33. My object is not to scare you(though I imagine this report MUST), but to get you to SAVE YOURELVES!!
34. Stocking up food and essentials is obvious. But trouble is, those who have not stocked up, will steal off those who have!! By BRUTE force.

35. I am VERY sure that we can expect all this!!

36. This happens EVERY 3,600 years.


37. Now in ADDITION TO Nibiru, we have THREE OTHER VERY NASTY things about to occur:-
(i) The Wobble of The Earth reaching its peak.

(ii) The Alignment with The Centre of our galaxy. When, on December 21st, 2,012,A.D., The Northern Winter Solstice, Earth, Sun and Galactic Centre are in a straight line.(I do not know what that will cause.)
(iii) The Start of The Aquarian Age.(This will bring in higher vibrations. But this world HATES higher vibrations,(of love,etc.) and will re-act VERY BADLY indeed!!)
38. Plus all the ” ordinary” things that beset us, rising to a peak.


39. There is A LOT to be said for not saying anything. But I think we do need to give THE PEOPLE a chance!! If only to say their prayers!!
40. Nibiru IS coming. It MAY not pass us until 2,013 or 2,014! But should do by 2,019. And then be gone by 2,020 to 2,024.


41. The many sceptics keep telling us that there is no such thing as Nibiru, and that it is not coming.

I would ask: WHAT PROOF have you of such hasty dogmatic negative statements??!!
HOW do you KNOW??

42. I have the PROOF and CONFIRMATION that 2,012.A.D. is INDEED The Terrible Year of The Lord!!(A simple arithmetic proof and confirmation!!)(WHY will nobody(so far) check me out??!!)

43. There we have it, 2,012.A.D, Wobble, Nibiru, The Great Alignment – and Aquarius, along with WW3,etc. World Civil War, Invasions, Terrorism, hostility by humans and animals, diseases, famine, every imaginable DISASTER in the worst degree, plus economic and financial world storm.

44. How sure am I? VERY sure!! It is becoming OBVIOUS!!

45, What can we do? Join me in trying to get The Authorities to act.(By getting best humans DOWN The North GEOGRAPHICAL POLE, PRONTO!!)(Do a NOAH!!)


46. The Authorities deny it all you see. Not a murmur in The Western Media! But it SHOULD be BANNER FRONT PAGE HEADLINES!! And have been so since 1983 WHEN NASA found Nibiru, The Tenth Planet!!

47. PLEASE, folks, this is not some minor disaster we are talking about! But the biggest event, albeit BASICALLY good, we shall EVER(future included) encounter!! Threatening the future of ALL life upon this planet!!


48. I am not crying out constantly for nothing! Especially at Christmas time! We act, or not only perish horribly and terribly, but good chance of NO FUTURE LIFE upon Planet Earth!!

49. Note: We have had growing disasters, heat AND cold for many years now. Expect these to continue, and peak around December 22nd, 2,012.A.D.

IT shall not happen BANG, a one-off event ON December 22nd, 2,012.A.D. But! Build up TO that day(AND after it), via increasing disasters OF ALL KINDS!!

Then gradually die away.
Until the NEXT time, 3,600 years hence.


50. THIS TIME, we not only have Nibiru to contend with(Every 3,600 years), but The Wobble peaking(Which occurs every 6,500 years.)

In addition to that, ALL cycles and eras will be ending Dec.21;2,012. Then re-starting Dec.22; 2,012.A.D.
Mayan Long Count Calendar ends Dec.21,2,012.A.D.
Authorities trying all out to conceal all this.


As THEY will stop at nothing to prevent anyone from making The Nibiru,ETC. menace known!!

A conspiracy of denial and silence!! YES!!!!

51. WHY are these ones at the top being so stupid? WHY are they LYING to us??(They are doing much more than LYING. They are doing their UTMOST to HIDE what is happening!! And so VERY successfully!! Key opponents getting BUMPED OFF!!!! So WATCH how you go about this!!)

Four main reasons: (i) To keep CONTROL(under THUMB!!) of The People. (ii) to avoid mass panic and mass pandemonium. (iii) To try to maintain The Status Quo. (iv) To ensure that they save THEIR OWN.
And THEIR chosen ones!!

52. We live upon a VERY unevolved(spiritually) planet. It is EXTREMELY negative and hostile. EVEN to itself!!

This ruthless VICIOUS negativism is now reaching a climax.
So the FARMERS are coming! They who GENETICALLY modified our genes.(To produce slaves to garner gold for them. To spray into their atmosphere in particles. To get more light and heat for their planet – which goes a LONG way out from the sun!!)


I do not think that it is a brown, or red, dwarf star.


53. WHY can’t we SEE it? Why do we hear nothing about this from Government and Media,etc.ETC.
Surely the astronomers, professional and amateur would alert us?! No. Because U.S. Congress has ordered that all astronomical news of this nature be channelled THROUGH NASA!(Who will of course twist it into nothing!!)(AND BLOCK it from the main news stream!!)


54, This is nuts because it is better to know the truth! Nibiru is going to APPEAR to the naked eye SOON. (We shall all see it!)

THEY cannot HIDE the fact of it much longer!!
THEY are those faceless ones high up, with so much power,etc. who so ruthlessly and FULLY rule our lives!!
55. Humans DO need a firm hand I agree. A VERY firm hand. Otherwise you will have Anarchy and Bedlam. Because dominant humanity is so NEGATIVE. Believing more in hatred and anger than divine will and love. So INTOLERANT and IMPATIENT!!!!
This is due to living from LOWER SELF instead of higher self!!
But it has a cost. And that cost is SELF DESTRUCTION. We are DESTROYING OURSELVES!!!!

56. We CANNOT, much longer, go on like this!!
57. Too many people on the planet!
58. And too much TRAFFIC!!
59. We so need to reduce population!
60. If we don’t, then Nature(AND Man) will do it FOR US!!


61. So Annunaki,etc. ARE INTERVENING!!
62. Knock it off, you unruly cattle. Or get sent to inferior pastures!! KNOCK IT OFF!!!!


63. What we do to others gets done to US!!

64. GOD help us all!!





Vic.(Be READY to die. ALL of you. ALL creatures on Earth!! Indeed, in The Solar System!!!!)(VERY soon!!)





One Response to TT1b More on 2,012,Nibiru,Doom,ETC.

  1. TheLiarSlayer says:

    I agree with most of what was said here. We do indeed have an object(s) in space that is affecting us here and now. It is SO obvious that they are covering all of this up. From chemtrails to government shills on You Tube, they are relentlessly trying to cover this up. One thing is for sure, you will never here this in the mainstream media. I hate them for this!

    It seems they want as many people as possible to die. But you reap what you so in this world and they will surely be sorry for keeping this a secret for so long. They better have armed guards at their bunkers, because many will seek to kill those who have betrayed the rest of us.

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